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  1. Since he's abandoned development but left it open to other developers to pick up, and chance of rolling Tosh's seaplane floats into this addon? Or developing your own. Need seaplanes!
  2. Tosh has abandoned all his addons, though he's said other developers can take them over if you want to fold them into your project.
  3. Dude really? I know you're trying to be helpful but seriously... Your advice is tell me something I've specifically already established I know. That's not helpful it's insulting. You got served sarcasm because I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt in assuming that's not your intent. As for for the rest of your post, I don't know how he's modeling the code but from in game it looks like he's currently doing the range check at both ends where as what I'm suggesting is just do them at one, which is less processing not more. It is possible he already is doing a single check on the receiver which I guess then does an additional check is the signal also has command in which case I'm just suggesting switching it to the broadcasters with command instead again presumably less checks. I never said hey I expect you to go all out and make a perfect mathematical model accurately simulating real life. But it seems to me there are simpler more accurate ways to simulate it that are worth giving consideration. That's a valid point. "IF" they already try to call home you shouldn't be able to tell them to when they fail. :-P Adding that is better then nothing. I'm glad the option is at least there just wish it was more transparent. Hey I can appreciate that. It's your mod and you have the right to run it how you like. But when you distribute something to the public they will want their say... Mine is I'm totally fine with catastrophic failure due to insufficient planning... As long as that is actually my fault, not because the devices I'm using are arse backwards by design. You've moved the sense of reward from successfully setting up a well planned network to defeating your own technology constantly working against you... Which hey that's fine if that's your thing (Of course the prescience of the areo probe and microsat which I refuse to use because they seem too much like training wheels seem to work against this design philosophy). Like I said I am glad the option is at least there, but I had to complain to learn of it... So worth complaining. :-P
  4. You don't say? Let me guess TL;DR? I'm sorry but you kind of missed the point. Also I can't seem to use mechjeb without it causing a tonne of lag.
  5. It seems kind of silly to me to remove the functionality of being able to extend antenna etc. once the probe is out of radio range. Heck the programing in the control modules should automatically extend them to try re-establish radio contact whenever it loses it as its default functionality. Satellite dishes are a more complicated matter, but they should at least switch on and look for signals in the direction they are facing. No one designs a remote control device to just give up at the first sign of signal drop, it's just too simple and obvious (let alone expensive) an oversight to make. Needing to have two devices of equal range also seems silly to me. If the transmitter is powerful enough to broadcast a signal to another planet the receiver on the other end shouldn't need an equal amount of signal gain to pick it up. If it's inside another devices broadcast radius it should receive the signal regardless of it's own range. Obviously with satellite dishes they should still need to be pointed at each other, but the range of the broadcasting dish with the control signal should be the one for which the transmission range matters. My first flight after installing this mod (which I love the idea behind btw) was a disaster. Here's what went down... Designed an expensive communication satellite to start building my initial network (and I try to stick as close to stock parts as possible, I have the sister mod that add the remotetech functionality to stock parts) and launch it got 2km up and lost signal... Seriously? That giant ass tracking station can't send command signals more then 2km? I've built radios the size of peanuts that can broadcast further then that. Admittedly miniaturization technology wasn't always there but by the time we developed satellite dishes? The thing had solid boosters so when it tipped over that was that. Millions Kerbal dollar down the drain. Bad start for our space program. So the next flight we tried extending the antennas before we reached 2km height and they ripped off and down everything went... I'll take responsibility for that one. So next I designed a command rover with 3 Kerbals in it and stuck every kind of dish and aerial on it I could find, extended and activated everything. Bought out my launch ship, activated the dishes that wouldn't tear apart and pointed them at the command vehicle, pointed all the command vehicles dishes at the ship. Took off, landed in the ocean. We refuse to stick a Kerbal in one of our designs until we've proven it can complete an equivalent mission unmanned first (e.g. probe in orbit before Kerbal, Rover on Mun before Mun walk) and I was just about convinced that with this mod that was impossible. But other people here on the forums were clearly doing it... Billions of Kerbal dollars in failed research flights later I stumbled on the fact the dipole antenna doesn't need to extend to activate and we got our first probe in space... I mean looking at it I'd suspect the thing is more likely to rip off then some of the extended models but regardless what we learned is of all the omnidirectional antenna to choose from, every single ship has to have this model on it to get off the ground. Unless I'm missing something obvious? Either way I couldn't handle the silliness of it so I modified every one to have a minimum range of hundred kilometers so the probes could at least break atmo and extend them, but I shouldn't have had to (also edited the weights to be more consistent with the stock parts). Now the mod is usable, temperamental nature of the dishes aside. Still the Kerbal tax payers are calling for RemoteTech's blood. :-P
  6. Trying to get this mod running. Even from clean install the only parts that load into the game are the two trusses.