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  1. @CobaltWolf I think I may have found another bug with blue streak. It appears that the thrust from both engine bells are aligned with the left hand bell rather than being opposite directions. Pic in spoier
  2. That's cool, I appreciate that it would be adding more to what I imagine is already a burgeoning list of things My personal wish list would be the Coralie and Astris to complete the Europa stack, and then maaayyybeee things like Aurore and Griffin. From what I've read up on Europa, you already have the engine for Coralie pretty much done and sitting on the bottom of Diamant, bit of stretching and its good to go. Of course this is all wishful thinking and I shall have to wait for what may come in the future
  3. I've been looking forward to a blue streak (and therefore Europa) for such a long time, and it's such a nice looking one to boot . Noticed one minor thing so far though, the shoulders and the flat sides are placed slightly too high leaving a gap at the bottom and some z-fighting at the top (pics in the spoiler) Out of interest, do you have any plans to make any of the variants from ETS? I've seen the pics of the TA version, but how about HE? Or does the super secret project come first
  4. Just took out the block IV Apollo up the in progress space station freedom. Loving what you're doing, it's like a little revolution and good luck with the new job!
  5. Already put one of these in the tantares thread, so I thought I should put one over here as well. I'm trying a timeline accurate assembly of the ISS using this and tantares (mainly, I'm using cormorant for the shuttle and infernal robotic for CanadArm 1 + 2) Just spent about 2 hours removing PMA-2 and relocating to Z1 and then berthing Destiny to the fore of Unity, all using CanadArm. Close to being one of the hardest things I've ever done, but equally one of the most rewarding. This is the station after finally berthing Destiny. Next up, ESP-1 and CanadArm 2.
  6. Just passing through, so I thought I should pay a little screenshot tax. I'm attempting to assemble the ISS using a mix of CxAerospace and Tantares parts in historical order using only the shuttle and proton. Here is my ISS after installing the P6 truss
  7. Hi there @hraban only recently got into this mod (I used the expansion for tantares a while ago) and really like what you've done with it :). Quick question for you, is there any reason why you chose 50% as your scale? Also on a related note I'm working on changing the parts to 64% scale (to the nearest reference diameter) for my own personal use so that it plays nicely with BDB and tantares. When I'm done with it, would you be interested if I posted for others to use? As I said I'm doing just for my own install at the moment, but if people are interested I'd post it with your permission. Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!
  8. Thanks for that, that works now.
  9. Hi guys, just want to ask a quick question about the functionality of MM. Is it possible to reference and edit all parts from a particular mod? I've tried using the config in the code section below with the thought that if I use :[FOR] then it would just apply to that mod, but it scales all parts. Is it possible to do what I'm asking or is it impossible. //Change contares parts from 50% scale to 64% scale @PART[*]:FOR[Contares] { @rescaleFactor = 1.28 }
  10. Hi guys I'm trying to modify the configs for the shuttle external tanks from Cormorant Aeronology with Module Manager so that they use b9 part switch instead of the standard FSfuelSwitch that comes as standard with them (I want to switch to LqdHydrogen/Oxidizer). This is the config that I'm trying to use, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong. I did briefly get it to remove the FSfuelSwitch module, but it doesn't seem to be doing that any more. Any help would be much appreciated. //First remove FSfuelSwitch @PART[CA_ET,CA_ET_extension,CA_ETnose] { !MODULE[FSfuelSwitch] } //Then add basic resources for b9PartSwitch @PART[CA_ET] { %RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] { %amount = 9600 %maxAmount = 9600 } %RESOURCE[Oxidizer] { %amount = 11735 %maxAmount = 11735 } } @PART[CA_ET_extension,CA_ETnose] { %RESOURCE[LiquidFuel] { %amount = 4800 %maxAmount = 4800 } %RESOURCE[Oxidizer] { %amount = 5870 %maxAmount = 5870 } } Thanks for the help @sebi.zzr, adding the curly brackets after deleting the module sorted it all out. I must have forgotten to add them back in after I rearranged the config a bit
  11. Hi @Beale, just wondering if you plan on separating the blok e tankage and engine(s) from the landing structure. But that lk is looking mighty fine
  12. Ah no, the INT-17 uses 7 HG-3 engines whereas 18 and 19 use 5 J-2s aided by either Titan solids on the 18 or minuteman solids on the 19 to get off the ground. Also re the IU, I like that suggestion. I don't quite understand where you said it as a drawback it would require a dll for the part switching however, doesn't BDB already come bundled with b9 part switch for a couple of adapters (Kane ones I think)
  13. Yep that was it, thanks! I was trying to build INT-21 and was completely flummoxed as I had built the full Saturn stack a few days ago. Now I only need the HG-3 for the INT-17 Also any chance of a 5m IU for the INT-21? I'm currently using a scaled one from the S-IVB at the moment so no worries if it's not on the books
  14. Odd question, I cannot for the life of me find the S-II stage on the VAB. I have the required tech unlocked and have every other part for Saturn but S-II seems to be eluding me. Oddly it doesn't appear to show in the tech tree either. If it makes any difference, I'm using the latest off the github master and CTT Also those are some tasty looking textures.
  15. Quick question; which engine, if any, is intended to go on the bottom of the leo service module tank (the 1.5m one not the medici)?