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  1. Yeah, most of that won't be KSP. Once your game folder hits 4GB it is usually unplayable, and will just crash. 24GB is unheard of.
  2. I would think so. Probably why parachutes aren't as useful on Duna, because of the thinner atmosphere. Edit: Sniped.
  3. I take it you have never heard of Vladimir Komarov?
  4. A cycler is a craft whose orbit takes it between two bodies with minimal course correction. Think of it like a continuous free-return trajectory between Kerbin and Duna.
  5. Sometimes you can't really get any further with an argument, especially if all parties involved have clear-set views. This pretty much happens on most of the threads here. Why not just stop repeating yourselves and let everyone have their own views? Discussion is great, but too often it degenerates into something almost like squabbling. Also Kryten, not singling you out or aiming to cause offence, but your post was kinda a good example...
  6. Try embedding the galleries into your posts, or use http://i.imgur.com/52UTAsC.jpg <--- The link without the tags. Just click the insert picture icon when you type out a post. Other than that, this looks really nice, I'll be checking back on it!
  7. A few of the best of many that I've taken over the past few weeks. Getting an adaptor for my DSLR soon, so hopefully I'll be able to take even better ones. Half Moon: (not a patch on Jasel's though...) Venus: The Milky Way over Namibia: The Milky Way one was taken in a national park in Namibia, so I had amazingly dark skies. My first proper attempt to capture the Milky Way. The other two were taken in England with an iPod Touch held up to a 4 1/2" reflector.
  8. We don't really know what their composition and nature is, and it would likely tell us a lot about the early solar system and how planets form. However, they don't really need to send people to do it, the whole mission seems to have been proposed so NASA can test the Orion and SLS system. I'm sure there are more cost-effective ways of testing infrastructure, but it would be an achievement, so...
  9. Whatever I would make, I wouldn't put it on, or anywhere near the moon. The Sun is supposed to turn into a red giant and expand hugely, possibly even out to Earth's orbit. Maybe out in a solar orbit around Saturn/Neptune, using huge solar panels to cool any components to superconducting speeds. Even still, 5 billion years is an immense amount of time...
  10. Article says it really, hopefully they'll extend it even more; the ISS has done so much for science over the past decade that it would be a shame to end it so soon. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25660857
  11. Can confirm the NaN one, had a nasty string of them when trying to set my armada of Joolian moon orbiters/landers onto an intercept trajectory while in interplanetary space. They seem to only happen when travelling faster than ~10,000m/s, but using Kerbal Alarm Clock to switch craft seems to have solved it... *crosses fingers*
  12. I've been getting a lot of Kraken attacks on 0.23 using Engineer and KAC. They mostly occur when switching to interplanetary ships going over ~10,000m/s, but switching to them using KAC seems to fix it. Just a heads up.
  13. What you should do is attach a laser pen to the side of it and point it around. There's no way that could be misunderstood...
  14. Have you tried separating out each frame from the video and stacking them? You can get pretty simple free software to do it that can give you a really sharp image; you might even see the moons as full discs...
  15. This thread is pretty well timed; just taken a few snaps through my telescope the other day. I used my iPod touch camera held up to the eyepiece. Hopefully the images will show up okay, still trying to figure out posting photos... Here's Jupiter, the Moon and Venus: I'm getting myself a camera adaptor for Christmas, and I've got a few videos of the Moon that I'll try to stack sometime, so this could be the start of something pretty cool...
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