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  1. As a very hypothetic question about the the cloud mapfile.To be clear (I'm at work and don't have access to the exact file name), I mean the file that contains the orbital view of the clouds, and is used to position the volumetric clouds. If I manage to update this file with a new cloud pattern, will it be updated 'on the fly' in kerbal ? Or do I need to use the 'ctrl-e' trick to reload EVE ? Or do i need to relaunch kerbal ? The final goal here would be create a small plugin (or whatever, details are still a bit fuzzy) that will update this picture with 'real time' weather. Is this thing possible with the current EVE build ? (not the plugin part, the cloud map autoloading) PS : as I said, very hypothetical question. Generating an earth wide cloud map picture is a huge work. I'm not 100% sure i can do it. At least with better results than a simple perlin noise generator.
  2. Wouldn't it be easier to apply a small force to each part based on the same data ? something similar to the lifting bodies found in ferram mod ? (Or am I again understanding something wrong ?)
  3. Fair enough, I understand now why this is not so simple. Thanks to the three of you for your answers. Just a random though about the up and down for the sea. Is it possible to create an invisible object that will collide with the current ship ? Something small enough used only to push up a bit the current vessel ? And link it's coordinate with the higher wave below ? (Or the coordinate of what we see as a wave and is just an equation's representation without physical existence) I think I will start to investigate on my own and try some stuff with unity (long road but, well, at least I won't bother anyone with stupid question like this one ) Edit : It seems that I'm again totally off subject : This seems to be a cleaner solution, just moving the object
  4. And what about this one ? Is it in the realm of the feasible in KSP ? (please ! say yes ! say yes !)
  5. Just to help with the debug process (no pressure or anything like that), I still have the "big blue box around kerbin with your latest WIP (one hour ago). There is also a big blue ceiling effect that spawn around 10 km up and follow you (stay just above you) up. This with a vanilla KSP with only latest EVE WIP. (Do you need some screen shots to illustrate or is this enough description ?) Volumetric clouds are nice (very nice), as always . 2D distant clouds' texture is a bit low res (at mid range) but I kind of remember that it is due to some KSP limitation, so no biggie. And still overly better than no clouds at all. Keep up the marvellous work (at your own pace) !
  6. First, let met say that this mod is fantastic. It have the same impact on KSP than the EVE mod, giving KSP as small change that change it all. In a very great way. Please ignore the ugly message caused by steam versus KSP key mapping conflict As you can see, there is a beautiful fog effect with the default install of this mod. Seeing this raises some questions : - Is it possible to have more than one scatterer on a planet ? One on top or inside the other ? - And if yes, can we : - use it to create a "less brutal" frontier between atmosphere and space ? (I'm referring to the "blue celling" effect) - use it to create some zones with heavier density based on random distribution map (as I don't know the correct technical words, please forgive me to be unclear). The goal being simulating foggier zones and create clouds like object. Or moving fog. Or both. And, even if it's still "strangely behaving", we (daughters and me) beg you to gives us your sea update It's to spectacular to be kept away from the (demanding) masses.
  7. A small suggestion to this flipping problem. This capsule can re-enter without any manual guidance. An the concept can be improved with a longer dart.
  8. This method is clearly an exploit of the new flaps, but still, it's effective. We start with an 1M Kms re-entry orbit. It should be enough to burn anything unprotected (to be honest, I did not test if it indeed burn and destroy a naked pod, but it should) The re-entry pod and its elegant design (cheap, cheap, and cheap). The ablative shield is here to demonstrate that we don't need it. Just before re-entry (a bit after in fact, but the serious part is still below us). Around 2500 m/s, could be faster, but as a demonstrator, it should be enough. And the same 29 seconds, 30000 m and 2300 m/s later (quite a break bump). And still ablator is still at full capacity. And to conclude, the mission report
  9. added in the first post. Beware, the creator does not take responsibility for dead kerbal and exploded rocket. (And anyone can re-use this as they want. I only ask that any alternate version be published here. Just to satisfy my curiosity of what you've done with it)
  10. And the answer is : yes, but the reactor didn't make it. This is the second attempt. During the first one, the parachutes did break this marvellous ship into smaller parts. And the parts evolved into pretty ball of exploding gas and burned kerbals.
  11. To get them out, I slowly (not that I can do it quickly, it's too heavy) rotate the main ship and decouple the docking port that link the cargo to the cargo bay. The cargo will then slowly drift apart. The rockomax module and the tucker module have full RCS control and can get out on their own. And the tucker (the yellow and green module) is used to move parts around an place them at the correct place (slowly).
  12. I don't know yet, previous version of this crafts doesn't have them. And this version is still in orbit having trouble with the docking procedure (too heavy, not enough rcs trust). I hope so, but I doubt it can survive without a proper and slow landing on a flat on horizontal surface. Maybe i'll update later with the result of this particular landing (or failure of).
  13. Here to share my new medium size launcher. The goal was to quickly create a low kerbal orbit (100-150ish km) refuelling station. For that I needed a new launcher able to put some heavy stuff in orbit. I'm lazy, so it also need to be done fast (or a least in the least amount of launch) So I created that Not the biggest launcher ever created but it delivers. And it is surprisingly quite efficient. I don't have picture of the three firsts flights (silly me) but here is a picture of the fourth one. As you can see, this one was about solar panel and science lab. In four trips, the station was complete. (For those who now how to count, yes, there is two modules missing ... I did miscalculate the rendez-vous trajectory for a couple of rockomax module. They ended burning in the upper atmosphere before reaching rendez-vous point. I'll never learn ...) There is : - two (of four) fuel tanks. - two science modules (science lab). - two power stations. - two hubs. - tow tucker to move the parts around. In action the station is quite wobbly. In fact, it is rated M or PEGI-18 (or whatever is 'mature' content in your area) when attempting to turn it. The last stage of the launcher is also able to come back to kerbin and land with a suicide burn (at least, someone more skilled than me can do it). Or to deploy the same station around mun or minmus (but not come back after) To populate this station, I also created a bus version. I have to admit that this one is over-over-over-sized. 12 passengers modules is 11 too much (12* 16 seats is maybe exaggerated) link to the four crafts
  14. Maybe it would be better accepted with a small modification to RT : kerbin does not need line of sight from the ksc to broadcast. This is the main problem I have with RT. Having a comsat to communicate with a lander on mun is ok, but having a full constellation around kerbin just to be able to communicate "at night' is not. Smallish change, huge impact.