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  1. Wow. The modular hull portions alone are top-tier. I look forward to this with much anticipation.
  2. Meanwhile, here's me, sticking to 1.3.1 and 1.4.2. Nice to see this back in action! And am I correct in assuming you're using the Random Part Failures mod? Or did this one decide to just blow itself up regardless? :V
  3. What's this? Another Concord story? Count me interested!
  4. Hah. That pun didn't even occur to me until the second time I read it. Then again, I do say "Vaul" (as opposed to "Val(entina)" when talking about the iceball. I feel derp.
  5. 0] Ensure RCS pack is disabled. 1] If disabled, re-enable, fly about a few seconds, then land and disable. Try Dramatic Walk again. 2] If still unsuccessful, the Space Kraken looms. Return to KSC and re-load from there. 3] If problem persists, consult local priest/minister/rabbi/shaman/other. See about exorcism of Space Krakens.
  6. Right onna nose! Nice landing. And Navy aviators think they have it hard.
  7. Good trap. I guess it's kinda hard to catch the #3 wire, but hey. Happy (upcoming) landings!
  8. Most (I think all?) cockpits with an IVA have a radar altimeter available, but there's not one on the default HUD. And you can't exactly go IVA on a probe.
  9. Rocketeer -> Corporal -> Rocketry Corporal -> Sergeant -> Rocketry Sergeant -> Warrant Officer -> Chief Warrant Officer -> Master Warrant Officer, maybe? I'd translate to Kerbfleet spelling, but those make my brain hurt at the best of times. :P
  10. I feel like the Laythe Base crew are having a (series of) moment(s) of "What have I done, what have I done, what have I done to deserve this."
  11. It says something about this space program that they're going to need intelligence analysts for some of the stuff they find.
  12. Kerbulus spotted! Now comes the challenge of convincing the crew it's actually a Mirror, Mirror, not just an unspotted planet. Happy (if concerned) spacelanes!
  13. Credit where credit is due; as April Fools' jokes go, that one was actually entirely unexpected. Also; shoulda had the faux-sóuffle.
  14. My accent flops between Canadian, Scots, English, Irish, and Aussie at random, so I feel the Accent Pain Regardless, excellent start to the new chapter! I'll put down 10 funds that Jeb isn't dead and a further 15 funds that he's time-travelled.
  15. I'd quote @SpaceplaneAddict here, but my tablet browser is pitching a fit. As to armament; if you have engines, you're armed with a giant blowtorch. If you have probes, you have guided missiles. If you have remote-piloted auxiliary craft, you have torpedoes. And when all else fails, pointing the bow at something and shouting "ramming speed" tends to work out nicely.
  16. Welp. Kerbulans and assassination (sorta) and a thickening plot, oh my. At least Intrepid is armed. Though I imagine the crew will be unlikely to realize / be capable of utilizing this.
  17. Being fair, he might have just been fired into a random alternate universe or somesuch.
  18. More testing indicates ship's speed is irrelevant; as soon as the torpedo hits the water (regardless of drop time delay) it goes bang. Might try air-drops next, but... I'unno. Maybe a conflict with another mod. EDIT: If fired subsurface, torp will either launch, float to normal depth, and cruise away at a blistering 7m/s or so. Or it might pop up to the surface and explode anyways. Wierd.
  19. Speaking of torpedoes, I keep having issues with the long-lance torps detonating on contact with the water. Not sure where the issue is (using a normal 610mm launcher with the appropriate torpedoes) but having my ship cut in half whenever I try to launch is... problematic. Anyone else getting this?
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