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  1. I downloaded just for the hood ornament.
  2. This thing gets rave reviews, but so far no matter how I play with the sliders even the most basic 4 poster craft riding rockets offering near instantaneous throttle response leaves the craft wobbling like a quarter nearing the end of its spin on a table. I can get it to stop while not using Kill Horizontal Velocity and turning off any steering authority, but this basically guts functionality. Even adding little rockets to maneuvering groups leaves the mains trying to do the steering themselves meaning the problem still rears it's ugly head. Edit: Also this thing seems to be killing SAS as soon as I enable it. Is this normal behavior?
  3. This is just gorgeous. Developing my own modules to customize my base, starting with a sort of base for a base module that I can just stack parts on top of for whatever I need. Notably I'm adding KAS for easier ship servicing and removing some of the finicky aspect of parking against a docking port. Still the fact you managed to do it all stock is just amazing stuff.
  4. Threw together a quick Skylab for it's 40th.
  5. Ever since I've picked up KSP again after the .21.0 and .21.1 patches I've noticed I'm having trouble keeping wheels intact on rovers for checkout on Kerbin. Just driving down the launchpad ramp or turning is enough to break wheels. Anyone else noticing this?
  6. Already rolled my Science Tank, and luckily the only thing I lost was solar panels on one side. Which is why I'm building my next rovers low and wide just to prevent it alltogether. Anyways, can we get some better lit pics to see more details?
  7. Just aerobraked into Duna orbit. Crew got a good view of the landing site of my first Duna mission as they went screaming 9 kilometers over head at 1.5 kilometers per second.
  8. Thanks. Just didn't want to get too far into a mission and find out my destination wasn't possible. Delta-V is the one thing that nuclear stage has to spare.
  9. So, sent two ships towards Duna. One was a relaunch of a mission I accidentally ended. The second was a Kethane support structure and crew return vehicle stacked on top of a nuclear interplanetary stage. Ejection for the second ship too longer than I thought it would, due to low TWR and the phase angle after the necessary passes to finish the burn the phase angle was 359.55. Will this half a degree prevent me from rendezvousing with Duna properly? Edit: Closest approach according to Protractor before leaving Kerbin SOI is 1.13Gm. Mid course correction should bring that way down, but this is the first time I haven't departed within a tenth of a degree of optimal phase angle.
  10. I accidentally hit End Mission instead of "Return to Space Center" on the science tank....Oh well, making some improvements and launching it again at the next window, along with some extra goodies
  11. I landed Science Tank on Duna! Ground controllers were appalled when the first words from another planet were "FIRST! Finally beat you to something Jeb!"
  12. I built a science tank for exploration. Just need to decide what kind of stuff I want to place on the back now that I got the crew a driving cab and a place to sleep on it.
  13. Tried it before and fitting all the intakes and jets just kinda got annoying since I'm more interested in building the payload end. I do however use B9 SABRE's for my reusable rocket.
  14. Launching a new fuel can to my station and caught a beautiful Munar eclipse of Kerbol on the way up.
  15. Behold, the Little Bird, the name being a hold over from when it was about half the size and meant only for running up to hypersonic speed and futzing with CoM shifts when the fuel burns down. It's capable of reaching a 100km x 100km orbit with enough gas left over for a rendezvous to a fuel station or reentry...Not sure what to do with it since it's only crewed by 1 Kerbal and no payload, but perhaps one day I'll send it to Laythe. Still figuring out a reentry profile to hit KSC's runway, but it glides a bit like a brick, with the Velocity Vector showing 15-20 degrees down when held nose level, but the glide is long enough to conceivably land...However it does seem to improve once it goes subsonic for whatever reason. Anyways, pics and craft files follow. Oh and a set of SABREs and a turbojet from B9 really makes this thing sing. Plus those SABRE intakes are sweet.