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  1. I recall the save file containing info such as landed, and orbiting. Would it be possible the change the way atmospheric effects are displayed if landed or orbiting?
  2. They don't know what they are talking about. This isn't the first time I've posted the question. Same order of event every time. First the knowledgeable, and then those who know show up, and then the thread dies. If you'd like to see the future of the thread look here. Sorry if I'm blunt, just annoyed that nothing has changed. That describes the rocket in the video. Just to help the thread along.
  3. Look at the video, no drag losses, not even close. G losses however will increase with your suggestions.
  4. These changes would all result in rocket performance losses. Nothing blows up. Like said before it's a game issue, I'm just looking for a work around that doesn't take away from the game.
  5. It's a "bug" due to kerbal scale. I still like mach effects though. But how do you deactivate, can you hot key it? Can you cut them off at x velocity?
  6. Hi everyone. Is their a work around or fix that would stop shock heating from being a thing while launching? Fire ball rockets just really kill the game for me. It's been about a year since I checked last. Fingers crossed.
  7. To me the ksp selling point has always been the players imagination. Like Legos you get a few basic brikes to make your imagination "tangible". However ksp never actually delivered, the tools were never enough, and never worked as intended, but for a long time, with new stuff and mechanics in every update, seemed to be heading in direction where it could. That has now ended, at least for me. Dead, maybe not. Definitely in a different stage though, and not one that keeps me playing.
  8. In California traveling east on the I-10. It was stopped on the Alabama st. off ramp strapping down the load, then got back on the I-10 east . Anyone know which launch this is? Where did it come from? Where is it going?
  9. I was under the impression that new parts would be in this update? Dev notes told me so. :/
  10. I have an unrelated related question. Why use methane for the booster? It never leaves earth. As I understood it the driving factor for methane propellant was the reduced earth-mars transit mass due to it's production on mars. What advantage does methane have in a suborbital booster?
  11. Love it, at this point I'd rather fly this than virgins vehicle just because it's more rocket like. Could they make it look less like a ..... though? lol Poor Elon, don't be such a new shepard