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  1. So sorry for your loss!

  2. Greetings... This will be my LAST POST on the forums ... wish me luck ... I know I have had luck and I will be okay I think ... Some words have been left out obviously...if you think about this poem, you will discover its meaning and why we (I) wrote it. It has a name sorry i cant show it: The foghorn sounds, in the ........ sea, for wayward sailors, my love and me. I always feel lost, in that endless sea, But the foghorn sounds, and comforts me. She was my rock and inspiration, Who made dreams come true, My darling ........ has left this world, I am so sad and b
  3. Dear Kerbalmates .... So I am reall so sorry I havnt been here ... KSP is the best program for me you all know that ... My loving wife passed away on Valentines Day Feb 14, 2016 at 9:30PM ... I have been through turmoil these last few months ... taking care of business. Just when my life is starting to pick up, I now have a serious problem with identity theft and will be asking to have my account suspended here and any attempts to unlock it will have to be investigated...I guess KasperVid is the person to PM this to do this. My Twitch accounts will go...no matter anywa
  4. Hello and thank you all for support...I had 2 weeks of heavy lifting on her and finally got a hospice bed in the house for a few days and I couldn't move her anymore. Then they took her by ambulance to special hospice home where we been these last days...she had a restless day today no food no water can't swallow. I am at the hospice home with her now almost 24/7...I think we spoke our last peace yesterday and she recognized my son tonite. Almost 30 years with the most brave and courageous woman I ever known right to the end...she is in medicated sleep I don't know she may wake one m
  5. Hi, So I am having tons of problems I cant get a part to load into KSP; I am trying Unity 4.2.2 now instead of 4.6.1 (I dont use animations so I didnt see a problem but I did notice an animation portion in my projects; I could have tried deleting them. I am streamin today if anyone wants to hop on over; it would be great if my Unity version was the only problem but I just cant see it. Commander Zeta
  6. Greetings, I will be off and on this afternoon still trying to import a simple part into KSP; this has been very frustrating; I think I will download Unity 4.2.2 just for kicks. CmdrZeta
  7. hi... i am still tryin to get a part made and loaded into ksp ... info says unity 4.2.2 ... ksp unity version is 4.6.4...my version is 4.6.1...i give up i am still tryin ... cmdr zeta
  8. Greetings, Today working on still trying to get a part into KSP ... Using Blender and Unity ... I will be on for about an hour ... Cmdr Zeta
  9. Greetings, So...there are 2 ways to make mesh colliders...1) in Blender (easy) 2) in Unity (vertex limitations?). Question is which one...maybe it doesnt matter; we are trying Blender for ease of use. My parts are too small or non-existent; I dunno why...I am gonna try again tonite... Cmdr Zeta
  10. Greetings, Tonite...Learning Blender for KSP Part Models.. Still tryin to get a part into KSP. Commander Zeta
  11. Greetings, In my streams there may be occasions where I am not at the keyboard due to personal issues at home. Tonite...I am gonna try to finalize part sizing and scaling and orientation an such for KSP models. I have relearned Blender and Unity and am gonna work on a preliminary design for the BIO LABs ! Cmdr Zeta
  12. Hello, Well I got my first part in...altho it is very small so no success yet but I am gettin close and I may just work on my design tonite ! Cmdr Zeta
  13. Hello, Heh...how do we know Kerbals spout humanoid byproducts?! One suggestion was that they were homanoid plants ! Or maybe they are nitrogen breathing intelligences ?! And here we are converting CO2 to O2 and water to air an such ! Afterall, they are green-skinned ! I hope they arent Algae-based ! It would kind of put a damper on Algae food ! I havnt gone back to the wiki's and roleplay for Kerbals. For now I am using them as humanoids; if they are green maybe they got some Vulcan blood !? Cmdr Zeta
  14. Hello, I am still trying to get a part made to import into KSP; until I succeed I will leave the contest open; no takers? Ok last chance; I give you some hints...think Universal Storage...expandable space station...gravity...a recent movie ! Cmdr Zeta
  15. Hello, I am going to try again to get a part made from Unity to KSP; I seem to be having problems. Cmdr Zeta
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