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  1. Hello, Guys. So ive been having an issue recently. I had KSP 1.22 and got all my mods through CKAN. Anyways, i noticed an update on some of my mods and I decided to update them. Then, when i tried opening my save file, it would start freezing after I pass i click on my save file from the Resume Saved option in the menu. I thought it might be that i had to get 1.3, but the issue is still persisting even after i updated every mod again. The mods I have are: -Community Resource Pack -Distant Object Enhancer -FMRS -Kerbal Engineering -Kerbalism -Mechjeb
  2. Hey Guys, so I just attempted to complete a contract that asked me to build an outpost on Duna which is on motorized wheels, but for some reason, it does not detect the fact that it is on motorized wheels. I made the base into a 4 in 1 to be cost efficient (Outpost, Rover, VTOL and Duna SSTO). The only mods i have are FRMS, TCA, Distant Orbital Enhancement, Stage Recovery, Mechjeb and Kerbal Engineer. I am not sure why this is happening. I also attempted using the back wheels as motorized as well (on Kerbin) with no change in results. Does not detect that it is on motorized wh
  3. Thanks, those sound easy enough. I'll probably find the height of one and then use KVV for everything else. Thanks so much.
  4. Good afternoon guys, I'm attempting to get my Level 2 certification in High Power Rocketry and I am attempting to make a scale model of info of my KSP rockets that I use for satellites. Anyways, to do this, I need a few dimensions that I seem to not find anywhere. I know the tanks diameter but that's it (except for the FL-T800 Tank). Can anyone help? I need the height of the TR-18A Stack Decoupler, the Mainsail Engine, the Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank, the Rockomax Brand Adapter, the AE-FF2 Airstream Protective Shell and the Advance in line Stabilizer. I also need the dimensions (not just the heigh
  5. The one that landed was the one with the Lander Can.
  6. Hey guys, so for the past 3 hours, I have been having this signal issue which is pretty annoying. So I landed one of my Kerbals on the far side of the Mun, i lost signal as expected and once I landed, I went on EVA. Once I got back into the capsule, for some reason, I could no longer control it as if it were a probe without signal. Anyways through the magic of mechjeb not needing signal, i was able to take off the Mun and try to rendezvous with my station. Since this was in career mode, i had limited abilities with mechjeb but was hoping that since the lander had an High Gain Antenna, once it
  7. Ok thanks so much. One other thing, where exactly is this defined in Kerbalism as I can't find it. Looked through radiation.cfg, settings.cfg and a few other random ones
  8. What if I don't have a Numeric Keypad? The number row doesn't work from the numerous attempts I've done
  9. One thing, how can I view the radiation belts? Are there any other shortcuts to view hidden stuff other than radiation belts like maybe the solar flares or something like that? I'm asking because I remember reading about the radiation beltsbeing visible now somewhere here and can't find it.
  10. Yeah it is. I tried it with ModuleManager.2.7.5.dll inside the ModuleManager-2.7.5 folder and outside it (like in the image, and how I had it in KSP 1.1.3) Sorry for Potato picture, currently don't have internet so doing this via Phone.
  11. I'm having a small issue. Tried this mod yesterday and I noticed something weird. The parts Kerbalism adds didnt show up in the VAB inventory when it was ordered by function. It shows up when ordered by size, tech tree level, etc. Also, are the stock antennas supposed to have signal or is it only certain ones that Kerbalism adds. So far haven't had a sincle working antenna and am the the 3rd level of the tech tree.
  12. none of those apply to me. Ill dm it to you because im not sure how to send it as a link or something.
  13. One question, Im having a problem with this mod, I just updated to 1.1.3 and got the newest version of this mod, and just opened it. it works fine except for one thing, it doesnt show anything about the signal, my probes have signal no matter where they are in the kerbal system even if out of range. The mods i have are Mechjeb, CRP, FMRS, and Stage Recovery.
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