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  1. Lets say for a minute that KSP was real and was scaled up in size to fit a person. You design the first rocket and have the opportunity to ride it on its very first launch. No quicksaves or reloads allowed. Do you go for the ride?
  2. id like to see the wreckage of their ship nearby as well rather than just him stranded out in the middle of nowhere
  3. can anyone recommend an alternative to this mod or a differ place to dl it... the mod author seems to be throwing a hissy fit over the curse migration and isn't publishing it.
  4. you get 100% back if you land ON the launchpad
  5. When it was just science I would start all the time trying not to cheat myself 100000 sci and knock out eh tech tree. I got bored and i wanted to get to the parts i wanted. With contracts i feel as if there is something to do. experiments to run and challenges to meet. Heck half the time i find myself actually FORGETTING to run my science experiments cause I'm so caught up in running the contract challenges. TLDR: i like contracts
  6. i do and i am... however im still anxious. and what do you mean it wont be out today is that confirmed somewhere?
  7. Not to any person particularly, but to the pile of code i am repeatedly abusing ans i refresh the page every 15 minutes to see if the new patch is out yet. So again i do apologies for any discomfort this may have cause you oh great pile o forum code. I do hope that you can forgive me. now if you'll excuse me.... (F5) (F5) (F5) (F5)
  8. any idea which modders would have had early access and have the greatest chance at having their mods work on day 1?
  9. I have learned... that gravity sucks....
  10. now imagine using that much fuel as a mass driver....
  11. next challenge... asparagus stage it....
  12. in my case though i hadn't deployed the chutes yet. Ive lost countless craft to THAT lol. and no DE mod either.
  13. Just lost one after a beautiful mission to Duna. Though i used more fuel than i thought i would so i opted to just go straight from solar orbit and careen into Kerbin. boy, did i come in HOT! I was doing close to 4000 mps. I wasnt aware that you actually COULD lose a ship in re-entry. I think what happened was the shape of my ship. I had my butt-ened faced towards retrograde like normal but the top wanted to spin downwards. Just as it started to do that is when it went BOOM! I hadn't even deployed the chutes yet.... was too afraid to at the speed i was going. Anyone encounter this?
  14. now do the same project... but with an asteroid at the core of it all. take your pet rock on a tour of the planets landing and taking off from each
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