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  1. Is there any way to get rid of the crosshair/reticule? I totally understand it's purpose and from a utility perspective, it's completely justified. However I feel it's inappropriate for the two-way booster camera and while I love that camera's filter/effects, I do not love the crosshair.
  2. It seems to be finicky with FAR, but from what I can gather -- FAR allows me to see MPH in atmosphere, while Speed Unit Changer allows me to see MPH in orbital mode once in space!
  3. Is it locked to m/s while in an atmosphere? I use this with RSS and that works out perfectly, since the last official RO release is 1.3.1. I can't see to get NMI/MPH to display until I am already in space -- within the atmosphere, the navball seems locked to m/s.
  4. Running RSS on KSP 1.3.1 with a great many mods, some of them displaying "incompatible" messages at startup but working fine. Not exactly a healthy KSP install...but so long as it runs I am a bit laissez-faire about the whole thing. Trying to land on Callisto and something odd happens. At a low altitude, the entire moon disappears, as well as my spacecraft (I am left with just the skybox), and if I go into the map, the game CTD's. I suspect since it's triggered by proximity/altitude it could be a texture thing? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mXgo3fjR304X5hvG_S9NCmoHbx13GDL - error https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bPjVYBaq7buozea8EBQyP9VvfKuQFL1K - output.log I think it's important to note that this is only happening near Callisto and I have been able to explore the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Phobos, Deimos, etc just fine, which is why I am hesitant to blame it on a parts mod. But here's my gamedata folder: I really appreciate any help, but in the meantime, I suppose I just got 2001'd.
  5. I'm getting close to some REAL interplanetary spaceflight in R.S.S.... Still struggling with packing enough snacks for the whole 3-year trip to Mars, so I dare not venture outside Earth's SOI yet. A series of N.S.S's (Nuclear Shuttle Systems) are launched and act as space tugs to build an infrastructure to support Mars landings. Step one: Capture near-Earth asteroid and bring it into orbit around the Moon! (Maybe we can visit it later) Step two: Visit the asteroid! my Chaka monkey Orion CM/SM decoupler seems to be migrating southward... Houston, we've landed on the Moon! ...of the moon!
  6. FASA alternate engine configs are not available in Science or Career mode. TreeToppler does not fix this, Community Tech Tree does not fix this, unlocking all tech in the debug menu does not fix this. RP-0 does not fix this (same result with or without RP-0). Is this a common issue/solved already? I am posting this here because RealismOverhaul is the folder with RF configs for the J-2, RL-10, etc, not Realfuels. Any help appreciated
  7. Top 10 KSP Map betrayals of all time, this has to be #1... WHAT I WAS PROMISED... WHAT I GOT... Mercury's south pole is absolutely radical! With limited ignitions, the promise of a flat, dried lava-flooded crater seemed like a great place to land my first mission. Oh, how I was wrong. It's all in good spirit though - we made it! (Barely)
  8. Apollo 15 to Hadley-Appenine! The mountains and hills are unbelievably close to the real thing...but there aren't any rilles! I'm constantly impressed by how well mapped out the RSS Moon is regarding geologic features, and despite there being an absence of the Hadley rille entirely, it was an incredibly fun challenge to plop Falcon down in her 1971 resting place. I was a bit off-target to the north due to the fact that my initial lunar orbit insertion burn was severely off-target, and I had to eat into contingency fuel margins to be able to get the CSM close enough to the landing site. (I'm still working on a better way to perform midcourse correction burns that will put me into a trajectory that takes me over the landing site when I burn into lunar orbit). At this stage, I'm simply altering my Periapsis, circularizing, and then changing my inclination, which is incredibly fuel heavy. Does anyone know any guidance mods that could help me with this? In any case, cheers
  9. One of my more recent KSP "minigames" if you will is landing at Apollo sites in RSS during identical lighting conditions and attempting to recreate actual photos taken. Here is my latest Apollo 11 "Aft-LEM/Earth" shot. Not too bad eh? I can tell I am a little south due to the sunlight on Earth coming a bit more from the right in my photo, but I was darn close.
  10. The Kerbal Space Center after Hurricane Kirma....
  11. Apollo 11 Translunar TV broadcasts. Some very rare footage of CDR Armstrong sleeping/food demonstrations by Buzz Aldrin. Great clarity of Earth view, although colors aren't as vibrant as on the Apollo 10 TV camera. Apollo 11 lunar orbit TV broadcasts. This is actually two separate broadcasts compressed into a single chunk of video. One occurred before landing, and one occurred after. *EDIT*: Slightly better quality than the Celestron "supermoon" livestream! Apollo 11's Transearth TV broadcasts, including final sentiments by the crew. More great footage of the interior of Columbia.
  12. Update 1: The Apollo 11 Lunar EVA Compressed down to an hour and 30 minutes because I sped the footage up a bit when they were walking around and sampling out-of-frame. Total EVA time actually 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  13. I agree, this is a very bad idea. Humans, unlike Kerbals - are neither green nor disposable.