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  1. There are countries that have put men on the moon, and there are countries that aren't America.
  2. No, it was only stickied because it was the thread of the month for July, but it's no longer July, so it's not stickied anymore.
  3. The interior is probably unfinished. It doesn't even have a toilet, or padding on the walls.
  4. You cannot dock an object moving at 0 m/s to an object moving at 2500 m/s. If the docking ports came into contact, both objects would be destroyed from the impact of the collision.
  5. Wasn't Gilly supposed to have giant crystals like this?
  6. It will still have normal Draco thrusters for RCS, but I think they are just for steering and docking. I think that the Superdracos will be used to perform burns to change the Dragon's orbit, and for deorbit, which are what I mean by maneuvering. I'm not sure, though.
  7. I thought they meant that Dragon 2 will be like the current one, but with Superdraco thrusters and landing legs that come out of the heat shield. The Superdracos would be used as a LES during launch (even for cargo missions. Cargo costs money), and after launch they would be used for maneuvering in orbit and then landing back at the launch site to be reused, just like the Falcon 9. Both crew and cargo missions would use the Dragon 2. Note: This may not actually be true, it's just how I understood it.
  8. I am with neither. They ruin the fun and anyone who uses either of them is having fun the wrong way and should stop using them. *SARCASM*
  9. Portal 3? It's called, 'Portal 2: Episode 2: Part 2: Chronicle 2'.
  10. So bring back the Saturn V? That's possible, but probably not very practical. Most of the plans and documents for it were lost, and it was made using outdated manufacturing techniques. We've forgotten how to make them. It's probably easier and cheaper just to start over and build a brand new rocket than to revive and modernize an old one from the '60s.
  11. That's easy. Just don't die. Are Netflix a country?
  12. Are we using autopilot on the first mission?
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