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  1. In all honesty, I agree with the OP. The 1.0 launch was rushed, no doubt because of the massive hype train that was roaring down the tracks toward Squad HQ, with enough kerbals to crash KSP ( ). Developing 1.1 should be slowed down and all the features worked on. Personally, I would like the small landing gear to be updated to match the style of the other, newer twin and bogey gears.
  2. Oh my god, I have needed this for so long.
  3. I've been playing KSP for a while now, but with the release of 1.0 an accurate thermal model, I now have issues with overheating on any useful burns on my space tug. The dual engine setup overheats between 1:30 and 2:00, almost 100% of the time, regardless of whether I add smaller 1m fuel tanks in front or the precooler module, and even wings that should help cool it doesn't help either. I'm at an end, and I can't figure out a solution while still using two engines for higher acceleration. I've included pictures of the engine layout that I currently use.
  4. I nominate katateochi's Mission for Best Showcase Video for demonstrating the cancelled Constellation Mission.
  5. The 1.0 fairings remind me of the old Fairing Factory by Nathan Fong, reminds me of the good old days where making a fairing was a pain in the ass.
  6. I would, but I currently live in Canada, so I'll have to pass until this ship around North America
  7. If it fails, do it again to make sure it's a design problem.
  8. I'm experienced, and it's also not about convenience. Since KSP defaults the throttle to 50%, whenever I don't have my joy stick plugged in and I switch from docking to staged flying mode, every time my throttle is set to 50%, the engines fire and I lose fuel and the precision that I had with the maneuver. It's mighty annoying
  9. If you end up needing just a bit more thrust to push yourself into space, the Mk55's may be a good thing to have, since Squad buffed them up in the last update.
  10. It's possible you are staging just after your engines cut. If your boosters are unstrutted, they sometimes wobble (and point inward) and if you decouple, then the tops of the boosters will collide. Try seperating your boosters later or add struts to stiffen it. Or use the more powerful decoupler
  11. Think through your entire mission before launching it. It saves a lot of time and worrying when you know exactly how much fuel is going to be needed for a trip, and can just do the mission without needing to wait a year for a refuelling vehicle to reach your ship.
  12. I was wondering if anyone knew about this. I have seen that in KSP a station in orbit takes around 0.7x real time for my computer (a large, refuelling station with tugs). However, a base that has around the same number of parts, but split in different pieces (main base, two crew vehicles, and a transporter) slows my computer down to 0.3x real time. Does anyone know whether if it is the textures of the ground around my base or if it is because I have separate vehicles sitting around my base instead of having them all attached? I also have several mods installed, although I don't think that is really significant since all of my parts are stock and the game's not crashing.
  13. I remember on a rescue mission after the original mission failed to reach the Munhole. The rescue mission made it back with no fuel and had to burn all but 0.38 units of my RCS to make it back to Kerbin.
  14. Will there ever be ribbons for asteroids? Such as capturing different sizes or saving Kerbin from an asteroid impact?
  15. The code at the top is the code for MIR
  16. For me the jumbo is just more aesthetically pleasing to look at, not inly it's orange colour but also the proportions looj more rocket like.
  17. I must say, this is one of the most fun mods I have downloaded in a while! I absolutely love it! I would also like to add that the CIWS is the absolute biggest pain in the ass EVER!
  18. Actually, you can already do that in the ARM update, just go to the VAB and right click the lights, then move the slider for the RGB hues.
  19. It would also make assymmetric vehicles such as a space shuttle or Buran shuttle to be easier to build.
  20. And following the shuttle theme, (Sorry that it was at night, it was another test flight. Gotta keep the competition from spying it, you know?)
  21. Looking at the ISP readings, it seems that the LV-N is most likely solid core, since liquid cores would make any nuclear vehicle absolutely overpowered by the games standards.
  22. Thanks! I was asking how much payload you would bring if you didn't take fuel from the Laythe station, but you answered my question anyways.
  23. I was looking at your double tug and payloads and I was wondering, what is your average payload to Laythe and back if you were not going to refuel there?