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  1. I've been trying to use this mod. It works in sandbox mode, but I can't use the parts in career mode even though I have unlocked the tech tree nodes which hold these parts. The Fairing sides are greyed out in the VAB saying I have to purchase them in the R&D. The fairing bases aren't showing up at all.
  2. How does the button decide when to change from "Auto Height(Free)" to "Auto Height (Now)"? I think that's the problem I had. It must have been in the wrong mode when I clicked it. It worked every time it said (Now).
  3. The altitude overshoot might have been due to rapid changes in elevation, so I'm not very worried about that. the problem is I can click on the button for height control and it doesn't always switch to showing "In Auto" How does the mod decide when to be in that mode versus "Free pitch?"
  4. I'm not having a lot of success with this mod. It doesn't always work reliably, which is not a good thing when landing. The upper buttons always work. I can turn off velocity control, set it to zero and do the +1 and -1 increments just fine. The problem is with height control. Half of the time it never come on when it should. I click the button to turn it on and enter my height to 1000(landing on the Mun) I had thrust warning, but the engines kicked on late and I dipped all the way down to 800 meters and had to climb back up to 1,000. This could have been disasterous if I was at a lower altit
  5. And you can publish tweaks applied by module manager.
  6. High warp factors can't charge once the capacity of the warp drive is maxed out. At 20 times speed of light the charge is only at 30% and not growing because the part can not hold enough resources. I am guessing that this is a side effect of making the warp drive scale based on the mass of the ship. This ship isn't that big, most of the mass if from your own parts like the reactor and gas turbine.
  7. The best place I found was in a low Solar Orbit. Here are some screenshots. http://i.imgur.com/l98jKLp.jpg http://i.imgur.com/UoDtYEO.jpg I used infinite fuel cheat to get that into a circular orbit around the sun. It seems to be very close to the best spot to gather anti-matter. Altitude is between 390,000 kilometers and 400,000 kilometers with an orbital velocity of 42,300 m/s. I am gathering antimatter at 3.06E-002
  8. I was thinking about how you could use warp drive to get into low solar orbit without needing vast amounts of Delta-V. My theory is to use gravity to change your velocity. When I warped to the sun from Kerbin, my velocity was far too slow and my orbit intersects with the surface of the star. However, all I need to do is let myself fall into the star and before I burn up, I warp straight back up and fall again, picking up more speed. Repeat this as many times as needed. Then once I have a high enough velocity I warp to the point in space 90 degrees around the star and now I am orbiting without
  9. Take some time to learn how to UV unwrap. You don't need to be a photoshop artist, just google some photographs and cut and paste pieces of them onto a texture sheet then do some color correction, touching up, and suddenly you can do your own textures. Its a good skill to have in your 3d modeling toolbox.
  10. What seems to happen is once I have any antimatter, I can turn on the reactors and my Warp drive keeps charging up even with all of the reactors turned off. Ok, I see what it is doing. the Gas turbine generator is creating megajoules and filling up the warp drive even when the anti-matter reactor is turned off.
  11. I tried the mod and it seems a bit too easy. I only captured like 100 units of anti-matter and my warp drive seemed to just work forever, I'm not sure if there is a bug or not. The whole process is too convoluted. Anti-Proton collector collects antimatter Anti-Matter storage Anti-matter reactors uses anti-matter to make heat Gas turbine makes electricity from heat Use electricity to charge warp drive. It would be better off if we got rid of/combine those extra steps. Keep the collectors and a containment field storage and make the warp engine uses anti-matter directly as fuel. Engaging war
  12. They could, at the very least put the audio on a different thread so it stops popping all the time, during loading, during flight, in the VAB, etc. Its the biggest issue that turns me off to the game currently.
  13. I was about to post this same exact idea, but used the forum search to see if it had been brought up yet. To expand on the above ideas, I was going to suggest to have retrieval fee when the craft is landed too far from the space center or a designated landing zone. You could encourage people to visit more locations if there were multiple recovery zones. The zones could be different sizes and landing in the smaller ones could give some kind of bonus points. Maybe something to do with achievements like landing in each of the recovery zones from orbit at least once each.
  14. I don't think it is possible for a planet to spin faster than escape velocity. It would fling mass away from itself, losing energy and causing the planet to slowdown, right? It self balances.
  15. I thought the center of control is at the current commanding module. For example, you can use a docking port in the middle of your rocket and set "control from here"
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