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  1. So I was digging around in the renamer config to check if my original kerbs were enabled, and I found a line saying "dontinsultme = true." Any clue what that is, Galileo (or anyone else)?
  2. Remember, this is Kerbal Space Program. We have mods for everything. I wouldn't see it too far fetched to have someone make models for Kerbal Konstructs for an industrial or agriculture area for T1. Just my two funds.
  3. Maybe have a grand spaceport as a central hub, with plenty of ships attached. Perhaps around Dres for asteroid mining?
  4. Quick question (not sure if asked before in this giant thread). If we bought KSP on the Squad store before April 2013 (I bought it in December 2012) and then merged the game to Steam after April, will we still get the expansion for free?
  5. Question is, why hasn't anyone made a CubeSat mod for KSP? Probably the model would be too small. Arguably, the Probodobodyne QBE could be considered a 6U sattelite. OT before derail: Looks cool, but can't donate because no spare moni :<
  6. Can I get this icon on a flag? Also could I get the rest of the flag to have the color of the outer circle? Thanks!
  7. He meant from LKO to Eve orbit to Eve's surface and back to Eve orbit
  8. You never even left the solar system. (Kerbol's SOI is infinite)
  9. Got two that got self-captured. I managed to get a Class C have a 187km periapsis, I need bigger parts to circularize tho (just used Rockomax x32 and Poodle)
  10. What is the "locking pin" design anyway? Is it the girders, or what...
  11. It's easy enough to set the LES to an action group to "decouple node" with a regular docking port and firing the LES. Then again, I kinda wish there was an LES at tier 1, maybe just a scaled down version that you can put on top of a parachute.
  12. Hi All! I just had a thought that for probes you HAVE to have at least one antenna to communicate with it. Otherwise it's a dead probe... For instance, I was thinking of three tiers of communication. 1 is Low Kerbin Orbit, 2 is Kerbin's Sphere of Influence, and 3 is everywhere else in the solar system. The Communotron 16 would serve for LKO, the Comms DTS-M1 for Kerbin's SOI, and the Communotron 88-88 for everywhere else. Of course, this doesn't mean that you absolutely have to use the communotron for LKO, you could use the 88-88 for LKO. PS. There would be no light speed delay, for the sake of convenience. Thoughts, suggestions? Cheers! EDIT: Yes I know about Remote Tech, just saying a very limited version of it could be pretty cool for stock.
  13. Trope:http://http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GettingCrapPastTheRadar Type: Played with. Explanation: The crew's use of the word "Frak" instead of the F-bomb.
  14. Today while playing I found this: Pretty neat, how your mission flag appears on the side of the kerbals' EVA pack. It also appears on the other side, too!
  15. Pun intended? Because asteroids are rocks...
  16. Brotoro, have you ever considered installing KAS for the fuel pipes and stuff? I think it would be useful just for that, without the shenanigans with the claw...
  17. Brotoro has leet amount of points now! OT: This mission was epic. Enough nuclear accidents occur at the space centre anyway.
  18. Did you forget to put a decimal mark in there? Because 8 SRBs isn't going to lift 751 tons a single millimeter.
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