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  1. The only US rocket mods missing I would want are future craft like SLS, Falcon X and the little guys like Orbital's solid rockets, Athenas, etc.
  2. I meant a grey fairing or one without the Galileo image on it. It's a small thing but I thought I'd throw it out there.
  3. While we are on the subject of fairings, can we get a Soyuz fairing that looks more like this?
  4. So is this confirmation of a Falcon X/XX? I'm really looking forward to whatever you make anyway but a Falcon X/XX would make my year.
  5. Indeed. I like the X Heavy better though. All missions of all sizes capable I would launch on a Falcon X Heavy. 1/2 ton LKO satellite? Falcon X Heavy has your back. Interplanetary Tylo lander? Falcon X Heavy has your back. If I had to pick a single rocket to have in ksp, it'd be a Falcon X Heavy.
  6. Falcon X or XX from SpaceX maybe? I would love to launch interplanetary missions with these rockets if you are taking suggestions.
  7. Thanks for introducing me to Editor Extensions. However it still wont open Iridium even when I took an install with only the mods specified (and KW as Iridium has the heavy connector strut from it). It still gives the same glitch. Are there any other plugins on your game that could potentially affect it? Also I'm still missing 'round4' for the Eutelsat. That should be an easier problem to fix as soon as i can find whatever mod that is from though. Sidenote- Is there a mod for the M-V2 and Epsilon or did you replicate them stock? (I'm obsessed with irl rocket recreation in ksp if you couldn't tell)
  8. I think the Iridium issue may be a problem with symmetry, your retro rockets are placed in more than 8x symmetry. Did you use a plugin for this or manual? If its a plugin that might be the problem. Other than that I've got nothing. I'll do a little more snooping for problems tonight.
  9. I still can't open Eutelsat as I am missing a part called 'round4'. I re-downloaded all the mods needed for this and still cant get it. Also the Iridium wont open in a weird way, as seen in this screenshot.
  10. With the recent launch of Cygnus on the Antares and hopefully a successful berthing to the ISS by the end of the week, would you consider making these craft? I am ultra obsessed with real rockets in KSP, and your ESA mod is absolutely wonderful for me and I look forward to all the probes you are making. For some reason just sending supply missions to my station and launching random satellites is entertaining. I launch ATVs, Dragon craft crewed and supply, Soyuz and Progress along with countless satellites but I don't have a Cygnus or HTV. Now I can live without the HTV (I can live without Cygnus as well but you know...) but not having the Cygnus just bugs me. That all said don't do any unless you would enjoy doing it, just offering a suggestion. I'm not sure about how many people really want an Antares-Cygnus mod but I know I do.
  11. Well the forums are back, is there any news on this mod? It hasn't been commented on by the laz in a while. Sorry if I sound rude I just want to know if laz has loss interest or has irl work to do or something like that.
  12. I must say I love this pack, Jeb is already on his way to Duna on the red dragon mission. Is there any chance we will see a Falcon X/XX in this pack in the future? I searched the thread and didn't see anyone asking so sorry if i missed it. Edit: I see your post a few pages back now, they always escape me the first time.
  13. Dont forget "...I will release cygnus tomorrow...". I plan on holding you to those words. lol.
  14. I would be happy with just Cygnus, but I would love to see an Antares to go with it as well.