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  1. Although I like the way you're modifying the rules, I have what is perhaps a more interesting idea: If the stages you eject are recoverable (i.e. you put parachutes on them and they would have descended slow enough to be picked up), or your entire launcher is reusable(other than fuel, obviously) you get a bonus because their is no need to recreate the launcher as it's just out of fuel. Of course, you'd want to bring your ship back close to KSC as time could be tacked on to the delay for retrieval. So, if you have a 15 ton lifter that is one-way you have to wait 30 days. If you have a 60 ton lifter that can be brought safely back to Kerbin, you have to wait X days(where 'x' is a number equating to the time it takes to retrieve the lifter, transport it back, and refuel) Hopefully, sturmstiger will see these and at least consider it. Another thing: Sturmstiger, would you consider the use of cryopods for long term habitats? This mod makes excellent cryopods with some modification. Obviously, you'd need some kind of penalty, some kind of electricity use most probably. I'm waiting for Ioncross Life Support to update as with that and Kethane my Duna base will be self-sufficient. So, you've got plenty of time to answer.
  2. As someone who read way too much in pretty much every category, I have to agree. There's the initial vertigo of being thrown off a cliff of new information, followed by a wonderful period where the world feels more like reading a documentary than anything. Plus, you don't have to write awkward bits introducing things. I'd recommend keeping a codex of stuff that no amount of context can tell us. Background stuff primarily. Also: Descriptions! I always get yelled at about not being descriptive enough in my writing. Especially character descriptions. Although the whole prosthetic things was very nicely done. Made it seem like nothing terribly special. "Yeah, she's missing a leg. So?" kinda feel. And I'm rambling. Anyway, great job so far! Looking forward to more.
  3. Given his mentioning of several very good KSP players who like to talk about how to do what they do, I don't believe so. He also mentions that his design evolved as he tested things out, so it's not all that unbelievable. After watching Scott Manley, and a bit of experimentation, I went from barely able to reach LKO to having enough delta-V to reach all but the hardest planets.
  4. @shadowsutekh Don't feel bad. I used to be able to the same, but stopped learning them when I referred to the Warthog as it's proper name(Which I have long since forgotten) and got blank stares back. On the other hand, I wasn't even aware the design had changed. At all. But then I spent too much time going "Why won't you let me fly one, Bungie?! WHY!?!?!?" And then we got a sequence where we could and I was so happy that I didn't care what it looked like. Also, I always put any difficulties down to not knowing what I was doing. After I got the hang of it... Well, it was a bad day to be in the air. For everybody but me, that is. I don't really care about which Pelican we get (Though H3's looks like it'd be more manageable) but if devo does do a Covenant ship, I really want it to be the Spirit from Halo: Combat Evolved
  5. Actually, fun fact about the Pelican: It has another set of engines (Two pairs, I believe) set on its stubby front wings that are angled towards the ground. As the whole front wing rotates, I'd imagine that these function as both stabilizers in horizontal flight as well as maneuvering thrusters so that the Pelican doesn't have to rely on aerodynamics to make quick turns. Unfortunately, I have no idea how that might work with KSP as I'm pretty sure the back and front engines are on different throttles. If you do try to make it, good luck balancing it without more advanced flight mechanics, devo. If you do, I certainly wouldn't mind something for it to drop off as well!
  6. I look forward to this, and offer my services as a tester. I'm always disappointed with having ideas crippled by the need to pass through the atmosphere, and this could solve that. Looks good so far.
  7. Quick question: Do we still get cheater if we use mechjeb to set up our maneuver nodes? I hate doing this manually, so...
  8. Quick question: Would you consider the Orbital Construction mod cheating? I ask because it's kind of a gray area. On the one hand, I don't have to launch things from the pad or even from Kerbin. On the other, I have to deliver the space port and then develop a reliable means of shipping the spare parts to wherever the space dock would be. I'm not sure whether that balances out in difficulty. If you would please advise, SkyRenderer, I'd be much obliged. I've got a few designs that do not like rockets and I'd like to know if I should try to fix them to be launch-able for colonization or if I should begin work on shipping parts to an orbital space dock.
  9. *stares at alien ship and hears a voice at the back of his head* We are the Harbingers of your destruction.*panics* The alien ship is very Reaper-esque and that fills me with an unnamed terror. Those poor Kerbals. I hope they've got weapons.
  10. Before you get too carried away with making them work, could we perhaps have the .craft? I'd really like to set them up and see if I can't get a passable DHD made up for my colonies. Very much looking forward to what you plan to do with the mod!
  11. Quick question: Did you use the symmetry option while creating this? If you didn't, I have a neat idea for action group use...
  12. Kerbal Crew Manifest should do what you're looking for. It allows you to do all kinds of fun things with your kerbals! I may use it to start a colony populated solely by kerbals named after people I know... So that I can tell them when, where, and how they died. "I'm sorry to inform you, but you were eaten by the Kraken. May you rest in his belly comfortably."
  13. I am very much interested in this! Combine this with an updated version of that wormhole travel mod and you could, in fact, create your own stargate network. And that would just be all kinds of awesome! You could also use the Hyperjump System to emulate it, though I've heard that mod is having a few issues. ...I think that if you give us the download, I'll actually set this down in the antarctic region of Kerbin and begin a mission to set one down at each of my colony sites, just for fun.
  14. No problem. Thought I was forgetting something. Here you go: I also had a picture with the markers showing between the two but apparently KSP didn't take that picture and instead photographed the next launch... Sites 1 and 3 are the two more central groups (Though Site 3, with the highlighted debris, overlaps due to how close the modules are...) the group in the crater is Site 2 which will eventually get in range after I set up Sites 4 and 5 in the future. I'm taking a break from the Mun though.
  15. In an effort to not let this thread fall any further back, I give you my second update on Munar Colony Wingtip! Site 1 is pretty much done, save for a half finished Kethane mining operation (Accidentally used 'End Flight' on my refinery): Habitat Module: 15 Recon with Attached ANT: 10 Charlie's Deli and Shoe Store: 5 DEMV MK 2: 10 Nuclear Powerplant: 15 Twelve(12) Kerbals with HOME Modules: 12 Mun Bonus: 10 Wingtip Site 1 Total: 77 points Site 3 is the first of the waypoints between sites 1 and 2: Habitat Modules: 30 Recon with attached ANT: 10 Nuclear Powerplant: 10 Three(3) Kerbals with HOME Modules: 3 Site Bonus: 10 Wingtip Site 3 Total: 63 points Wingtip Munar Colony Total: 140 points Which is hardly an improvement over my previous score as it only bumps me up a single place on the leaderboard. The care and affection I put into my delivery methods will soon prove for the best! My next target: Dunar Colony Slew!