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  1. I blew up Mission Control and the Administration Building. (On purpose) Mods Used: Raster Prop monitor, and BDArmory.
  2. Curious, is there a way for the AI to handle directional turrets? For example my fighter has forward facing M230's with low limits to simulate a gimballed gun, and the same idea for two rear facing 50 cal turrets. However the AI keeps defaulting to the .50 cal turrets even though the M230's are clearly in line of sight of the target and the 50's are not.
  3. [Ver] Does anyone else get a micro stuttering issue? It seems like whenever the AI does a recalculation (like pitching up to maintain min altitude) there is a tiny, split second pause.
  4. Thanks, though the issue is that there are some companion mods I'd like to use like B9 aerospace which I know does not work. So I suppose I have to wait for a bit.
  5. Darn it, seems like every time I try to play this game, mods are constantly broken by updates.
  6. It's been a very long time since I have played KSP, and I had a bit off a macey dean phase. Coming back, that sorta has not left, though I'm dropping the pretenses and wish to use actual mods! But what would you recommend? I know about BD armory, but are there any others that are 1.3 compatible?
  7. It's a mod that rearranges the vanilla planets, https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1143/Alternis%20Kerbol%20Rekerjiggered Considering both this and otherworlds crash the game when trying to load it, I'm guessing it's a ram limit issue as my mods work fine without them. So I don't know.
  8. Think it was 79, though it was mostly ion probes and a rovers.
  9. Due to my natural tendencies to cycle in and out of certain video games I have left KSP in February and I'm now coming back. I wanted to do a modded career run using alternis kerbol, TAC, KAX, Nearfuture, Hooligan airships, and several others. However I have been hearing information that there supposedly is going to be a big patch coming out, and you know what that means for mods... What's this mythical 1.1 all about? And should I just hold off playing until then?
  10. The cylindrical probe sized air envelope is too big. it's 1.25 meters across instead of .625 meters across.
  11. So to keep it short, I saw this video about the KSP devs up on a stage talking about the early development of this game. And I'd like to watch it again, but I cannot find it anywhere, could someone please link it?
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