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  1. Smorfty

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    The MKS 'Tundra' Mobile Workshop (2.5m) part's price seems bugged. - In the tooltip it says it costs 790 funds. Seems ridiculously cheap. - When you build it, the VAB says it "costs" -16,620 funds and when you launch it, you actually gain that amount of funds. - In the part's file (Tundra_Workshop250.cfg) it says it's supposed to cost 8000 which sound reasonable. I have loads of mods though. Haven't tried reproducing the bug in a clean install. P.S. The Ranger workshop costs almost twice as much as the Tundra 3.75m workshop. Is that correct?
  2. No pics no clicks man Your mod sounds interesting but it's a visual mod and you don't post any screenshots which really puzzles me. Even on the Spacedock page (!) it's just a photo of a real asteroid. We really have no idea of what it would look like ingame which means we can't judge if we want to try it out or not. I suggest a full imgur gallery with several screenshots from many different bodies both in space and on the surface.
  3. Smorfty

    Kerbal Space Program patch 1.1.1 is now live!

    Just checked and I had 68% cpu usage in the VAB and 45% in the space center.....
  4. Now where have I seen that heat sink before? Hmmm....
  5. How do I download it? The link only shows a diff log.
  6. Tried version 3.1.4 in KSP 1.1 prerelease and it seems to just not do anything. Everything is as wobbly as before.
  7. Smorfty

    in game tutorials are a diservice.

    I've been playing KSP since 2013 and even I feel absolutely crippled without maneuver nodes and patched conics. I agree with you that it's way too hard on people, especially beginners. My tip would be to start career mode with a bunch more money in the bank and just immediately upgrade the buildings to get rid of the hazzle. A very common mistake (that I've made myself many times) is thinking that you're missing out if you make a game easier through settings. If you think some feature is BS or dumb, remove it. If you later find out that you can handle it, enable it again! If you're frustrated and you're not playing the game, you're definitely missing out.
  8. Smorfty

    Delta V question

    Delta-v means velocity change. And the way you change your velocity is by applying acceleration so yeah, they're pretty much the same thing. Knowing how much dV it takes to get somewhere is like a golfer knowing how hard he needs to hit the ball to reach the hole (how much acceleration he needs to apply to the ball). A dV readout like Mechjeb or Kerbal Engineer will basically tell you your golf ball hitting budget.
  9. Smorfty

    KSP 1.1, performance, multithread or GPU physics

    They have claimed that there will be performance increases before every single patch since I got the game (0.19 in 2013). What I mean is: them saying this is not really talking about the performance. They're making a humongous engine upgrade and all they say about it is the usual old stuff they say about every patch... As for the devnotes. I've read every single one since they started writing them. I also watch most devstreams and I still think they talk too little about their work. They're treating us like children who can't handle seeing an unfinished product. Other devs do it and they're doing fine.
  10. Smorfty

    KSP 1.1, performance, multithread or GPU physics

    I'm not expecting a datasheet with exact frame rate increases. I would just like to hear something, anything! If anyone has heard the devs talk about the performance in any way, please link it here. I'd love to know! There's so precious little information out there and it's all scattered. The performance of the game at the moment is horrible. The whole point of 1.1 is to remedy that, yet there's not a peep about it from the devs. No talk about GPU/CPU physics, very little talk about physX, no talk about the current opengl/directx11 modes that are quite bugged, nothing about the games insane memory usage (even with 64-bit, the usage will be quite insane).
  11. Smorfty

    KSP 1.1, performance, multithread or GPU physics

    I try to keep up to date on ksp news and I've never heard anything about this. Could you give us some kind of source? Like "person X said it on stream A" or "person Y wrote about it on site B"? Squad's tight-lip strategy is so infuriating. They seem to think that if they talk about one thing that later doesn't make it into the next patch, that we would then lynch them and all refund of copies of the game at once. It's as if a construction company would refuse to show the house they're building to their customer until it was 101% done.
  12. Smorfty

    Weirdest kerbal names in other languages

    There's German Kerman and Enemy Kerman
  13. If I try to go from the surface of Kerbin to a 80k orbit, half my craft breaks apart and all Kerbals die from excessive G-forces. I always have to, first go to a 1M orbit and then down to 80k. Using the Ship Lander is more like russian roulette. Half of the time my craft will explode and the other half it'll just make crazy G-force noises. I'm using both DRE and FAR which I assume are having to do with these problems. Still, you haven't updated this mod in over a year and it's incompatible with two of the most common mods...