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  1. Granted, INTRODUCING THE NEW TERRAIN BAKER 5000. IT BAKES YOUR CAKE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!!! I wish for my wish to be corrupted.
  2. Granted, you receive 6 ?s and exchange six fingers for it so the ?s can replace the lost fingers. I wish Kolechia no longer come to border.
  3. A moment ago a girl just thanked for attending the vegetarian club, but I never met herbivore.
  4. ERROR WISH NOT FOUND NEUTRALIZE SUBJECT!!! I wish everybody's equally equal.
  5. A dyslexic man walks into a bra.
  6. Granted, Google is a person who works in an office, but who's also a freelance hacker who hacked I wish to score a hit on the WOW counter.
  7. ThatNoob


    [Trowlib] A type of fish which eats sand and crabs. ghurrn
  8. It launched an invasion(?) on the Netherlands as requested by the king's sister, which put a revolution into motion. WDYKA Lord GabeN.
  9. Arched Invisible Rainmaker (of) Power (or) Original Reruns (and) Tacos. SCAERO
  10. Overly Ornamental Rice Pan Dogs Eat Like Inside. hfdga
  11. Expired Xylophone Printer Energy Record In Many Energetic New Things. HYPETRAIN
  12. jimmies rustled m80? scrubs = rekt. n0sc0p3d.
  13. Unibrowed Nickle Incognito Charger Of Radiation Necks. SERB
  14. Martin Executes Lincon Lobster, Xylophones Are Walking. svoje.