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  1. Are you sure you’ve not just run out of battery power? That will also result in loss of control like this. Usually after time warping so you don’t notice the power is gone.
  2. Just to add to this conversation. It’s not my job after paying £30 for this game to have to spend hours reproducing, analysing and writing up detailed bug reports. I buy the game to spend my time playing it not working around functional bugs that really should and easily could have been found by any professional tester employed to create a test plan and write and execute test cases. There are multiple stages these bugs should have been found, just taking the save issue alone; any decent functional, system and integration testing would have found this. Failing that any kind of UAT (User Acceptance Testing) would have found this. If it was just the odd minor bug, then Yes I would probably inform the Devs but this is a broken game with multiple game breaking bugs and missing fundamental features (physics warp is one example). Its a disgrace the game got released in this state and that people are still spending their money on it. I just called Microsoft support and got my money back. I’ll stick to playing the PC version.
  3. Yeah you can warp time when parachuting (tiem warp) but not when accelerating (physics warp). Has anyone been able to speed up time with engines on? Not that it matter anyway because the saves are totally broken so its a lottery that you can even save it at all.
  4. This console version of KSP is totally broken for me. Saving the game is a complete lottery. Sometimes it works sometimes not, you have to save often because there's a big chance that you do a load of work and then lose it all. You can't save, you can't go back to the space centre or do anything. That and the lack of a phyics warp (no one can tell me where it is anyway) - you can warp time but not when you are accelerating.
  5. Yeah i already tried a google search and can't find the combination. Someone must have figured it out
  6. Has anyone figured out how to physics warp yet on the xbox (or PS4) edition? Time warp is easy and works fine but when you are doing a burn you need physics warp or else you could be waiting 20 minutes for a nuclear engine burn to complete. There's a few questions above asking but no answer. It must be in the game its fundamental. Thanks.
  7. Has anyone figured out how to physics warp yet on the xbox edition? Time warp is easy and works fine but when you are doing a burn you need physics warp or else you could be waiting 20 minutes for a nuclear engine burn to complete. There's a few questions above asking but no answer. It must be in the game its fundamental. Thanks.
  8. I think I may have overdone it a little in a fairly early career mode (not unlocked RCS yet) trip to the Mun. Here's the story, what could I do differently to make this easier? Particualry to understand how much DV I need to get there an back again. Built two ships to go to the Mun apollo style, a lander and tug both with docking ports. Docked in orbit all fine. Some of the tanks were emptied to get me to orbit so sent up a refuller, docked that, transferred fuel, all good. Went to the Mun and got into orbit then send my lander down. First Kerbal on the Mun, great acheivement felt amazing. A little concerned that my tug didnt have much fuel left but was going to use what was left in the loadner to transfer back to the tug after re-docking in orbit to get us home. Lander Lift off from the Mun went well (~loads of science on board) but no where near enough fuel to re-dock, stuck in a similar orbit. So the situation is tug stuck in mun orbit with a tiny amount of fuel, lander stucking in mun orbit with no fuel, no RCS and 3 kerbals in total stranded. SIGH... Rescue mission - sent an automated refueller to the mun. Docked with lander and then tug and refuelled and brought them all back home safely. Now don't get me wrong I'm pleased with the achievement, I'm now an expert at docking my Kerbals are all safe and I got loads of science. But there must be an easier way right?! Probably with one stage to land and come back, probably a lot lighter and uses less fuel. How can I tell if I have aneough DV to make back from somewhere?
  9. Like everyone else I'm trying to relearn how to get into orbit while going through the early career mode. I've read all the posts on the new gravity turns and watched a few videos (thanks Manley) and here's where I've got to. I've created some simple early sub orbital rockets to take the tourists up and can pretty much nail a sub orbital flight taking 2-3 of the hardcore kerbals up with Val, easy right. Gravity turn works well, no flipping, up to around 80-90k gets a bit hot coming down and a little unstable but nothing major an early parachute wont sort out. So I think I'm ready to go to orbit, upgrade the pad and hanger to use more parts. From there I build a much more powerful rocket (2 to 3 stages depending on the particular test) but basically the same rough design as my sub orbital Kerbal Galactic using the same new gravity turn, drop the solids off. Flips every time. Every time. I can just about cartwheel it into orbit with a little flip control but its anything but controlled. Then I went to bed. So now I'm thinking perhaps I'm going about this wrong. I think my first stage may be too powerful and is getting up too much speed so when i drop the solid rockets it causes a flip. So perhaps i try limiting the thrust of the solid rockets on the pad? It could be this along with being too top heavy with the full fuel tanks on top. But I need those tanks and engines in the 2nd and maybe 3rd stages to get to orbit and certainly if I'm going to go to the Mun. So i can't skimp on them. But overall I'm loving it. Great fun and a real challenge. Frustrating yes, but fun... More generally I've experienced a few bugs and crashes with 1.0 but all in all not bad. I like the new features and contracts but understand the furstation with some of the new air effects and deadly reentry withg parachutes being a little off balance for preventing flipping on reentry. I don't use steam so hopefully future updates will allow me to retain my career mode, was kind of expcting some kind of installer to upgrade for me rather than just launches an exe.
  10. My expertly planned mission to Jool with a manned landing on Laythe has not gone well… I’m playing stock 0.23. Have already been to the Mun, Minmus and Duna (and back ) multiple times so I do get this docking, intercept, landing etc. Plan - Launch a refuelling station in advance of the manned mission to Jool and get into Orbit - Launch a manned Jool engine module to refuel in Kerbin Orbit – 2 nuclear engines. - Launch a manned Laythe lander to doc with the engine module for the trip to Jool - Aerobrake into Jool orbit and into a stable orbit - Drop a probe into Jool atmosphere and beam back science and leave a sat in orbit. - Refuel the engine mod in Jool Orbit and then transfer to Lathye - Land on Lathye, redock in Laythe orbit and then ditch everything but the engine and capsules for the trip back to Kerbin. - Get loads of Science. Boom… Here’s what actually happened, lots of lessons learned here… - I actually got everything into Jool orbit fine, journey was uneventful and aerobraking worked well for both the refuel station and lander into about a circular 250k orbit. That was the first mistake, way too close to Jool and would take far too much fuel to push out to Laythe’s orbit. - Also found that in my low circular Jool orbit the inclination of the fuel station and landing module was very different. Would again take a lot of fuel to match up orbits and dock negating the point for refuelling in the first place. - So I still dropped the probes and sats and got some science but predicted I would not have enough fuel to get to Laythe and then back home. - So I got impatient and went straight home and burned to Kerbin using all the lander fuel but missed my intercept and my 3 Kerbals are now destined to orbit the sun for ever. What I would do next time - When getting into Jool orbit don’t circularise too low. Aerobrake so the orbits intersect Lathye’s orbit and wait for a Laythe intercept. Would save a lot of delta V. - Is it possible to aim for a equatorial orbit (or other planned orbit) with consistency? How? I need to do this… - I might not bother with the refuel station but try to take enough fuel in the engine module to get there and back again. - Stronger/more docking ports so I could time accelerate in a burn with less wobble. - Slightly redesigned ships. Questions - Was I right to aerobrake at Jool and then go to Laythe, should I try to just go direct to Laythe? - Is it possible to aim for a equatorial orbit with consistency? How? I need to do this… I can to a mid-course burn to hit the right height in the atmosphere fine but not it seems get my inclination matching up. Sigh, feel despondent…
  11. Really enjoying having a play around with career mode and getting science. Have got loads of science from the various biomes on kerbin via shirt hops into a low orbit to research the goo. Done enough to get batteries and basic solar panels. My next task was to put a satellite in low kerbin orbit less than 200k and the high kerbin orbit, not bring them home but to transmit science back. Firstly once you've spammed the science in irbat via a sat to effectively zero is there any point leaving the sat in orbit? It's still got power but is no use as far as I can see. Secondly i spam the science to zero via the science module but then take another module up and try to bring the science back to kerbin is that a valid strategy? I'm concerned the next returnable sat won't be able to collect more science under 200k to bring back because my first sat has researched but lost 80% of the science transmitting it back?? Thanks Paul
  12. Is it possible to achieve an escape velocity from Kerbin (I think that's right (the sun)) and simulate a Voyager type scenario. Where the probe eventually will pass into interstellar space? Would Solar Panels stop working at some point? ??
  13. Cheers guys! I had a fair amount of fuel left. Think I might make it to some of the outer planets with the same config! Minus the chutes for no atmosphere landers though.