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  1. Don't be sorry. That's what I get for not writing down the mission requirements before launch then checking during the flight. I missed the part about geostationary orbit. As for the spin stabilization, I'm not sure what you mean. I fired the rockets and spun them up, was there something I missed? There were a lot of things I was unhappy about with my entry anyway, from builds to launch and flight. I'll do it again but better. It's going to be a little while though because I want to tweak some builds and I have to rebuild the mounting rig. Just because I don't plan to land on the island doesn't mean that it won't happen anyway.
  2. Space K: STS - 2 I know I said no more video but after such praise I felt I had to step up my game a little bit. About 90% of the video is at 7x, it's still pretty long (~25 mins) I also forgot to include the clip but I am sad to say my new crawler did not make it up the approach incline for the launch pad either. In lighter news, I built the Esper 412-C MK 2 carrier, nick named "Odie" I'm quite proud of it. Same list of mods in the same uses as before. Be sure to enable annotations for extra info again. Final Orbits: Com Sat I - Ap: 351,250m Pe: 350,997m Dif: 253m Com Sat II - Ap: 351,609m Pe: 350,761m Dif: 848m Ending Spoiler:
  3. Space K: STS - 1 (No bonus) So I made the mistake of deciding to go the video route. Even with some parts being sped up to 7x, the thing is still 37 minutes long! Feel free to skip around a bit. I added a few annotations here and there. This is only the shuttle to orbit and back to KSC for now. I have some tweaks to do to a few things, I decided to go hard mode-ish. I used a few mods... even disallowed ones! But for honest purposes, honest! If in your infinite wisdom and unfathomable grace you decide that these nullify my entry, I suppose I will redo it from scratch. But not in video form again. Final Apoapsis: 445,361m Orbiter: Skuttle IV - Sanrec Kerman - Billan Kerman - Neilgard Kerman Carrier: Esper 412-C "Snoopy" - Bilbus Kerman All Mods Installed (Whether used or not):
  4. According to Google's Ngram Viewer, the very first time the word Kerbal ever appeared in print was 1872.
  5. I have a question. After reading this: SQUAD has announced KSP 0.21 has entered QA testing! New Milestone Reached! Squad is proud to announce that Patch 0.21 officially ends development and enters the Quality Assurance Phase! I noticed that Quality Assurance Phase could be abbreviated into QAP. This lead me to wonder if they have a specific person to do this, a Quality Assurance Kerbal if you will. If so, would he be known as a QuAK? waa waa....
  6. That was the idea This was more of a proof of concept type thing. Now I can build one for mining (right after I get the mod of course), one for living, one for storage, one for tea parties, one for science (This works but I want a better design), and one for everything else I can think of They'll probably never leave Kerbin but I like building more than flying anyway. I already have that mod. [0.19] Damned Robotics 1.3 uploaded by r4m0n I just wanted the challenge of doing it vanilla. Also, if someone likes the design they don't need to download anything to copy it and try it for themselves. Can't upload the .craft file at the moment though. I originally built the SPASM with the tug attached so I went and deleted all the parts then edited the .craft file so that I could get rid of the tug command module. I irretrievably messed up the file. So now I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong and fix it or I'll just have to rebuild it.
  7. All my thoughts/concerns have already been addressed by other posters so I'll just reply with a supportive "yes". Yes!
  8. AffreuxLex


    I really enjoy watching people's videos on KSP. After watching several with people building bases then moving them one piece at a time, I began to wonder how they had so much patience to spend hours moving it. Therefore I've come up with my own solution, the mobile and self deployable upright base module. I spent a few hours working on various designs and working out kinks but I finally succeeded and am quite proud of myself. Introducing my first redepoyable section, the Self Propelled Automated Science Module (SPASM) Four module long train moving to the deployment grounds. The four SPASMs set up at each deployment interval. This module will travel in a train setup to avoid multiple trips. Upon arriving at it's destination it can split off and go to it's designated spot. From there it will deploy into an upright position (Especially useful for Kethane operations). Using the deployment keys in reverse will return the module to a horizontal position where it will be prepared to create a new train to another location. I built this one with only vanilla KSP parts.
  9. Any ground contact with the command module intact is a successful landing in my space manual.
  10. You can sort of fake bilateral symmetry. - Place your first wheel as a single part in the place you want it. - Grab a second wheel and press X to get bilateral symmetry. - Go to the opposite side to a point where you can see the original wheel. - Line up your second wheel so that the ghost image overlaps the first wheel. Your new one will be upside down. - Once you have matched the first wheel, press Shift+X without moving your new wheel to return to single part mode. - Flip your new wheel 180 degrees and apply. It will now perfectly match your first wheel. Edit: Threw in a few hopefully helpful pictures
  11. I love looking at everyone's pictures. I figure I've been lurking around for so long, I might as well contribute. First a couple random pictures: Here is the K-Team on the Mun. Jeb got tired and decided to have a sit down. When the full game is released I heard it mentioned that Kerbalnauts would need to gain skill so I built this atmospheric only pilot trainer. I call it the Kerbalnaut Astropilot Trainer or KAT for short. --- Now for a progression. I wanted to set a new Kerbal world record for highest skydive. I flew out just past Minmus' orbit, detached my 3-Kerbal heat shield/parachute, and began my freefall. I didn't think to take screenshots until I was much closer so feel free to shout "fake!" or "pics or it didn't happen!" We're free. Free falling. The highly trained team prepares for reentry. I thought we would have slowed down a little bit more by now. Success! Parachutes successfully deplo... wait... where is everyone? Lufry does not appear amused. Well, some Kerbals did always dream of being taller... And of course, everything after that was sunshine and rainbows and lollipops and everyone lived happily ever after.