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  1. I've been away a while @brusura "MSD must be very busy IRL" or external sources delude you to keep busy for them ? Whatever it is; I don't give the kerbal community it would like. Yes I will be (some more) active on GitHub because I consider pushing more to open source than (hidden?) in the first place; I will fix the RCS thing... @Spark Plug Yes, I noticed; and in fact it is much worse on other planets.... It has to do with the value used to calculate the "movement" of the kerbal; without knowing the calculation used by the game. In the code you will see a "magic number" I multiply it with... instead of "the magic number known for that planet'.. of a method that Squad provide. It doesn’t exists as far as I know. @monstah (Y) from the get-go. @ThirdOfSeven You are stasikos on github ? You made the same statement on one thing; one line fix; but don't forget; one line fix I didn't do. @John The Physicist "Awesome! Is the Kerbal duplication glitch still duplicated?" Any more information on that issue ? @brusura See FAQ: Will they follow you with their jetpacks (where possible) The B key is from EvaLogic.cs ``` public void Update() { // ... if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.B)) { foreach (EvaContainer container in EvaController.instance.collection) { container.EVA.PackToggle (); } } } ``` So yeah, it's embedded; and shoudn't really be there. The attempt was made to allow kerbals to follow with RCS; but the logic was never written. So a couple of points I would like to mention, I see interest in this mod where I do not have (or too little). So I've added that point on github and see where it goes. I see some free days come up so who knows, I can look into it. I don't play any games really and so this one losses some attention over time. I also compile on linux and never "knows" if the mod works.. works as in outright crash/lag like hell. When I started this mod I used to use windows and had the Unity SDK installed, haven't look up the state of the Linux SDK... but don't think the Kerbal XYZ World Coordinate make sense from most other games out there, I've seen to many problems with "just" walking from "(-30, 0, 0) to (-30, 0, 30) .... where kerbals walk 45 degree to the sky and upwards slightly. I just need education with this system in order to do anything to do stuff like walking around vessels and such. You can call is an excuse but is one of the reasons I've pushed it on github; Fel written the first prototype; his license allowed me to write my own implementation. Compatibility was patched by statikos ( So all props should go to him. I've no known state of mod compatibility. I 'cannot' test it, because it will always be 'Linux, x64bit' with X, Y, Z mod combination. So to be clear: It's not that I don't care; the following needs to "agree" with me; Some questions/request to get me involved at: - Find a maintainer more active/amused/ than me. (for the release push) - Issues should be declared on Github. The repository is over there... we "care" over there. - I've asked a Squad developer once... but is there any update in "quickly" from loading the game + loading the world + loading the vessel you need to test + to test the thing you require to test". The last time I checked... nothing was done for mod developers to 'automate" the progress, so there weekend didn't result in much. - I will create an 1.2.2 update, it will be github only. The major reason is: I used to support the first mod hub; Than they (squard) used Curse; and people leaved from that; So I've pushed to DropBox because of that.. than I used there "alternative" site (community funding, etc). This waste a lot of time, from someone that doesn't feel like doing more than "Check a thing" The fact is; I can do releases on Github easier. And I do not have to update the other forces/sites. As far as I cam see; GitHub doesn't protect you ( The release .zip/.7z/.rar md5/sha isn;t checked... I can push a virus executable without you knowing that "this" commit is the source... correct me if I am wrong ? ); But it does allow you to clone the ode; make sure it's safe; compile it and use it.
  2. No and no. It should check if there is a window focused. I add it to the list! Edit: You lucky, I was bored: So next release it's gone.
  3. Thanks for pointing out I'm a idiot... But the log shows on my side there are no exceptions being thrown, so hopefully thats the case for the majority of people!
  4. Here you go; The combination on linux doesn't work for me. I still think squad need to make keys configurable, I have a broken alt key and right arrow key (on a laptop b.t.w, so I cant replace it at the moment).
  5. If you can, please send your logs! I'm not sure how many exceptions it throws and when.
  6. I have compiled it for 1.1, but if anyone is willing to help out; send your debug logs to me because I cant enable the debug window on my machine (linux) and squad still doesnt have keybindings that you can change. Release:
  7. KerbalStuff shutting down? Why? I wasnt ready to update the other links... password issues, but sad none the less. I should see also release them on github releases if thats possible.. not looking forward updating the curse one, never liked that one
  8. Thanks Fel, I've merged your code, but I do not have the correct setup anymore to make a compiled version, but I at least wanted the repository to be up to date. It should be just a git clone and fix the reference and go kind of deal; but sadly I can't check for this at the moment. I don't expect to go back to it anytime soon (average 10 fps w/o mods on this setup); but some times do wish for some free time to do it anyway. Edit: Well.. kinda, you get an xcopy error, but it build. Let me check some things out. Edit2: I've commited a couple of updates, I got rid of the selection direction: It was irritating me too when you mentioned it. I'm not Fel thought but whatever. Yes, this bug will persist, the locations are world-based, so thats the point it will try to reach (until it gets unloaded by the distance, and than it will just stand there, until you are in reach again, and it will continue to walk. Not to much to do about it... Small release here:
  9. When I need wildcard I just always use /^query.*$./gm If you type ion you will not station, and I replace every * with .* in the query. Now you can find station with *ion. (query is of course the search term.) I'm really curious for the Unity 5 update and performance changes!
  10. Yes, I just did that, config is in /GameData/MSD/Plugin/PluginData/Config.cfg
  11. Middle mouse button. Coudnt use right mouse because of camera. If not avaible like on a laptop. you can press o and drag to select and p to dispatch the kerbals on there way. I cant remember if its in the config files, the fact i used o and p is because most buttons have actions to them,
  12. About is live and kicking... It isn't. caution: major ramble ramble ramble factor here. note: It could be more frustating souding than it is (and a bit random at times), keep that in mind. I do also don't care at correct spelling right now, I don't feel like it, nor a I a writer. Sorry for that in advance. There a several problems, causing most joy I got sucked out of me. First of all, I'm not used to Unity at all, even thought it isn't the the biggest pain in the arse.. It's squads code. Developers might understand this, players I guess not, but I'm going to try to explain it anyway; Unity just doesn't care, every exception often nullreference objects, just get ignored (aka "catched"). I guess this is a good thing, it keeps the game from crashing, but the lack of a debugger means you often don't know what happend, ending up you (=the developer) just guessing, using all kind's of error checking everywhere... I can live with that, but the squad code just pisses me off, there is no documentation at all, (Hey, I can't blame them for a game still in development... but then again if 0.26.. eeh 0.99 is feature complete.. perhaps they will work on it. ). Most of my complains has to do with bugs, and you can find plenty with the pristine release. Add some mods, and you don't know what is causing this, good luck finding it. The fact that the game takes ages to load because everything is loaded at start.. and if you want other mod compatability you need to load another mod-set of .. sure 700 MB (I'm looking at you helldiver ), and if only you could add some parameter to the executable, so you can skip all menu and jump right into a save file.... I'm sure most developers will like that. The animation system is weird an clunky, Unity causes this, but Squad doesn't provide it to mod developers (nor do I know if they can, I believe most is generated by unity, either way the have direct acces so they don't need it, mod developers don't have that. ), for things like grabbing a ladder I need to know if there is a ladder, and know how the animation is run. The KFSMEvent system.. well it's just ass, and I don't get it. Sometimes an "event" you need is in there, sometime it don't. (causing more bugs). With now way of knowing if the "event" you need is in there, except the last one, I need to add a try/catch so it doesn't thow an exception, if it does, it will just in effect disable the entire mod (and cause problems in other mods), I sad "event", because it's not the kind most programmers talk about. Squad doesn't use events, at least public ones, but they should. It guessing it will make many mod developers happy. There is no code avaible to the developer to know what objects is close (please tell me if there is. ). I know it excist, because they use it for ... well, for knowing when to grab the ladder. However, again they don't create a method for it, most likely they do it like this: void handleEventKeys(object sender, SomeEventArgs){ if ( key == config.ladderKey ) { *code for finding the object and grabbing it. } } and I guess that is fine, unless you are a mod developer and need the same behavior. "solutions" can be creating your own method for doing this, more bugs will slip in here. They world matrix in the game is not a usual kind of game x,y,z world (I'm not talkin about left or right coordinate system either), it clever and twisted: basicly you don't move the character, you move the universe. It kinda happend when Kerbal became a 3d game (yes, it was a 2d game ones ) and not many games allow you to go to another freaking planet.. so they needed a way of moving around this world, and if you ever tried it yourself you will find that if you character is a HUGE distance from the world center ( position 0,0,0 ) you will see objects pop/in, chitter, al kinds of weirdness because of rounding errors and the fact compiler programmers are insane... well welcome to rounding errors. Don't believe me, try this: However, some smart cookie at Squad fixed this by moving the universe, every (to me unknown) distance the world "resets", moving the THAN current location of the vessel, to the worldposition (0,0,0). It introduced the kraken and other things, but also allowed us to explore without to much weirdness! However, I need to know where this magic relative point is, if keeps moving around, and I can't catch it, producing a lot of bugs (in my code.) To save the position walking pattern, I need to know where it is. An AI to pathway yourself around an area is difficult enough in newtonian physics, but right now for me it sure feels like a einstein physics and Schrödinger's cat paradox. It nice thought, and the planet renderer complexity shows they are not stupid. (I'm talking about pictures of an old blog of Harverster, talking about version before 0.7, can't seem to find it.) The is also problem of unknown calculations or constants, for example I need some of that to force the kerbal to follow you, like the walking speed on the current planet. You expect it is like something as; double geeForce = FlightGlobals.currentMainBody.GeeASL; ... speed *= eva.runSpeed; speed *= geeForce; eva.Animate(AnimationState.Run); It works, it's just not the same as internaly used. That is reflecting in the fact they walk faster than you on the Mun and slower on Gilly ), Also the fact you see an animation command, is telling you, the animations are not automatic (except some like falling) and shows you most likey just just put animation code like that between (e.keycode = whateverkey). Logical, I always done it like that, but just in this case I need just that piece to make sure they aren't "off" Some code is just weird, In my case the configuration saving goes before the loading of the configuration!!, so it will just override your configuration with a nice clean configuration file with no data at all, because it wasn't loaded yet. I never know why this happend, arround this point I got to much frustrated to enjoy it. I wanted to inject it into the kerbal config (in persistance) because it will insure it get saved with the associated kerbal and if people decide they don't care about KerbalFollower and delete it, the next time the data will not be read, and thus on saving will not be there anymore. Because of that, I used another way of saving plugin data, it uses a weird squad written I/O part to save the file (more on that later). I hoped by using github, I could get at least one developer to work with me to expained on it, because of another major flaw: myself. I'm not perfect and to be honest, don't care to be perfect in kerbal modding because I've a life outside it, and I can't justify investing more time into something I enjoy less and less working around bugs instead of working on features. If you read this far, I might sound negative towards Squad, and in some ways I am, but most of them I don't, I will blame unity for a lot.. I keep on hoping they will improve the engine.. alot! We on the forums are hopefully enjoying the game, but it's developed by a weird creature. This might just be plane wrong of saying of me, but Squad didn't start with gaming, but advertising. At first the game didn't had any modding capabilities, at all, until they where forced because the game got hacked to support it.. They got the point and used it clever, adding some mods capabilities from that point and advertised that way.. but the codebase doesn't reflect that in most parts. For example, they where afraid (and good call in my opinion) that people abuse modding to spread virusses or expose your naketh pictures to the world... Or something like that, Not wanting to cause that, they wrote there own I/O handler so at least people can't write outside of the kerbal directory, and made a rule that all mods must have full open source ( sadly, most people think it reflects the dynamic library, it doesn't, it can still contain virusses and exposing your personal information ). They tried, but you can still do stuff most game developers that allow for modding will never allow you to do, like extract model data from the game.. Note: This is in fact not allowed from Squad, and they could kick my ass for it. No don't ask me for content, unless your Squad, than I will fork over the code so you can block it. tldr: In short, i'm a little burned modding the game, all the weirdness to the game and the average iq on the forum does however keep me enjoying playing the game. In the mean time people can complain about my buggy .... on github.
  13. They will never be able to make everyone happy, however they could be made happy with mods. So I am just really wishing for a major performance increase (call: never going to happen ), more open API (ditto), loading of assets on request (ditto). The point is that after 1.0, and the feeling is that squad left to much out, there should be a possibility to mod it out, with the memory ceeiling and performance right now, I dont like the thought of calling it beta. The talk about dlc was a mistake, I understand that, but than again the dlc will be most likely more soccor balls than anything space relating,