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  1. I am really hoping today's update is the announcement that it is available via the 1.2 beta opt-in on Steam
  2. Capture an asteroid. Build a space station. Mine fuel on Minmus.
  3. Deep space rendezvous are very difficult and expensive in terms of energy so I don't ever fumble with them anymore.
  4. Yeah, I meant slow relative to the size of each planetary biome ... it's just not practical or fun to spend an hour driving a rover to the next biome to collect science when you just build a probe that can fly between them faster.
  5. Rovers move very slow so their usefulness is practically non-existent for career mode other than driving around doing nothing in particular. KSP needs micro-biomes and science equipment for it. For example, drills, lasers, ovens, etc.
  6. Hopefully we get some kind of tutorial/overview of how communication network/relays work before the update releases!
  7. So, not even a mention of no dev notes yesterday?
  8. If you're looking for a rich gaming experience with complex controls and such, then just switch to PC master race
  9. I noticed that Squad posted a new trailer today on their Youtube channel ... I don't read Spanish very well, but I still enjoyed it so I thought I would share it
  10. I will admit it saddens me that 1.2 will not be a graphical update to the game, but I can wait
  11. My guess would be at least another year. The updates that were planned or discussed in the past have been: 1) Multiplayer 2) Improved graphics of some sort
  12. I really hope 1.2 has some beautification updates ... a new skybox and some clouds would be awesome.
  13. I've played over 100 hours since 1.1 and my game has crashed 2 or 3 times total. Are you using mods? I don't disagree that there are issues that need fixed but is it really worthy coming to forums to complain about? Save often, reload the game ... continue.
  14. Thanks for everything so far, and whatever is to come! Thanks for bringing the gaming community such a fantastic creation!
  15. I don't know what kind of technical issue you're having, but the game has been fine for me. Did you try the tech support forum? Also, I understand what you mean about the silence ... but they spent almost a year working on this upgrade and deserve a break. And to be fair, they did release two post-update patches to fix issues.
  16. Now that KSP 1.1 is out, has anyone seen anything announced about the Wii U version being available?
  17. I am surprised nobody has posted about this yet ...
  18. In my experience, even correctly-designed rockets will flip if you are going too fast in the lower atmosphere. If you're putting air brakes on your rocket for drag and still have enough power to ascend that you're probably going too fast in the first place.. Try throttling back a bit and make sure the nose of the rocket stays very close to center on the pro-grade vector -- there's a magic balance here with heavy rockets ... if the nose starts to drop, throttle up to keep it there. Remember that gravity will turn your rocket automatically! Once you get above 25km, the air is thin enough that you can just open things up to full throttle.
  19. That's disappointing to hear -- it's been nearly a year since 1.0 with no significant features added to the game and I was really, really looking forward to something new!
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