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  1. ixolate industries

    Holy Grail of Mun Bases! STOCK ONLY

    I know it's a bit late right now but couldn't you have had modules with Cans on top then connecting tubes below so the extra docking port tube would not be necessary for them to get around? Nice base though just a bit too part heavy for me at the moment.
  2. ixolate industries

    Mid-Air Refuel / Multi-Craft Tutorial

    I always find I glitch when I try to do anything like this the flying is fine but the game then will not let me go back to the space center or revert the flight any ideas as to why this is? (the larger plane carries a third smaller one)
  3. ixolate industries

    [Brainstorming] Interactive science and dynamic environment development

    A suggestion for the left over science points could be that you could spend them on parts already unlocked to improve the main aspect of an engine Ie for mainsail you would improve thrust whereas for nuke it would be efficiency, fuel tanks could become stronger, solar panels more productive ect. Just a though.
  4. ixolate industries

    Lemmonade's Premium Spaceplane Outlet

    What mod did you use for the skylon nosecone? I really like the space plane.
  5. ixolate industries

    I made some SSTO

    Try an image hosting site to link your images from like "imgur"
  6. ixolate industries

    Kestrel-Kerbooster: Partially Reusable Flyback Booster

    I really like the idea here, much better than just putting parachutes on a stage and then babysitting it while it falls. But how are these to pilot? Do the wings create any problematic forces on your rocket when ascending?
  7. ixolate industries

    Kerbal Hot Rod Association (KHRA) Drag Racing

    Just a suggestion for the rules: Have people stop at the end of the runway, highest top speed they get up to without going of the end wins. (or if that is too difficult for all you SRBers out there maybe add another category)
  8. To post a screenshot find an image hosting service like "imgur" then you can link the images to you post from there.
  9. ixolate industries

    0.24 - Asparagus too pricey?

    If you are worried about high costs perhaps try looking into some space-X style launches whereby each stage can be controlled individually and brought down to land safely on their own for recovery.
  10. ixolate industries

    New mission types

    Instead of using game spawned space stations for deliveries why not use ones that have been placed in orbit by the player? The same could go for the surface bases too.
  11. You should get some funds back so long as your booster has enough parachutes to land safely and doesn't experience reentry heat or land on a mountain. Those parts wouldn't just vanish normally (excluding reentry) and you do deserve a bit if you put in money to recover them. To those of you who land your boosters vertically; Why? Putting parachutes on just one side would allow you to land horizontally with a lower center of mass and less chance of tipping over. A safe landing may not be a unlikely as some believe.
  12. ixolate industries

    TSP (Tau Space Program 1.2)

    The sheer numbers of crafts that you have posted are slightly overwhelming . The modular SSTOs were interesting but did you ever use them for any purpose? Ie. removing the jet and rockets in place of a single nerva then going interplanetary before rendezvousing again and reverting to normal SSTO functions of were they just for testing purposes?
  13. How is this for jumping to the surface of planets? Will it clip you into or under the surface or above it or is it just random, would it be possible to disable landed beacons? Also perhaps you should keep some of the less game-braking bugs just so it has some risks?
  14. ixolate industries

    Take a boat to Laythe!

    Did you even need the parachute? That boat has so many wing parts it looks like it could float down like a feather or even fly like a plane with the jets if you wanted it to.