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  1. Chapter 8- Repairs *In the cabin* Danley: I've locked down the controls in the cockpit, we should be safe from any... unexpected manoeuvres Docan: *In EVA suit * Right, so no bugging out without me Endun: Precisely Danley: Good luck Endun Endun: ... thanks * opens airlock door* and here we... go Danley: Docan-Capsule, do you read Docan: ...reading you loud...and clear Danley: Roger that, how is your suit? Docan: Suit's fine manoeuvring jets functioning fully- I'm letting go of the bars... now Danley: ...roger, Docan: Visor down... I'm straddling X-0 now Endun: We can still see you Docan: And I can see you * chuckles* pity you can't see... this... from in there Endun: I'll get my time, you just make sure you keep on top of yours Docan: Roger dodger Docan: I'm approaching the starboard panel now- looks to me like it's failed to open and is, say 30%- no 50% of the way through the sequence... ah phrid- *louder* I'm seeing scorch marks from the hinges of the lid to the edges, that's not good- phrid Endun: Can we repair it if it's burnt out? Docan: The best we can do is delay the inevitable, the worst- no, we can't Danley: Then we go back Docan: Gee, it's almost like you want to go back Danley Danley: Rather that then be stuck inside a malfunctioning container! Docan: Easy there! X-0 has feelings! Danley: ... Docan: Now where was I- ah yes *** Danley: You done yet? Docan: ...now I am... OK- now, Endun: go to the main power conduit, and under solar, engage, err... panel two to out Endun: Found it- engaging now *high pitch, low frequency warble sounds* Danley: Phridding heck, what have you done? Wh- Endun: Relax, it's just current flow, right Docan? Docan: ... Endun: Docan you there? *flies into cockpit and looks out window * phridding heck where is he! Danley: I can't see him! Endun: Docan are you there?! Docan! *dull thud, Docan drifts past the window* Danley: *flies back a little* PHRID! Endun: No, no, no!... I gotta get out there! Danley: Wait, look! *manoeuvring jets appear, Docan turns, clearly in pain, face contorted trying to say something* Danley: *whispers* Oh...phrid Endun: *whispers* Comms must've fried... *Docan shouts a word, over and over* Endun: R.... no, D... DOOR! *Endun heads over to the airlock and taps controls Danley: Wait! The air- Endun: Phridding air can go to the next galaxy! Danley: *at airlock keyhole* he's in, close it, fast! *door closes* Endun: I'm overruling the safety stops, just a few more seconds... hang in Docan!...there! *air floods the airlock, Endun wrenches the door open* Endun: Docan, talk to me man! *taking off Docan's helmet* Docan: ... Danley: *taking off Docan's suit* phridding heck, look at his arm Endun: *crying now* Docan, don't die dude, come on! *checks Docan's breathing* Docan: ... *Endun and Danley stop, Endun holds his face in his hands* Endun: No.... Docan: ... *coughs quietly, Danley and Endun look* circuit...breaker *more coughing* my a** *Danley silently looks at Docan, Endun sobs with inaudible words* Endun: *cradles Docan's upper body, takes a long breath and wipes tears* Phridding thought I lost you *voice wavering, takes another breath* Danley: I'll...contact Cape... *heads for cockpit* Endun: *shakes head* you're a tough boot Docan: Sure *coughing* ...am... I can't *wheezes* feel my...hand Endun: Yea, 'bout that... *Docan laughs a little, when breaks into coughing* Endun: *weak smile* we're gonna go back now, and you're not staying here, got it *tears but not crying* Docan: We'll I gotta bring back som'in *wheezes* Endun: What? Docan: My... first! *clears thought, winces a little* first shock in... space! Endun: *beaming* you hear that Danley? We're in the presence of the first rocket man who shocked himself!
  2. Chapter 7- Troubled horizon *crew sat in seats* Endun: So Docan, I know we’re testing equipment and ourselves, but what research is there to do? We’ve been training on the ground since the beginning- Docan: The main thing is this * knocks display * all of this ship is a test rig, and we’re- Endun: The test rats Docan: …now that sounds harsh, we agreed to do this. Endun: True, true… so all of the ship is being tested Docan: No, not exactly, the principle is what's being tested: going up on an old, but proven, firework, the precision of docking manoeuvres, multi stage orbital ballet, procedures for docking and locking, etc. There’s a bigger picture being drawn here, hence why I only motion to what we can see here Endun: So we are test rats Docan: We’re a practice run, so when the full thing comes they’ll hit the ground on their feet Endun: I wish we were doing the full thing, first time, like the old guys did Docan: If you knew this arrangement of spare parts and bolts like I do, you wouldn’t want to- besides, the old guys took big risks because they were explorers, not settlers Endun: You don't see us as explorers, re-igniting the natural behaviour of expansion into space? Docan: I see us as settlers, building the platform for research labs that will one day produce domestic benefits Endun: And at the end of it, colonise new worlds? Docan: Whilst it isn't mission priority, it's almost an inevitability, to continue our inquisitive expansion by making a foundation away from home Endun: And the research we do, isn’t that exploring? Docan: We’re not doing the bulk of the research, just cause we're flying on a prototype plan; we’re running the test flights, don’t you see? Endun: I guess so Docan: It says it in your sign-up detail- good at trajectory physics, for getting us here. And regarding the prototype flight, it’s all to make the journey more efficient, safer, for when the frail, overloaded and eager scientists come. The trail, left by the explorers, albeit cold and almost forgotten, is exactly what we're following right now *Danley fills the frame of the divider between cockpit and fuselage * Danley: Hey guys Docan: Hey dude Endun: Good to see you Danley: Thanks guys *enters * I’ve warmed up the ship, we’re ready to descend further Docan: How close are we going to get? Danley: Oooh… around 30 K Endun: Should be able to touch it… Danley: That’s a negative Endun, no Mun sampling on this mission, however it will fill the view and, more importantly, radio communications if our byway dish is, for example, on the over side of this Mun- if you fellas have any phone calls to make to, I dunno, your lady friends- *Endun and Docan laugh * Danley: Otherwise, strap in please *Danley disappears back through the frame-way, Docan and Endun strapped in * Danley: Docan, are we ready as far as you see? Docan: …looks like it Danley: Cape this is X0, we're going for the burn, standby… ignition *** We’ve been holed, losing pressure! I can get my suit to seal, oh phrid, PHRID! Mayday mayday! We're losing pressure, we cant- *Sharp breath in, Fredlas turns on his side* Fredlas: *panting slightly * A dastard dream… or phriddy nightmare, whatever… I need a smoke *gets up, hits head * Fredlas: Oww!... ppphrid! I chose to sleep under the desk of all places… stupid *Fredlas creeps out of the meeting room, up stairs, onto the roof service walkways * Johnlin: Up early *Fredlas whirls around on the walkway * Johnlin: We're up here for the same reason ya know Fredlas: *opening cigarette box *To get a break? Johnlin: For clear air, to de-mist the mind *Fredlas thoughtfully puts the unopened box away * Johnlin: Its going suger cube, Fredlas… sit with me, take in the air *Fredlas obediently sits with Johnlin * Johnlin: Its going suger cube my friend… *** Danley: Engines off… all stop Endun: …well look at that Danley: So detailed- Docan: And pristine… *stopping himself* I’ll check the ship’s integrity Danley: How did I do Endun? Endun: From what I can see, your burn was on target and our orbit is holding steady- we’re right next to this beauty Danley: Great Endun: We’ve also got plenty of fuel remaining for any orbital changes, which I can- Docan: We’ve got a problem here *Danley and Endun look back to the fuselage * Endun: What is it Docan: Something gone wrong with the servo on one of the solar panels Danley: That’s not a mission critical is it? Docan: Not yet, but if we can’t reposition the solar panel, it will be Endun: Aww phrid Docan:… quite… I’ve got to go outside and repair it, soon Danley: We’re in a communications blackout right now, how can we ask- Docan: If we don’t do it now, it’s mission abort anyway Danley, we’ve got no choice if we’re to carry on this mission Danley: What if something else goes- Docan: If I cant repair the servo, we abort the mission. If I don’t look, we abort the mission. If anything goes wrong after the servo at any time, we abort the mission- the only way to carry on this mission, is with a spacewalk Endun: He’s right Danley, we’ve got the reserves and the return burn would be easy to- Danley: Alright alright I get it! We’re taking the risk Docan: Relax Danley, It’s just another day in the office- besides, I’m taking the risks, if any Danley:… Docan: Danley, it wouldn’t be an test flight without risk- suit up guys
  3. Chapter 6- Transfer Docan: Anyone seen my camera? Endun: The science one or the recreational one? Docan: Latter Endun: Have you checked on the desk? Docan: Ha-ha. Seriously Endun: I dunno dude, I just work here Docan: Fine Danley: I haven't seen it chief, before you ask Docan: ...oh, never mind Danley: Huh? Docan: I've got it with the science-cam Endun: You idiot, left it in the kit , like I said Docan: Hey, you didn't... never mind Danley: Better get snappin' boss, we're going places in a few minutes and so's the scenery Docan: OK *glides up to front window with camera* take one... Danley: Say, that's a insta-print isn't it Docan? Docan: Sure is- Danley: Who are you going to give the photos to? I mean, Trinity will use the science-cam footage, you saving it for family? Docan: *looking through camera scope* For the boys, Danley, my mates Danley: Ah right... I was thinking about that Docan: What about it? Danley: Well, since you can only have one insta-print, wouldn't it be best to take several of the same, so- Docan: *turning to Danley* There's more to share? Danley: ... precisely. Docan: *turns back to camera* ...should've brought more prints Danley: Well, there are weight limitations- Docan: How many do y'think I was gonna take? Besides, I had sell my arm to get this on here Danley: Ah, well, I wouldn't worry about getting lots of copies then- snap time's over for now, we've got to get going Docan: *putting camera away* Shucks...I'm buckling in now Endun: I'm strapped in, Danley Danley: 20 seconds to TMI Danley: We're going Endun: So long Kerbin- catch ya later.... Docan: There's the prize- target Mun Danley: 10 seconds till shutdown Endun: Look at the colours... Danley: ...shutdown, engine's off Docan: Well, it's been running suger cube, good job guys- lets catch some rest for a few hours Endun: Not going to take pictures? Docan: No, I'll spread them out over the mission *** Endun: Take in the rays Danley Danley: ... Endun: *shaking Danley* I said, take in the rays kid! Danley: Huh, oh, hello too... Endun: The next move is in 10 minutes, on schedule Danley: Yea, got it, I'll prep Endun: We wouldn't want to have all the fun without you Danley: Oh, thanks- not like you needed me Endun: Well, there's that *smiling* Danley: Wow, I'm hungry- dreaming of toasted bagels... Endun: I can feel your dribble from here, not cool Danley: Sorry, sorry- speaking of food, do I get any? Endun: We ate all the breakfast for today Danley: Uh huh Endun: *reaches to a container and opens it* Incoming energy, not the radiation kind Danley: *catches dry food* Thanks *moves off to back of capsule* Docan: Endun, how close have we been to predictions on timing? Endun: Our launch section has let us down regarding resource consumption but we're making a really efficient transfer so it's balanced out well Docan: That's good to hear *opening a drink* *** Danley: *In the frame between cockpit and fuselage* Right then, the engine is prepped, manual control is ready- strap down everything guys, no spills please *Docan and Endun check around, strapping things down- Danley sits and straps in* Danley: Err Docan, you need to put that drink away Docan: Huh? Oh yea *closes drink* no spills Danley: Right-Cape comm, you there Cape-comm: Receiving you X0, how have you been up there- all seems smooth from what we're seeing Danley: Make that two Cape, we've had no issues so far and *looking around* we're in good shape Cape-comm: Glad to hear that X0, you're green for the orbit injection, out Danley: OK, this one's easy *rubbing eyes* here we go- 3, 2, 1, ignition Danley: Approaching orbital speed... shutdown... engine off Docan: Nice work Danley Danley: Thank you. I'll turn off the engine now * floats to back of capsule* Docan: *pulling out drink again* Did you not sleep well Danley? Danley: ...still not used to the early mornings... *moving around the capsule* Docan: Sound like a mama's boy, you know that? Danley: Well, I'm not like you two if that's what you mean... Endun: What, with the gunfire wake-ups? Danley: Sure Endun: Part of me misses them, part of me remembers not to... Docan: When we woke up, we did the shooting Danley: *looking back at the two* You went on missions this early? Docan: Early could be the night before Danley: What was your earliest Docan: That's classified buddy Danley: Oh, Black-ops Docan: More, much more Endun: And the less you know the better, for everyone Danley Danley: Alright alright, I get it, very hush-hush Endun: And as the posters say, "keep it shut, big mouth!" Docan: Oh yea, those posters *chuckles*, ah they we're so annoying Danley: Hate to interrupt the memory lane trip, but we've got to perform the space-shuffle that makes this ferry service interesting- Endun please check that the Bus is in Mode 2- it's at the back, Blue panel, under G-B-C Endun: On it *moves off* Docan: Anything I can do? Danley: Oh you don't need to do anything, that's just one last check that I've already done, but a second look does no harm Endun: *returning* Mode 2 engaged Danley: Then let's begin this tango-Cape Comm, this is X0, you there Cape-comm: We're reading you X0 Danley: We are ready for the orbital manoeuvres on this side, do you have connection with the Bus? Cape-comm: We've just got the signal, Mode 2 engaged and receiving, you have green light for the orbit change Danley: Roger that Cape, I'm detaching on 3- 1, 2, 3 Docan: *looking out the window* Visual confirm, disconnect has occurred Danley: Roger that, beginning manual manoeuvres Danley: How are we looking up front Docan? Docan: We've got 2 metres space between us and the Bus Danley: Then let's shift Docan: Are we moving? Danley: Yea, pretty quick Docan: Damn, can't feel anything Danley: Yea, they're pretty gentle engines- you'll get to see them soon enough- as a matter of fact, they're off now Docan: Are you sure they were on? Danley: Ugh, yea? We won't be pulling major G's here, unless we change direction or something crazy Endun: Suits me fine Docan: I'm bringing the solar panels out now... solar panels deployed... cells charging, support systems nominal... no faults from the burn as far as I can see. *sits back in chair* So now we wait- about 3/4 of an hour isn't it? Endun: About that, yep Docan: *fumbling with camera* you should get some rest Danley, not much for you to do right now Danley: Yea, you're right... *turns to a compartment and pulls out a CD player* Endun: How did you get that on here?! Docan: I'd say he sold an arm Danley: Actually, I asked nicely- it's less bulky than you think you know, I think that's why it was so easy to get on board Endun: Neat Danley: That, combined with bringing nothing else personal Endun: Oh Docan: Say, what did you bring Endun? Endun: Oh nothing much, souvenirs- dollars, pack of cards Danley: For you to keep or give away? Endun: ...dunno yet...dunno Danley: *plugging in CD player to headphones* Well, on the recommendation, I'm going to rest- wake me if the Mun moves Docan: Deal
  4. Chapter 5- X0 is go Docan: *breathes out slowly* OK, we all set in here? Endun: Roger that Danley: Affirmative Docan: Let's light this candle... Cape- X0 here, ready to go from our side, over Cape-comm: Copy that Docan, we'll do pre-flight and start, out. Docan: ... pre-flight nerves guys? Danley: No way Endun: Nerves won't help you, ya know? Embrace the excitement- Docan: Oh I don't have any nerves me, just stirring discussion... Endun: ...well, we can ask where the Captain is Docan: Yeaa... that dastard, where' d he get to- Danley: Oh yea- he said he may be watching! Docan: Dastard had "other things to do"- they're all the same brass to me Cape-comm: Pre flights underway now, don't worry about any fluid flow, we're stirring the oxygen with a isolated pump Docan: ...err, sure Cape, out. *Over at South Cape Control, Nelrim, Johnlin, a PR manager and Launch Control Team are standing and seated in an open planned, but filled Control Room* Nelrim: Take it away John Johnlin: ...OK team, I want go, no-go for stations- Guidance *Guidance is go* Johnlin: Orbital *We're go* Johnlin: Sub-Orbital *green* Johnlin: Control *We're- wait a sec* Johnlin: ...we've got time... we've got some time *We have a overlap error, reverse docking adjustment phase* Johnlin: No-no-NO! *runs hands through hair, clearly frustrated* Nelrim: ...hold on- that's the reversal of the capsule, right? *Yes* Nelrim: And that can be done manually, can't it- it'll just consume some more Mono *That's... correct, but-* Nelrim: Danley's trained in it, for sure- can you erase that section? *We can* *Johnlin looks at Nelrim* Nelrim: Do it Johnlin: Now hold on a minute- Nelrim: One line of code is not going to stop us now, we're going Johnlin: That's my call, Nelrim Nelrim: ... Johnlin: Danley, you there Danley: Reading you Cape Johnlin: We've had a technical bug- Danley: Mission Abort? Johnlin: No Danley, but I need to know if you can manually dock the pod to the ferry stage- Nelrim: It'll be abort if you can't Johnlin: *hand over mike-phone, hisses* This is my decision Nelrim, keep your bias view out of this, and you do it right now *Nelrim glares at Johnlin, Johnlin returns* Danley: *Muffled* Johnlin: Repeat please Danley? Danley: ...I can do it chief, let's go Johnlin: ... Danley: Cape? Johnlin: OK Danley, thank you, out. *sigh* *back in the capsule* Docan: What is taking so LONG- Endun: Relax, there's nothing we can do Docan: *sigh* Danley: I want to get on with it now, been- *deep rumble* Docan: What-the-p... Danley: *defeated sigh* rolling the walkway back proba- Cape-comm: You there Docan? Docan: Present Cape-comm: We are go X0, T minus 1 minute and counting, over Danley: OK Cape. We're doing it, Docan Endun: Sure did take their time Danley: Damn right, must've had a good reason Endun: For sure!- Cape-comm: T minus 30, strap in tight.... T minus 10, 9, 8, 7- Docan: Take-off's for the Av Force fellas! Cape-comm: Ignition Danley: Here we go... 2 gees- phew, this is- something Endun: Goin' real...fast Docan: Uhh! Danley: 3...gees! Boosters are near- ugh- empty! Standby... Danley: They're clear, Cape Cape-comm: Affirmative X0 Danley: 4... gees! Endun: ...And hold- *gasps* Docan: How...long... Danley: *gasps* Capsule Rescue... clear Cape... *holding breath*... *hyperventilates* Cape we've... finished... sub-orbital Docan: *moans* slept... like a baby Endun: hah... haha! You we're out weren't you! *laughs* Docan: Cape, you can calm the doc down, I'm still here, over. Danley: Docan you're rookie...*breaths* embarassment! Didn't you follow training? The breathing? I mean- Endun: *panting* he didn't do ANY breathing *laughing hard* Docan: Damn, that aches... Danley: Well it's gentle from here on in Docan: What's going now? Danley: Circularization Docan: ...Right on Endun: How long Docan: ...If I remember right, 1 minute Danley: That's right chief... finishing up now... Cape, this is X0, we're registering an orbit up here, how copy *Solid copy X0, we're getting a good 90 and 100 K* Danley: OK Cape, we're green for the turnaround *OK X0, standby* *back at South Cape* Johnlin: OK team, update- Orbital how are we looking? *Orbit's holding steady* Johnlin: Guidance? *We're seeing green here* Johnlin: Thrusters? *Solid green* Johnlin: ... alright, let's do this turnaround *thumbs up Comms* *X0 you are go for turnaround, how copy?* Docan: Receiving clear Cape, waiting on control unlock, out Danley: ...I've got it, I am in, Docan... Docan: Cape we've got control and are going for it, over Danley: Right, I'm separating from the ferry stage... now Danley: 3, 2, 1... rotate Endun: Over we go... Danley: ...and facing the port Docan: We're facing the port Cape Endun: We're also breathing, blinking and moving- want to tell them anything else Docan? Docan: ... it's better that they know Endun: They've got a camera- Danley: Guys, please, I need to focus. Docan: ... Danley: We're coming in slow... ah, trimming... standby...engaging lock *sighs* Docan: Cape we have solid lock, how's the bus looking? Cape-comm: All systems nominal X0, good job Docan: Roger cape-Danley, cape says good job Danley: Gee, that's nice of them Endun: Look at it out there- magnificant Danley: We've got time to look, plenty of time Cape-comm: Alright X0, you can take a break now, we're seeing all green here- get the log and check-board started, out.
  5. Very soon friends, will this great story find its roots on the pages... I'm just getting warmed up at the whole not-crash thing
  6. Chapter 4- Selection *Crew Training Centre, Recreation Room- all the Candidates are present, either sat or standing around a coffee table with two sofas* Endun: *laughing* Trinity? Ania: I like it Docan: It's just a name, why break a sweat over it- Edrim: Top hats would've thought hard about it, avoid any nasty meanings- Endun: *frowning* Top hats? Danley: Command-The Board, Endun... Endun: I get it, I get it... Docan: What nasty meanings? From mythical times or something loony? Edrim: Precisely- any possible implications of destruction, death, failure and so on would have the sceptics on a field day with no end Ania: Why do they care so much?! They don't even pay for rockets, the training- Edrim: They're conservative, don't forget- Ania: They're blind is what they are- Endun: Let's not focus on the negatives, at least we're more official Ania: ... Danley: There will always be sceptics... Edrim: ...Indeed- I find it rather fitting, with the cooperation of multiple nations and elements- the only other name I would imagine would be Jigsaw *Captain Mokle, Johnlin and Fredlas enter the room- Endun and Docan stand to attention* Mokle: *Strolling in* Carry on *Endun sits, Docan goes to the fridge in the room, the remainder are fixed on Fredlas* Fredlas: I have an announcement I'm sure you will all want to hear *Docan sticks his head out of the fridge* Fredlas: I have selected the three Kerbets for the primary flyby of the Mun- the mission will test vital equipment, the functioning of our SatNet and, well, you... You being... Docan, Endun and Danley- *Docan beams, Endun nods at the table, Danley looks between the two* backup team of Ania and Edrim- if the primary crew all fall by the wayside, the mission's scraped, period, until they are able to fly. Edrim: Good name for the project- your idea Fredlas? Fredlas: Actually it was Ron... Edrim: Ron... have I met him? Fredlas: ...Errr, unlikely, but he's part of the Board Advisory Team Edrim: Do send my appreciation his way please Fredlas: ... of course! Of course... Cap. Mokle: ...well Kerbonauts, I look forward to your first flight and this nation's return- I'm sure you'll do the Board an honour. Congratulations primary crew, I wish you safe travels. Docan: You're not going to be watching us, sir? Cap. Mokle: Ah, duty, duty, duty Docan... it has me in it's grasp *Docan looks disheartened, Danley too* Cap. Mokle: Perhaps, however, I will be able to contact you in space- wouldn't that be something... *smiling* farewell *with a nod, leaves the room* Ania: *turning to Docan* I think he likes you... Docan: *confused, then realizes* ppsshh! Right... Danley: *picking up too* Yea, dream on! We're just the crew, and he's a Captain! *Fredlas clears his throat, grabs attention of everyone* Fredlas: Remember to keep your training up, don't strain yourself and stay well away from anyone with an illness- I'll see you all again soon *leaves* *General farewell comments* *Docan comes out of the fridge* Docan: Better keep off the snacks then... damn- I may as well hit the fart-sack and all... Ania: You don't have to stop living Docan y'know.... *Danley gets up* Danley: It would be advisable- I'm doing it *leaves* Ania: What, you going to stop breathing too? *Danley turns corner, no reply* I guess a mission turns you full robot- I'm starting to not like the thought of selection Docan: Really now?- Ania: Who am I kidding! *Quiet laughter* Ania: Hey, why aren't we celebrating! Come-on, you're going to space! *Grumbles from Docan* Ania: Really, you were fine before- there's time for conference-face later, get yourself a Rocopop from my room- Edrim: Now I really wouldn't advise that... *Ania jokingly glares at Edrim* Edrim: *sigh* I see nothing... Ania: *quietly* That's the spirit Docan: Alright then... *Ania pulls out two Rocopops from out of the fridge and gives them to Endun and holds onto on, raises her leg onto the table* Ania: Tonight, we celebrate as flyers- tomorrow, Kerbonauts! *cheers*
  7. OOC- SESEOR was I fun project and I'm really glad it inspired you, I take that as a high compliment. This project's due to the enjoyment I got from giving characters... character. This one takes inspiration from the greatest piece of writing I've ever seen on this forum, by Czo, the great writer- more is coming :)
  8. Chapter 3- Preparations *In a desk lamp lit room, Fredlas sits at a monitor, reading reports* *The Captain from the interview enters the room wearing off duty Officer Uniform. Fredlas turns in his seat, face plain* Captain: Alright then Fredlas, what've you got lined up for them Fredlas: *turning back* Well, I've had to file out any potentials without the physical standards, the Doc did some basic checks. From there, we tested their reactions under acceleration, motion sickness- Captain: OK, there've been lots of background tests, but let's go to the top of this pyramid please? Fredlas: ... of course. At the top of this fine selection, a few of your background have made it, combined with some test pilots, biochemists- I've got a list here of Aviation Forcepotentials Captain: Care to explain why they're still potentials after your rigorous testing? Fredlas: You tell me- what's the most important thing in success with multiple kerbals? Captain: Co-ordination Fredlas: Precisely- which is their last test. The simulation they will participate in will test their co-ordination, a puzzle subjecting them to immense distraction, as well as their thought process, which can be observed- are they self centred? Perhaps they have a favourite from the potentials? Who is the potential leader, and so on. Captain: Your thoroughness is comforting Fredlas: It's also tiring- the test will occur tomorrow, after individual testing- you want to keep that copy of the potentials? Captain: Yes Fredlas: Alright, I've got a copy on this computer, as well as back ups Captain: Thank you- good luck with your testing tomorrow Fredlas: You're not going to be there? Captain: My superiors would much like a face-to-face update on progress Fredlas: Anything that needs to be improved? I've- Captain: Fredlas, there is nothing negative to report, just update... your efforts will be made known, as with other notable personnel Fredlas: ... great Captain: I look forward to the testing results *turns and leaves via the door he came through* *1 Week later* *In a meeting room overlooking the Mountains behind KerbalCape, the Captain, Fredlas, Johnlin and several other staff are seated behind a crescent table with Nelrim in the centre. Nelrim calls the staff to quiet* Nelrim: We've made great progress since our last meeting, and I'm glad to report we now have a list of our primary candidates for the first missions to the Mun *Small applause* Nelrim: Now then *waits for applause to die off* now, this list will be published, so I need PR to have these details written down- for the rest of you, I'm going to read the personalities of these candidates to you. Our Kerbal Health team say and quote "this is a fine group of candidates, who interact well with one another and their environment" Fredlas: I must also add my agreement to the statement- I watched the test via the observatory and was pleased with the teamwork that was built in that simulation- they will be a great group Nelrim: Thank you Fredlas- onto the statements, they are quite brief and short: "Docan Kerman: Calculated, calm, motivated based on the needs of the many- a true team player. Thorough, but will prioritize well." A good start "Edrim Kerman: A quiet kerbal, even in stress, heavily thinking. Bound by the task at hand, with all un-necessary sacrifices skipped to continue with the goal. Often consulted, rarely consulting" A smart individual is always welcome, especially one with a clear-cut motivation- Captain, isn't he an Aviation Force Pilot? Captain: No, he's a Civil Aviation Instructor- I'm Captain Mokle Kerman- given that I was temporarily assigned to this program I expected that my name would not need to be known, but I am permanently assigned now *nods to Nelrim* please continue Nelrim: Thank you Captain... "Endun Kerman: Works for what he wants to keep, is not concerned about great improvement- appears to have capped his capacity for knowledge, preferring to let someone else remember it and him to exercise it. Extremely capable when using skills he knows, such as navigation and trajectory physics" "Ania Kerman: Responsible, self-contained, learning master- a personal favourite of most of the observers, respecting every option, opinion and possibility. She excelled in company with Edrim (the only one Edrim seemed to consult with) as they both rebounded ideas and criticisms of those ideas. Ania is any team's asset, ready to adapt roles and instructions, as well as provide team support in times of great stress." That ends the list so far *quiet conversations amongst the meeting room* Johnlin: She seems quite the character Nelrim: Yes, she will be an inspiration in the program... PR, make sure focus is on Ania, but don't put her in interviews, just get some pictures and make sure they print *the PR Chief nods vigorously* Nelrim: And last on the immediate recommended list is this one; "Danley Kerman: Loyal to whoever is in charge, willing to learn, adapts well to the work environment- Imagination is not limited, but considers the sensible and logical when making decisions- slight friction noted between him and other members of team when in dire situations, but friction was on decline during testing" A prime example of good learning. Anyone have anything to add? *Mainly shaking heads* Nelrim: OK, onto section reports- Engineering Eng. Chief: Making good progress on the retrofitting of our new designs to the old launchers, we should have test-bed launches available by next week, Munbase parts landing by the end of this Month at this rate, Kerbals on the surface next Month. Nelrim: Good work Engineering- PR, make sure we get some pictures of the new stuff out to the public, keep their interest high. Johnlin, do we have sites for landing yet? Johnlin: We're working on it, the old Satellites don't really want to play the game, so we're having to retrofit our new tech with the old, it's taking time but we'll still be on schedule. Nelrim: Keep an eye on those events Johnlin... anyone anything else to add? No? No. I conclude this meeting then. * general noise increase as people rise from their seats and exit the room*
  9. I'm not sure if it's been said, but Czo's AAR should be on here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/24560-AAR-The-Grand-Tour-Voyage-To-The-Planets
  10. Chapter 2- Dusting off *Same day* *Johnlin's Brown Sedan drives down the dirt road to Ronland's house, the sun is just setting* Radio: ...and lift-off of the HiRAS-4, connecting the nation and the world... *A sunrise-intensity light can be seen towards KSC, left of Johnlin, as he reaches Ronland's house* Radio: ...quite a speed it's picking up according to miss- *Johnlin turns off radio, stops the car and gently walks over Ronland's porch* Johnlin: ...watching the launch? Ronland: *on porch with mil-spec binoculars* I'm looking for chicks... Johnlin: *Smirks* Well, HiRAS is a beauty after all- *taking steps up porch now* don't you think? Ronland: *tracking rocket*... it's too thin, like a needle- we never made them this precise before Johnlin: -thin, we never made them that thin before; speed was not the interest before, nor was appearance Ronland: Beauty in the detail... Johnlin: Quite.... Ronland: *lowers binos* So what's got you straightened? Sandy coming round your house? Johnlin: ...nearly forgot about that, Minmus Mighty... Ronland: OK, so sparing your social ineptitude- Johnlin: Steady- Ronland: What has happened? Spill the dri- no don't spill my drink, I want it... Johnlin: *deep breath in* Doc, Nellie, Fredlas and I have been informed that we have successfully obtained funding from the Commissionary for a new scientific mission to the Mun, to attempt to settle there and conduct scientific research about the possibility of Colonization Ronland: ... Johnlin: Well? Ronland: ... that's swell... Johnlin: That's it?! You know how hard we've worked at it and all our efforts are rewarded with "that's swell"!? Ronland: It's swell because now there's only me holding back myself going back Johnlin: You need to come back, you're not yourself without- Ronland: Without my addiction? Well look what happened when I was getting my fix, kerbals died, because. of. ME Johnlin: Then honour them! Don't hide back here with bino's and watch their efforts go to waste, do something! Ronland: Like what?! Become PR!? Because that would go SWELL- I can see the headline's now; "Murderer chief runs the show" Johnlin: That wouldn't- Ronland: Don't dare even say it, 'cause you're lying to yourself if you do Johnlin: ... Ronland: ... thank you.*sighs* I congratulate you- you and YOUR team- on your success, and wish the Moons of Jool's alignment for you, but my ticket stops here Johnlin: ... you could do something quiet Ronland: ... the Comissionary have standards, they aren't going to let me in Johnlin: -only if the public see your face often... come on, something like a Backup Crew Manager, they won't mind- Ronland: Yea, as much as the Lowlands didn't mind "diplomatic intervention"... Johnlin: ... Ronland: I already have newspaper clippings about what the whole world feels about me, but I don't want any more Johnlin: There wouldn't be any if you had a quiet job Ronland: You want me to sweep the floors as a covert agent or something? If anyone in the media looks for names from the previous project, they're going to see me and you know what will happen from there Johnlin: ... Ronland: That's agreeing and you know it Johnlin: ... damn... give me a minute Ronland: You've got longer than that, 'cause it better be good if I'm to go ahead with any of it Johnlin: I can bring you in as an advisor, maybe- Ronland: Are you crazy?! Do you want to bury your funding where Kerbol doesn't shine! If I get seen... Johnlin: You won't! I'll put you with backup! ... there, trump that Ronland: It's a big risk, especially if anything goes wrong- the Air Force would go mental if they realized a failure was in their ranks, have me replaced faster than- Johnlin: ...you didn't fail... don't say that, it's wrong Ronland: ... the Air Force would still replace me, for Kerbal casualties on my watch Johnlin: Perhaps, but only the new rankers- the vets know you, they respect you and always will; I've spoken to them... come on, let's do it, like old times Ronland: *sighs* What the Frack, try your- Johnlin: *turning for the car quickly* That's the spirit! Sure I will! Ronland: *Johnlin closes door and start's car* ...best, but don't stretch- whatever *Ronland waves Johnlin away as he is honking the car horn, then heads inside- above, a twinkling flicker of orange ascends into the evening glow* *** *Kerbal Space Program Munar operations press room, several suited Kerbals are seated around a crescent table facing a reporter audience, with the occasional flash photographs * Nelrim: Thank you all for coming- it is my great honour to introduce you to my team; Fredlas Kerman Fredlas: * stands * Thank you Nelrim, hello everyone, I'm the head of crew management for this project, selecting the finest Kerbonaut recruits from our pool; any Kerbal interactions will be under my belt * sitting down* Nelrim: Thank you Fredlas; Fredlas will also have an assisting team with him, including doctors from the SESEOR program A Reporter: * raised voice* Will a list be available to us of which of the ex-SESEOR team are part of Fredlas’ selection Nelrim: Fredlas? Fredlas: Why yes, the list of staff will be available, however some of the staff will not be on that list, due to the advisory roles they may take, instead of permanent employment *several reporters call for Fredlas’ attention * *Fredlas fumbles with his shirt * A Reporter: Is it true that the Air Force will have one full crew on the rota? Fredlas: It is possible, but unlikely due to the nature of their training and the mission requirements A reporter: How much influence will the Air Force have in the mission? *From the far left of the table, a young, stern looking Aviation Force Captain stands and the reporters quoted down * Captain: I think these thoughts need to be put to rest here… the Mun is the equivalent of international waters, thus cannot be claimed, militarised or fought over- the Aviation Force is lending a hand to this cause, not tampering with it- this will clarify our role here *turning to Fredlas, he nods, then sits * A reporter: What is the mission objective, precisely? Nelrim: Based on the mining we have done previous, we believe, as you know, that there is water on the Mun- we’re going to find it. When we find it, we're going to use it to grow plants, recycle our air, possibly power our vehicles… this is going to be our test, to see if it can be done- the experimental colonisation of the Mun A reporter: Surely the kerbonauts are Test subjects? Nelrim: Yes, they will be, but without testing on Kerbals, no progress could possibly be made with anything, in space or on this planet *the reporter nods in agreement and understanding * Fredlas: Please remember that all of the team have volunteered or had a choice to take part in this Project Nelrim: Yes, all of the team are willingly taking part, right down to the… well the cleaner *quiet laughter * Fredlas: That's a wrap folks Nelrim: -we understand you have many questions, we will be able to answer them once we have smooth operations *raising his voice above the symphony of reporters and flash photography * thank you for your presence, good day *walks out *
  11. Chapter 1- Before *Evening, two Kerbals are sat on rocking chairs on the porch of a wooden New England house, overlooking the Cape. Rain drips off a tin roof, a haze over the lights of KSC* Ronland: *Lights cigarette* Got the shakes again... it's the little things, you know? Seeing our emblem, losing signal on the TV, static on the Radio. *Looks out the window* Been raining like this all day you know that Johnlin: Yea * staring too* you don't like it? Ronland: ... Johnlin: Ronland? Ronland: ... rain's calming, but I've still got the shakes Johnlin: Not enough, huh? Ronland: If pills won't do it... Johnlin: Lets not do this Ronland Ronland: ... Johnlin: I can't tell you enough- Ronland: But you're still here, still coming back... Johnlin: It pains me to see you here, like you never moved Ronland: I still eat, promise you that. Johnlin: *looks forward, into the rain* Ronland: *drags on cigarette* ... how's the program?- Johnlin: That'll kill you, y'know Ronland: ... it's the least I deserve Johnlin: ... when are you going to- Ronland: Let go? Phridding heck Johnlin, you think I'm that easy? Johnlin: ... actually, I was going to say move on. Ronland: ... Johnlin: You know, at this moment in your life, you're a disgrace to the emblem Ronland: What did you- Johnlin: *Lurches out of chair* I said you're a disgrace! Look at you, sat on- Ronland: *Slams chair back* Shut up! Johnlin: No! I'm not done Ronland! *pointing at house* when has hiding helped you? Not now, not last year, not before! What would've they said?- Ronland: They're dead! Because of me! Johnlin: No! That's where you're wrong! You stay here, still hung up on the small details- Ronland: You think death is a small detail?!- Johnlin: Don't ignore my damn point! Ronland: ... Johnlin: Whether you we're in that room or not, a thousand years of training or not, they'd still have died. Don't let your selfless arrogance get the better of you! This isn't a time for the Old Days, Johnlin Space Program-no! There was nothing you could of done. Ronland: ... Johnlin: *Sighs* Ronland: *sits down* ... have you come to shame me about the emblem then? To haunt me to my deathbed? Johnlin: *still standing* ... no- Ronland: No? It's pretty phridding hard to believe right now.. you come to my place, and talk rubbish about my failure, and you're telling me it's not shaming?! Johnlin: No, it isn't. It's time for you to move on. Ronland: You gonna make me... Johnlin: No... you will Ronland: ... Johnlin: There's a part of you, still out there, on the Mun- that's what's left you like this, immobilized, in a rot-house, waiting... waiting for annihilation. It won't come. It never will. Look at everyone else- the families; of course, some were prepared, military and all, but the point still stands Ronland - they've moved on. Ronland: ... Johnlin: So you tell me... are you gonna drag fags until your dying days, cowering from curiosity... or are you made of more... Ronland: *looks up, towards Johnlin * Johnlin: Only you can answer that question, but no one has asked you it yet, until now... honour them, Ronland... do it for them. Good night * Johnlin turns on heels, grabs coat and flips up hood, then walks into the rain* Ronland: *takes a long drag on cigerette, watching as Johnlin enters two door, brown sedan and drives off into the rain* Ronland: ... what's so different now then Skipper? 2 years before *Late, Control Room Cape, KSC* Comms: ...and we have connection, Base to Julius to Cape, you get that Ron? Ronland: Copy Comms Johnlin: I'm patched through too Comms Comms: ...reading an affirm on that Johnlin, Doc's tapped in too Ronland: Base, Cape here, Ronland speaking, who's up? Doodby: This is Doodby here, manning the fort- Ronland: Where's Nedfurt? Doodby: Oh, don't worry, he's'a snoozin', deserves it, I can already see his dreams now- nothin' but steering wheel... heh Johnlin: Anything we can do for you? Doodby: Actually, yea, down here, we seem to've lost timings on that Resupply pod, can you patch it through to us? Ronland: Hold on a second, how'd you lose it? Doodby: ...eh, we think it was a power lapse, some wire misconnections in the system, since it was only a few seconds- at least we know the emergency batteries still work Johnlin: Solid copy Doodby, ETA on Sup 1 is 50 minutes Doodby: ... roger that Cape Ronland: What's up Doodby Doodby: Eh, well, I'm gonna miss the first Kerb-made thing, since ourselves, arrive on the surface- it'll be like Christmas, AND I didn't get a sneak peak. Johnlin: Can't win 'em all D- Ronland: Johnlin's right Doodby, Doc says you need rest- just cause you weren't driving doesn't mean your energy wasn't deprived, y'know? Doc: I'd have to agree with Ronland Doodby. Doodby: ... I know guys, you're right... I'll get some sleep, try not to crash that Pod on me will you? Ronland: Top priority Doodby, top priority Doodby: Anyway, you got no excuse, been doing this long enough- so long Cape Johnlin: Stay safe D, out Doc: With great confidence... Ronland: Did you have something to say Doc? Nearly forgot about you there... Doc: ...no, friend, Doodby sounds to be in, well, sound condition. I'm leaving this shift with your permission Ronland, my health report is on the desk for- Johnlin: Don't worry Doc, I'll let him know- go get some sleep now, you gotta look after yourself... and treat your lady Doc: *smiles* Of course. Good night friends. *Doc leaves the control room* *** Ronland: Is it down yet Control? Johnlin: We could've knocked the aerial during the landing, I mean- Control: Guys, I've got... no idea- data like this happens if you drop the damn Tel.Com out a window Comms: We could try and raise Base- they'll know if it's landed, it'll be on their front door Ronland: You're right, but that could ruin their next day over some Aerial damage- is there nothing Control? Control: Zilch, Zero, nothing Ronland: ...frack. Phone up Julius, Comms Comms: On it now Johnlin: Maybe this was a step to far... Ronland: What are you talkin' bout John Johnlin: I mean, we're testing so much new technology on this flight, who knows what could've broken. Ronland: Who knows IF anything has broken, we can't make assumptions... Johnlin: So according to that Tel. Com, we're on a parabolic orbit, the wrong way round the Mun? Ronland: ... Comms: Julius is on the line now... Ronland: I'll take it, thanks Comms: ... err, roger that... sir. Nelrim: ... Ronland: Julius, this is Cape, are you receiving? Nelrim: ...I can't tell him... I... oh Jool Ronland: Nelrim, are you receiving me?! Fredlas: There's no easy way of putting it, but... we saw it from here- it blew up Ron, it just blew up. Ronland: ... what are you sa- Fredlas: I SAID IT PHRIDDING BLEW UP RON, THEY'RE GONE. *line goes silent* Johnlin: Everything OK Ron...? Ronland: Comms, switch it off Comms: Say again sir?! Ronland: Switch your damn link off, now. Comms: ... Ronland: *moves paper off his right desk, hesitates, stands* That wasn't a Aerial malfunction... Doc on deck, report MunBase crew as KIA, all of them. *sigh* Someone get me a cigarette and a typewriter, ASAP *looks up*- *stunned silence* Ronland: ...Mission Failure... damn, the whole program maybe. 3 years later *Quiet Jukebox Bar, 4 Kerbals are at a table against the window, looking at the highway they drove on* Fredlas: The tradition, then... Doc: ... yes, of course Johnlin: Aye *Beers clatter* *"For the Crew"* Doc: *looks out window, then turns to Johnlin* Any progress with the patient John? Johnlin: Well, eh, I tried- again Doc: His resilience to move on is remarkable Fredlas: Always has been.... Nelrim: ... hope he won't always be Fredlas: It's what made him who he was- Johnlin: Is... we need him back, for his sake as much as ours Fredlas: Mmmm *turns to Johnlin* Say, how's your bike Johnlin Johnlin: Broken.... haven't had time for it Nelrim: Shame, it's a beauty Johnlin: You can say that again- oh I know Nelrim, trust me Fredlas: Anyone any good news for this meet? Nelrim: As a matter of fact... Johnlin: The talk with the Commissionary? You got results, are you serious?! *Nelrim smiles, Johnlin looks in shock, Doc smiles too* Nelrim: It got us a big wad of results... enough for a re-boot Fredlas: Well I never... y'know what this means Johnlin: Our nation's going back! We're finding ourselves again! Fredlas: ...it also means more Roco-pop! Johnlin: ...so it does... Sandy! Sandy: Yea? Johnlin: More Roco-pop! Fast! Sandy: Better not drink into a stupor or your cleanin'... Doc: Steady the stead Johnlin, there's Kilometres of paperwork to be done- certainly can't be done drunk.... Johnlin: It can wait... *Sandy enters with a tray of Roco-pop, places it on the table* Johnlin: Thanks Sandy, love this stuff sometimes... Sandy: All the time... *Sandy leaves* Johnlin: I'd marry her if Space didn't have my heart Nelrim: It's got your money too, your committed now *Table laughs* *Sandy re-enters* Sandy: Have you boys made a mess?! Johnlin: No ma'am, not yet- can we have the bill please? Sandy: You never've been so happy in this Diner- is it my hair? Fredlas: Sandy, you look great, believe me *Sandy blushes* Johnlin: Can't wait to tell Ron Doc: Not coming with us to the Launch? Johnlin: Of another Com sat? I'll tell you something, that launch is the last of an era, and I'm gonna see the end by resurrecting an old Eagle, just you watch me. *stands* Catch you on the phone guys. Fredlas: Good luck- Doc: Agreed- Nelrim: Let's go see us a launch! * The excited band stand, Roco-pops in hand, heading for the door and passing Johnlin on the way out. Johnlin stops, turns to the bar where Sandy is cleaning the surface* Johnlin: Sandy, um *Sandy stops working* after I see my friend, you want to come round for dinner? Sandy: Aww, you... Johnlin: Well, someone's gotta look after ya, don't they now? *Sandy beams* Johnlin: Catch you later- bye for real *Johnlin lays change onto the table on the bill* Johnlin: Damn, they took my Roco... *Johnlin leaves the room, rambling to himself*
  12. Main redirection page What came before: SESEOR program In Memoriam, the brave crew of MunBase One, of the SESEOR Program, who lost their lives for the greater knowledge of their race Trinity Mun Program Kerbonaut bio and status Docan Kerman Ex-Aviation Force Engineer On-board X-0 Incapicating, stable Endun Kerman Ex-Aviation Force Navigator On-board X-0 Normal Danley Kerman Civilian heavy duty Transport Pilot On-board X-0 Normal Edrim Kerman Civilian Pilot Instructor On Kerbin Normal Ania Kerman Civilian Systems and Structure Engineer On Kerbin Normal Chapter 1- Before, Part 1, just below, you lazy git Chapter 2- Dusting off Chapter 3- Preparations Chapter 4- Selection Chapter 5- X0 is go Chapter 6- Transfer Chapter 7- Troubled horizon Chapter 8- Repairs
  13. I did try it, but it wouldn't work, got weird and wonderful shapes though Did it manually instead, one face by one... Not sure whether to go for shiny or not, I also don't know how to go about making a shiny part- thinking either this: Or this *Update* I've figured out how to do shiny now, so I'm going to mix and match
  14. Got this weird issue- whenever I unwrap, especially for cylinders, they never unwrap normally, always distorted, wonder if anyone knows a solution
  15. New model I'm making in blender for a structural part, with this post I'd say this is now a developing mod so I ask, please, that the moderators move this to the appropriate section. Love you mods
  16. After glancing over what's been said, I still couldn't gather whether you we're making plugins or mods or other, so I tell you what I know: If you want to start somewhere, start by making a part work in the game- start small, a fuel tank, structure, non-animated radar dish. Once you've implemented this into the game, you understand basic parts. This is my current stage, and I believe, whilst I'm quite amateur, I've got the hang of it. PM me if you want some help making something small
  17. So I've made it now, it doesn't look fantastic, but as the first thing I've put into the game, I'm happy with it:
  18. Thank you all for your help, I have successfully put this part into the game and I'm now messing around with the CFG, here is a screenshot:
  19. What format should the Part tools .txt (?) be in? I messed it up by saving it as a cfg, mistaking it as my Part.CFG, so now it doesn't work Send help! *Update* Fixed by deleting and letting Part tools recreate it
  20. Now, I have the .blend model in Unity, but it's pink and no textures are showing up on it? I don't know what's going wrong here. *Update* Don't worry, I didn't assign a material :/
  21. I've had to restart, I messed up the texturing and material selection, but it shouldn't be long 'till it's in game.
  22. 'Tis a problem on my behalf, for reasons I don't know yet, only a few areas are mapped...
  23. Now I have the blend file into Unity, but now my texture doesn't appear on the model! Endless problems! It appears to have it when I look in texture view in object mode in blender, does it need to be in render mode? If so my render mode is completely black
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