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  1. Hello, I'm returning after a lengthily time away (last version played with mods was game version 1.3). After installing and reinstalling mechjeb I seem to have encountered a bug with (as listed by CKAN). Despite setting the ascent path to 8.1km, it doesn't seem to have any effect, and the ascent guidance constantly starts to bank over at an altitude of less than 2000m.
  2. Were the engines considered to be overpowered in 1.2.2? I built an extremely stable push-pull amphibious plane during that patch, which I was considering trying to bring forward into 1.4.1 as soon as all of the parts become available again, but if the engines should be weaker than they were during that version, chances are the plane won't be flyable anymore.
  3. Would it be time to consider some kind of unofficial patch? Several of the bigger mods like this have seen this treatment in the past when the original creator has decided to discontinue their own efforts, with the idea that if they came back to reclaim it, the reigns would be handed back to the original dev, no questions asked.
  4. All I know is, the file started working the moment I renamed it, the old name did not work correctly.
  5. Hello there, and thank you for showing interest in this new design. I would like to introduce to you the sixth generation DualHull Sea and Land (SeaL) Amphibious aircraft. A very easy to fly push-pull propeller aircraft with short takeoff and landing requirements, multiple payload options, respectable range, and the ability to be refueled without having to be returned to the hangar between flights. Flight statistics include: * Short TakeOff and Landing capabilities on both land and water, with a takeoff speed of around 45 to 50 meters per second. * A tested maximum Cruising Altitude
  6. It turns out the copy/paste you posted has the exact same contents as the file I was referring to, the only difference was the file name (RemoteTechVanillaDSN.cfg instead of RTDSN.cfg). I would suggest either adding this to the front page with the file name you gave me, or submit it as a hotfix. I am using the CKAN version of the mod.
  7. Hello. I have scanned the thread, and either it hasn't been asked, or I missed the post about it. How do you get the stock ground stations to work with the current version of remote tech? I tried adding a cfg file someone posted to the main directory that supposedly had the locations in it, but the file didn't seem to do anything when I re-launched the game. TaxiService's picture posted on the previous page shows that it can work, but I'm having trouble finding instructions.
  8. I have moved the previous issue over to the CKAN thread, as the error started popping up with other mods as well, however there is one new issue I've noticed. The cockpits from B9 Aerospace do not recognize VVC, when clicking on the buttons for it in the RPM screens, I get "Vessel Viewer Module not installed" or something to that effect.
  9. Hello, I've started encountering an odd error when trying to install several different mods. At first I thought it was just the one mod, but it's starting to pop up with multiple attempts. NavballUpDefault, the mod mentioned is not installed: I also get this when updating the repositories on launch, though I haven't noticed any major issue that is obviously a result of it:
  10. I do not have NavballUpDefault installed or selected, I get this message when I attempt to install this mod specifically.
  11. Hello, I keep getting this when I try to download Vessel Viewer Continued on CKAN:
  12. Hello there, I'm trying to figure out if there is an IVA for the MK2 cockpit that uses both Rastor Prop Monitor and the ASET parts. I'm currently using the RPM only interior, but I would like to update to the next step if it exists. I found a .cfg file that is supposed to implement one like what I'm looking for, but I do not know how to install it, or if it even works with 1.2.2. Link to cfg file: https://pastebin.com/ceV2rnNM
  13. After a month or so long hiatus I come back to discover this bug, I have not done any updates to the game and it was working during my last play session. When viewing through the Mk1 cockpit, I can however see that the IVA props have actually been rolled upside down in such a way that the pilot is facing the rear of the craft. The camera orientation is correct for the direction of travel, it's everything else that has been flipped.
  14. Hey there, I love how this cockpit has turned out, however with running version 1.1.3, I am having an issue with the mod and despite fiddling with it, I cannot figure out how to fix it. With the attitude display, everything shows up except for the actual digital navball. Everything else shows up, including the crosshairs, direction and target markers, but the actual ball is completely black. I know this works with other cockpits because the replacements for the other cockpits supplied with the B9 stuff functions without issue. If it weren't for this bug, it would think this was the best varian
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