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  1. Yes, I now there are other options, and mods, but they are not very newbie friendly. For the casual or new KSP Player I think a revamped Part Categories GUI would be very helpful
  2. There are some Part Categories Tabs that are very cluttered. The most confusing for me is the Fuel Tanks Tab, if you are not familiarized with the new Textures it's very difficult to know what sizes the they are, so I took the time to create this example in Photoshop of what I had in mind would be a decent solution. Tell me if you think there's a better and easier solution
  3. Why is this KSP 2 getting in to the community?
  4. I should have been more specific, I only do planes, and never leave the atmosphere, so the craft remains the same. Thank you
  5. After looking in to the internet, I couldn't find any info of what is a good CPU performance in KSP (measured in parts). I just want to know whats the limit of parts your CPU can handle until your timer becomes yellow.
  6. Hello, I was building a Shuttle-like craft. When testing the RCS, using the cheat menu to set orbit, Ferram was throwing exceptions to the console and the game was dropping to 5 fps (in space). I'm using B9 pwings. And as far im concerned everything is installed correctly. Has anyone experienced this issue? Thanks.
  7. I just got the expansion as an Early Adopter, It took about 2 hours (I didn't do anything, I just waited). I guess it just takes time to get to everyone. Have fun!
  8. I do agree, the sound of the Wiplash just sounds like a Turbofan at medium throttle. I don't now how a ramjet would sound, but a Turbofan is not the answer
  9. After doing a test run and checking the sound of the Panther turbojet these are my thoughts: The sound of the engine (RPM wise) is very good, but the sound should increase more in pitch at full thrust. It lacks the sound of the afterburner, this is very important, why is there no sound for it? (for me, at least, as an aeroespace student with some real world experience).
  10. This mod is awesome! I want to share these screenshots. Full album here: http://imgur.com/a/OvYef
  11. Thank you so much, it's so much easier and actually works. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the response, yes I tried with MBM and then replace, but i havent tried to invert the image, I've tried with DXT1 dds, does it need to have Mipmap?
  13. Hey, I'm new to ksp modding. As far I can tell part tools doesn't export .dds textures. I've installed an Nvidia plugin in photoshop to generate dds, but replacing the textures in my GameData folder does not work. I have one question, How can I get them to work? Thanks
  14. I think its a good change. I belive a better solution would be to have the nozzle attached to the engine, right? so it will be just one part (with colliders) and a rotatory nozzle That way we have a realistic engine, with VTOL capabilities.
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