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  1. At the end of chapter 1 I had no idea I was supposed to go to the space centre to finish. Would be helpful to tell players that.
  2. While aerobraking around Duna realised the landing legs were on upside-down
  3. Thank you, that is helpful. I will be careful. I remember when leaving SAS on could shake your craft to death.....
  4. I've not played ksp for about a year although before that I did play since 0.17 I was hoping someone could give suggestions on what to do first or things that I might need to know have changed in updates. I've done the usual go the planets retire take a SSTO spaceplane to Laythe etc. I don't want something that is simply difficult, but rather, interesting that I might not have thought of before. Any part mod suggestions too? thanks all!
  5. On mobile images are squashed! Is this intentional? This is think link I am giving up trying to add an image. http://imgur.com/KdEjYzt
  6. I searched for this but didn't find anything. Can I safely install windows 10 and still play KSP? Are there any known issues?
  7. I learn that parachutes take a while to open now about one tenth of a second before my capsule smashed into the water.
  8. Caps lock But again, this needs to be made clear to players somehow. KSP is an amazing game but rocket science does not need making more difficult by having secret controls.
  9. But KSP is about rockets and spaceplanes not descovering secret game functionality. The problem is that old players who are great at the game don't konw about these things and never will unless they find out by accident. Nobody will go to the wiki unless they know the functionality exists already. People shouldn't need to.
  10. Is there a plan to teach players about the many features of KSP which are currently hidden? For example, I remember watching a video by Harv when he was raising money for a water charity. He was live streaming with the debs and had built a plane with the cockpit pointed towards the ground to aid with landing. The devs pointed out that you can double click on The window to zoom in and look around. This was a really experienced player who was unaware of this game feature. Things like pressing x cut the throttle or backspace in map view to centre the view on your craft are very useful to know but quite hard to learn. Does anybody know if there is a plan to teach players about this such as with real loading hints?
  11. I noticed the water pipe runs into the oxygen pipe on the other floor and the oxygen pipe runs into the water pipe. Was this an intentional kerbal error? I think because the floors appear to have been flipped. All the IVAs look fantastic by the way.
  12. Thanks for the advice. My processor should be ok by the link you provided. I won't be running 64 bit. I don't use mods except sometimes kerbal alarm clock or mechjeb.
  13. Hello, I have just ordered a new PC and wondered if there were any issues which affect 8.1 which I might need to be aware of. New PC: http://m.ebuyer.com/657808
  14. Just as the title says. Both views at the same time. Possible on separate screens or in a UI box. I don't know if there is a mod for this but if there is I might try it.
  15. We need real loading hints to point this sort of stuff out. Things like double clicking on windows lets you look around and zoom in in IVA. It impossible to descover some things in KSP except by accident.
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