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  1. GluttonyReaper

    Show off your drawings!

    Me and a couple of flatmates actually gave it go a while back with acrylics. Results were... varied, and we had to pause it every couple of minutes. although that may be more to be with the state we were in, which is best not discussed on this website. Did actually help me a little, though, seeing as I'd never painted before then.
  2. Thanks I saw the big, flat panels and thought "Yup... some houses be getting built."
  3. GluttonyReaper

    Forum Font

    Doesn't seem to work, but whatever it is, it seems localised to this computer anyway. Thanks guys!
  4. GluttonyReaper

    The food you're craving right now...

    I actually am vegan, but I happen to be trying to put on weight now, so... Oof... made me hungry all over again. Shame I'm not in the US.
  5. GluttonyReaper

    Show off your drawings!

    Yeah, I'm just just trying new things, maybe I'll even use colour one day Speaking of which, few sketches I did while 'revising', seeing as my phone was dead:
  6. GluttonyReaper

    Forum Font

    Umm... did the forum font change or something? Other than stuff in bold, I'm kinda finding it hard to read stuff now, even with glasses on
  7. GluttonyReaper

    The food you're craving right now...

    Reeally want some falafel and hoummus right now, And pizza, of course, but that's more of a way of life than a craving.
  8. Not quite Haven't played KSP in a while, but had fun with these parts when MH was first released: Cute little rover. Slightly larger rover. Never-finished homemade VAB. And my personal favourite, the Totally Necessary Beach-house Yeah, it's been pretty dead... to say the least.
  9. GluttonyReaper

    Show off your drawings!

    Something that made me realize I need to study human anatomy a little more before combining it with perspective
  10. GluttonyReaper

    Show off your drawings!

    I'd echo the sentiments of everyone here - giving up is the one thing you never want to do. Take a break? Sure. But stopping entirely.... eh. One thing I think helps is to find something you feel good drawing, regardless of how good you are or how simple it is. For example, I quite enjoy drawing eyes - not particularly good at it, but that's not the point. Anytime I draw something that I'm not very happy with (especially if it's taken up a lot of time) I go ahead and just draw an eye for a bit, and I feel a bit better, even if it's not something worth showing off. I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to replicate what's in your head. That can take... well, forever. Best thing to do is to learn all the different aspects (proportions, perspective, colour theory, etc.) you'd need to make those images real, and focus on them individually, but make sure you draw some pretty pictures along the way to keep yourself motivated, even if they're totally different to what you're aiming for For example, all my recent pictures have been purely to practice perspective, and are only mildly related to what I actually want to draw in the end. So yeah, don't give up
  11. GluttonyReaper

    Show off your drawings!

    Thanks! Had to google M.C. Escher, but I can kinda see it
  12. GluttonyReaper

    Wondering Out Loud: Seven questions

    The scanner's only purpose is to show you ore concentrations on a planet's surface - so unless you're using ISRU, it doesn't really tell you anything useful. The key is to having a smooth turn-over - for me, I start my turnover at 100m/s, then gradually turn, with the aim of hitting about 35-45 degrees at 10000m. After that, just keep flattening out slowly, just keeping an eye on heating. I'm sure someone else will have more exact numbers, but I find vacuum engines are already pretty good at 10000m. Atmo-engines really are just for the first stage. That's fine This is just because you've got decouplers and engines on separate stages - it's conventional to have both at the same time, but it doesn't really matter too much. Also, most people aren't referring to the literal in-game 'stages' when talking stages, it's usually just a way of differentiating different parts of the rocket. Pretty much spot-on You can use engines from one part to help with another (e.g. I usually finish the fuel from my orbit stage to assist the travelling stage), but that's the general idea. Pictures would help, but this probably a big issue. You actually don't want short rockets - you want tall rockets, with lots of weight up top, and all the draggy fins and control surfaces down low. Not sure how exactly this works on console, but if focus on a planet in the map view, there should be an 'info' tab on the right side of the screen you can open up. It should give some basic info at least
  13. GluttonyReaper

    Show off your drawings!

    Been practising perspective recently, as well as trying to actually add contrast to my drawings. Results have been... mixed
  14. GluttonyReaper

    Landing spaceplanes on Duna.

    I have to ask, why is your Duna so... purple?
  15. GluttonyReaper

    Jeb's Life: A Kerbal Novel

    Finally got around to playing Chapter 3, was not disappointed. SPOILER ALERT: Had a slight issue at the end, same with Chapter 2, where I couldn't trigger the end node to officially finish the mission. Starting to think it might be an issue with my install or MH in general...