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  1. If it can do that then sure, you're pretty much invisible by that stage. Problem is though is that the CMB is surprisingly low in energy - it's all microwaves. To get your spacecraft to emit out in that range, you're gonna have to be getting (relatively) close to absolute zero, which might be a problem if you've got anything living on board. (Of course, if you're an advanced enough species for interstellar travel, you might have found a way around that )
  2. It's been a couple of months since I used it, but I'm pretty sure this is similar to how Kerbalism handles data transmission - the quality is 100% within an optimum range, but gets steadily worse with distance, with multiple antennas or a better antenna needed to make up for it. I *think* it has passive electric drain too, but don't quote me on that.
  3. I doubt this'll be the case - it doesn't matter how cheap or effective your rocket launches are, space telescopes are fundamentally just super expensive. Both Hubble and the JWST have development and operating costs measured in the billions of dollars, while even the most expensive rocket launches are in the hundreds of millions - even if Starship gets that down to the tens of millions, I can't see that leading to a boom in orbital telescopes. Ground-based observatories are gonna be around for a long time, if only because using them is so much cheaper than orbital stuff can ever be - there's p
  4. There's an option to "lock" hinges once they've stopped moving - this makes them less floppy, but more importantly allows autostruts to pass through them, letting you make much more secure connections
  5. Some of you may remember that, shortly before the release of KSP 1.2, many of the recent hired devs (at least some of whom were prominent modders-turned-devs) suddenly and mysteriously announced their departure from the KSP development team. The reason behind this was unknown, until it was revealed they had actually been hired by Valve, to work on... something. Of course, what exactly this project was has remained unknown since then, presumably due to NDAs and the like. But recently, Valve released this: Half-Life: Alyx - Final Hours ...effectively an interactive look into what
  6. IIRC, it's actually sorted alphabetically by default - it just so happens that the parts are named in such a way that they tend to be grouped by size. I think it would best for tanks in particular to be sorted by diameter (1.25m, 2.5m, 3.75m...), given that majority of the time that's what you care about the most, maybe even in a expandable menus to reduce clutter. Everything else would be great too, QOL stuff never hurts
  7. For me, this isn't the issue - large game companies like this don't have issues making great games when they actually want to. It's more about whether the developers who've put all that effort into making said great games are actually getting what they deserve for it.
  8. After reading that, I honestly don't think I'd be comfortable buying KSP2 at all anymore. I'd somewhat hoped (clearly naively) that it'd be spared from T2's unethical practices by being contracted out to an independant studio, but apparently I was wrong.
  9. Sure, but it's definitely a trade-off - as a development method, it certainly has it's drawbacks. I have no idea if it still exists (or how I would find it) but waaay back when Squad were working on career mode (0.24?), HarvesteR put out a blog post talking about how they were concerned about releasing effectively an incomplete feature - contracts without a monetary system, something that would be fine if they were developing it behind closed doors. He then cites that as the reason for why they delayed the release to squeeze in funds in the same update, a system which they've made very few cha
  10. If you right-click on the unit, you'll can open up it's inventory, where it shows you the different instruments inside. You can left-click drag them out - just like you can in the VAB - and if you drag them to a nearby Kerbal, it should open up their inventory, which you can drop the instruments into. From there, there should be an icon that appears next to the instrument in the inventory, which you can click in to deploy it
  11. Unless you enable Kerbal Experience That should work fine - I've used it on many a science mode without issues. This may be a mod problem, I notice you have Custom Barn Kit installed, which is a mod that directly affects building upgrades. Assumably this is for Strategia, which a mod built for Career mode only - I don't know how, but perhaps that's the cause of the issue? Like it's trying to force building restrictions to be on even in Science mode? Might be worth asking on the associated mod threads
  12. That's been a part of KSP1 for ages - career mode limits vehicle sizes behind building upgrades (even if it rarely comes into play due to there not being enough tiers), and even the fully upgraded VAB tries to limit your max size by not letting the camera extend beyond the roof.
  13. Given they literally said they don't know much about astrophysics in the previous sentence, I think it's more likely to be a typo than a sneaky reveal of a massive feature
  14. Thing is though, we only consider that an important space because that's where the altitude is in KSP1. In reality, it's actually a bit of an awkward position - on larger screens, it's generally not somewhere you're looking very often, especially given the most important time you need it is during landing when you're going down. It's not massively suitable for something you need to know in real time; I'm assuming this is the reason that shooter type games often put health/ammo at the bottom of the screen.
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