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  1. Is adding wing incidence an advanced technique ?

    Yeah, I'd say it's pretty advanced, and you can get by without reasonably okay if you don't use Mk2 parts. My suggestion would be to recommend not using Mk2 parts... but include a link to a tutorial on wing incidence, with a disclaimer that it's a bit more advanced. That's what I would like to see in a tutorial anyway
  2. VAB delete

    Yup, definitely have wished this was a thing sometimes, especially when testing a payload and realizing I've deleted the launch vehicle by pressing launch. The only thing I can think of is that it might be slightly annoying if you lose a detached piece in the rest of the rocket it'll prompt you unnecessarily, but that's honestly pretty minor.
  3. Development Update for Consoles!

    It's not.
  4. Does anyone known what happen with: Making History DLC

    I mean, people who bought the game before May 2013 are getting the DLC for free, sooo...
  5. EDIT: Removed for practical reasons.
  6. Strange physics bug needs discussion.

    Soo... what would happen if you turned off unbreakable joints partway through?
  7. What is rocket exhaust formed of?

    Yup, that's the important bit - oxygen atoms have an atomic weight of 16, but oxygen comes in pairs in this case. As such, oxygen molecules have an atomic weight of 32, while water molecules (with only one oxygen atom) have an atomic weight of 18.
  8. What is rocket exhaust formed of?

    Oxygen is heavier than both hydrogen and water - if you want thrust, you want more of it flying out the nozzle. At the sacrifice of some specific impulse, of course, but that's likely less of a certain for launch engines.
  9. What Happened To Nexter And Danny?

    No idea, never really followed them.
  10. What Happened To Nexter And Danny?

    Danny2462 is still around on places like Twitter, just not making videos at the moment.
  11. Show off your drawings!

    To my eyes, it looks pretty orthographic. Kinda like you're taking a picture from a long way away and zooming in, rather than taking picture up close. Not necessarily a bad thing, it's more a stylistic choice than anything
  12. Hitchiker Can Vs Mk2 Crew Cabin

    Oh, I wouldn't do it either, but if you want to be efficient about it... I personally find stock station building a little unsatisfying, so I tend to use mods like Stock Station Expansion, just to add a bit more visual variety to things. I've also seen some pretty good looking toridial stations in the past that primarily use Mk2 parts, so there's definitely ways to utilize them outside of planes.
  13. Hitchiker Can Vs Mk2 Crew Cabin

    It's also worth adding that two Mk1 crew cabins are actually even better than both in some regards - same weight as a Mk2 cabin, but just over a quarter of the price, with slightly lower temperature / crash tolerances. They don't even take up much more space either, if you put them side-by-side instead of end-to-end.
  14. KSP Weekly: Taking a ride to the Moon!

    Well, now I'm curious... what does 'terrain leveling system' mean exactly? A part that accounts for slope so things can be launched vertically from it? Or actual terrain altering? Or something else entirely? Either way, s'gonna be pretty interesting... Getting more excited about this DLC every week now! Keep up the good work!