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  1. hi guys is it possible to ask the mod author to make this available in ckan as ckan is saying 1.10 version will not support either the alcor pod or the enhanced ive which i deem a staple to how the game should be played ps huge thanks again to mod makers for all your hard work it is because this game is still going
  2. Hi there I wanted to say a huge thank you for making this mod It completes me and the quintessential experience i need from ksp is there any way to make this mod available on ckan if not I understand ps thank you again iva are SOOOOOO much better with these mods
  3. I wanted to take some time out of my day to firstly and mainly say a HUGE thank you for the incredible work done by modders like you as this game is WAAY better so thank you thank you for 1 creating this mod 2 ensuring its compatibility with rpm 3 ensuring its downloadable via Ckan and secondly is there any plans to update the Russian style iva or the mem by any chance also are there plans to keep this mod updated when 1.11 comes out yours in gratitude for the insane amount of work that has gone into this mod already.
  4. hi all i see work is being done on this mod and i am great-full for that i wanted to ask if ....or when the work is done will there be plans to release it to the ckan repository
  5. wow i clock in here from time to time to see the progress and just need to say thanks to all involved for the hard work and persistence in getting this ESSENTIAL mod up and running again keep up the awesome work it is appreciated.
  6. The Nav BALL STAYS UP ...FINALLY i don't have to mod it mod list is one mod neater :> thank you so much for this one seriously thanks thanks tanks and thanks
  7. oookay so i loaded up ksp 1.2 official and got the nyan cat today and at first i was like ....what???? googled it and found out about the authors prank and had a hell of a chuckle im sure hell catch hell but the main reason im posting is to actually thank the author for his continued support and programming for this mod as it is a time Savior of note. am also glad that a mod maker had the balls to troll the internet you go buddy. as for all those that complain well ...just uninstall the mod its your choice too install it and its for free so lets not look a gift cat in the mouth so to say :>
  8. wow thanks a ton for the hard work the mods are what make this game great and keep it fresh and new
  9. thanks fresh meat may i further impose and ask if there are specific folders for plugins for 64 bit versions or can i use default folders in the root
  10. can anyone tell me if this is working for version 1.2 and which folder i must put it in
  11. keep up the awsome work guys this is one on my fave mods ..ps thanks
  12. huge props for the upkeep of this awesome little mod ....probably one of the first mods i ever played with
  13. attack of the necro thread lol bringing this one up again as i'm in 1.2 and measured the atmosphere pressure and temp and found inconsistency and am looking for verification below is a picture of my tests and it appears the entire upper atmosphere and mesosphere is missing the measurements go up to 100,000km are my measurements wrong or is atmosphere now linear ps used the mod graphatron for this.
  14. wow guys and gals thanks so much for the effort you have all put in i am now understanding were i went wrong and why. So man designing a plane is no joke :> but thanks to all the members here i can now attempt it and understand the forces involved :> very much less frustrated hawk :> *edit* okay just built a plane now and it looks remarkably like my mk3, but the difference is now I'm understanding why the parts go where they go and how the c.o.m c.o.l and landing gear all interact to crate a stable take off again i cant say thank you enough ever since about .18 i have not understood this but now i do. And it is in NO small part thanks tho the explanations in this thread
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