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  1. 1.2.2 version update done, looks like no changes required but functionality has been improved: - will not work if you do not have a shroud on your heatshield This is what I always thought would happen when you click 'jettison shroud', ie. the shroud and whatever is connected below goes bye bye I suspect you were seeing the double connection point issue, when you connect something below a heatshield there are two points that can happen, one is a little further down and will cause a shroud to be put on the heatshield. This is the configuration you want. The other is closer to the heatshield and I suspect you're actually connecting the bottom piece to the _top_ connector on the heatshield, where it is connected to the part above. When this happens, no shroud is shown and decoupling won't work.
  2. Start here: Look at what's in the .cfg file and use this for help:
  3. I just tested and no, they do not. If you are coming in at a too steep angle, even a heat shield won't save you. This short guide is courtesy of Coomie
  4. CKAN is being a little slow on the update, if you're not seeing the 1.2 version there you'll have to wait a bit or get it from spacedock
  5. Edited OP to satisfy nitpicking My logic actually goes more by the lines of "someone went through the trouble to make and publish a mod for it, it _must_ be something that's not stock"
  6. Hey all! I figured out the problem with the cfg ( Thanks to k0d3r for a little kick in the butt ). Enjoy 1.2 compatibility and renamed menu item Yours, Faile
  7. I got it to work, thanks for the idea of putting all the configs in one section It needed one more change, isOmniDecoupler = false is the default, so basically your cfg is the same as stock, also, it doesn't work as my mod does. The user story is this: "While building my ship, I want to be able to decouple anything attached to the heatshield while keeping the heatshield in place without adding a decoupler." Your config only lets you decouple the heatshield itself ( same as stock functionality ). Here's the working cfg: @PART[HeatShield*] { MODULE { name = ModuleDecouple ejectionForce = 100 menuName=Decouple From Below Heat Shield stagingEnabled = true stagingEnableText = HS Decouple Not Staged stagingDisableText = HS Decouple Staged explosiveNodeID = bottom } } I'll be posting this to spacedock and CKAN in a bit.
  8. Hi all, As a personal quality of life improvement I wrote a tiny modulemanager cfg that adds a decouple function to the stock heatshields ( basically what I thought 'decouple shroud' was supposed to do.. @PART[HeatShield*] { MODULE { name = ModuleDecouple ejectionForce = 100 explosiveNodeID = bottom } } For some reason this stopped working in 1.2 and frankly, I have no idea why. Can someone explain to me why this doesn't work anymore? Perhaps suggest how to fix the problem?
  9. Unfortunately doesn't work anymore in 1.2 . I need to investigate. If someone can figure out how to change the mm cfg, post it here.
  10. As this topic has been quite severely derailed I'd like to add that proper 4K support would be _greatly_ appreciated, running at 1920x1080 with a modern PC rig just feels wrong, especially with a gorgeous and detail-filled game like KSP.
  11. Someone earlier posted an excellent idea on how to circumvent the KSP engine limitations for approach, hyperedit a probe core to bennu and use it as a target for approaching
  12. Finally managed to get the mod properly on CKAN, enjoy
  13. fan-frickin-tastic! looking forward to it!
  14. Hey, atleast in 1.1.2 it still works as before. "Jettison Shroud" doesn't seem to do anything when you have a tank connected to the heat shield. "Jettison Shield" decouples the shield from the capsule. Still missing is the functionality to decouple the tank from the heatshield. So as far as I can tell, this is still a useful hack.