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  1. why not implement them on KSP cockpits? I would love to see the view from the others!
  2. awesome dude! the ship is HUGE! keep up with the good work!
  3. hahahaha.. I would love to but we are going to Gifhorn. 70 km from Hannover.
  4. I hope we finish the design.. In 2 weeks we are moving to Germany.. At least the 1st test might be in time..
  5. So, for every 100ml of fuel you suggest we should go 300ml oxidizer? sound a bit of an overkill to me. I thought 200ml would be a reasonable amount. the LOX would be at extremely high pressures and thus expand when at the combustion chamber.
  6. yeah. steel would be good. Though I don't think I would need a cooling system just yet. The first couple of tests will be around 8-10 secs. Just to see if the design works and if we need any adjustments.
  7. Hmmm...Well.. our problem is the right container for the fuel that can hold up to 15 bar... I'll look it up. I've figured out the flow to be around 130 ml/s of fuel. giving a 1.5 ratio of mixture I think it would give off some decent results.. Seriously?? 600 degrees??? lol.. I only looked it up for the pressure limits which seem to be pretty good.. what do you think will hold up to that temperatures?? and for a reasonable price of course. I live in greece.
  8. well, we have ambitions for the engine! Of course we have figured out all the theoretical stuff we need. The alloy for the nose cone and combustion chamber will be made from 6061 T-6 Aluminum alloy. We will be prepared for the tests and thats why we need a steady pressure for the fuel to flow in the chamber without combustion instabilities occuring. We know rockets tend to explode (thanks KSP) and thats why we have noticed the fire department for safety instructions. It will be a rrelatively small engine with no more than 400N thrust.
  9. I would definetly say Vega. It is just awesome, 0 magnitude and its Constellation has many amazing stuff to watch at night. (For triple excitement use telescope. preferably Newtonian and over 6 inches.)
  10. Me and my friends are building an amateur liquid rocket engine with kerosene and liquid oxygen. But we have roblems with the fuel flow pressures.. we need them to be over at least 14 bar so the fuel does not fail going into the combustion chamber... does anyone know how to solve this?? waht pump could we use?
  11. something similar happened to me too. I had a nice Duna base complex. i drove with my rover to a nearby probe (15-16 km away) and when I returned... I was only 150 meters away when I saw all of my stuff just randomly combusting and flying away... dont know why.. of course the Kerbal government told the citizens that there was a mistake with the fuel connections; when a poor kerbal tried to open the lights.. he turned on the engine and everything just went nutts. the people of course, knowing the retardness of most of their designs did not think of it as something worth talkig about.
  12. may your parts never explode and your creations be always symmetric! personally, I dont like mods bur I heard some are really cool!
  13. actually, alcubierre drives are well within the current laws of physics. We can accelerate more than 5G without serious discomfort among the crew. Other ideas??... hmmmm.. I cant think of any other..
  14. i can make one with 3 parts. just take a probe body, oscar fuel tank and main sail engine. might sound crazy but if you have an invisible fuel supply from kerbins depots which is nearly infinite (invinite fuel cheat ) you can go eveywhere!!
  15. Scotious, there is an equation for this but its a bit over my powers. If it is a nuclear explosion the diameter will analogous to the yield it has. maybe a small 5 kT nuke could destroy an area up to 1-1,5 km.
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