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  1. Yes, it's a SStO shuttle. In those days you can use stacked air intakes to reach high altitudes with airpowered engines . And no heat damage allowed you to reach nearly orbital velocity
  2. Here is my spacestation "Bob One" with a support shuttle docked. Wow, this picture is really old...this station was build march 2014
  3. Walt Disneys "The Black Hole" - Great starship design, a mad scientist and robots...yeah
  4. I love the movie...and your replica. I like the details. Fantastic job Now someone has to build the Cygnus, the greatest ship that ever explored space
  5. C.J.Cherryh - Downbelow Station (Life on a spacestation during war)
  6. Munar solitude - Home is far away Another Duna Landing An automatic shuttle in LKO
  7. A small rover on his journey through the valleys of Duna Nightfall on Duna in stunning colors. Thanks to Scatterer and EVE
  8. Okay, agreed, but I love the idea of the barn and the trailer park. # Sopleasebringbacktheimprovedbarn
  9. #bringbackthebarnwithimprovedtexturesplease
  10. Bill and Bobs space tower on the flat plains of Minmus.
  11. Okay, I'm back and I have found something in my backup-files I tweaked her a little bit and reworked the launchstage. The part-count is now 920 with the launchstage included. And I added the MK2-Lander-cabin, so she has a crew of two Kerbals. Launch the ship and begin the gravity-turn after the first stage is dropped. Beware, she is very wobbly. I recommend the use of the Kerbal Joint Reinforcements-MOD,which is found here. .craft-file via Have fun, Sylith
  12. All the ships are stock, I only use MechJeb for the informations. Autoascend doesn't work with these ships. I'm away for a week, maybe I can rebuild the Discovery after my return. If I remember right the ship had nearly 900 parts with the launch pack and bounced and bumped like a crazy horse. It is real Kraken-fodder . I will look if can improve that. The Orion-Shuttle had a problem with the center of weight so it was a exhausting trip to orbit cause it always tried to roll over. Therefore I deleted the ship after the photoshooting. If I redo her it will be after the release of 0.25 of KSP (Greatest game of the Universe - Kudos to Squad). Sylith
  13. I build the Discovery One, the Orion Clipper and the space station with stock parts (Okay, MechJeb is onboard, so I got problems when I'm nearing the Jool system ). It was a little bit tricky to get these into orbit, but I managed it <proud-mode on > The Discovery was an unmanned probe because I didn't find a satisfying solution for integrating the commandpods. But I'm very sorry, I don't have the craft-files anymore .
  14. Station time A large spaceplane delivers cargo to a station This is a homage to 2001 - space odyssee. An Orion-like spaceshuttle approaches a two-wheeled station above Kerbin. (All stock, the station has nearly 950 parts) Have fun, Sylith
  15. Stunning view over Kerbin. Exploring Duna with my huge DER (Duna Exploration Rover)