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  1. Exploring Laythe Mun Exploration Going to Duna in style
  2. Kerbals!! They make me smile and laugh, to hold breath, nibble fingernails and feel guilty, if something goes wrong. From the first moment I loved these cuddly adventurers ... I design rescue missions to get them back safe, simply because I cannot leave them out there all alone in the dark. Without Kerbals KSP will not be the same.
  3. Mission to Sarnus moons Laythe crashlanding Muun transport To the planets - Von Braun-style Mission to Jool and his moons The Palomino from Disney's "The black hole" - I love this movie
  4. Yes, it's a SStO shuttle. In those days you can use stacked air intakes to reach high altitudes with airpowered engines . And no heat damage allowed you to reach nearly orbital velocity
  5. Here is my spacestation "Bob One" with a support shuttle docked. Wow, this picture is really old...this station was build march 2014
  6. Walt Disneys "The Black Hole" - Great starship design, a mad scientist and robots...yeah
  7. I love the movie...and your replica. I like the details. Fantastic job Now someone has to build the Cygnus, the greatest ship that ever explored space
  8. C.J.Cherryh - Downbelow Station (Life on a spacestation during war) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downbelow_Station
  9. Munar solitude - Home is far away Another Duna Landing An automatic shuttle in LKO
  10. A small rover on his journey through the valleys of Duna Nightfall on Duna in stunning colors. Thanks to Scatterer and EVE
  11. Okay, agreed, but I love the idea of the barn and the trailer park. # Sopleasebringbacktheimprovedbarn
  12. #bringbackthebarnwithimprovedtexturesplease
  13. Bill and Bobs space tower on the flat plains of Minmus.
  14. Okay, I'm back and I have found something in my backup-files I tweaked her a little bit and reworked the launchstage. The part-count is now 920 with the launchstage included. And I added the MK2-Lander-cabin, so she has a crew of two Kerbals. Launch the ship and begin the gravity-turn after the first stage is dropped. Beware, she is very wobbly. I recommend the use of the Kerbal Joint Reinforcements-MOD,which is found here. .craft-file via dropbox.com Have fun, Sylith
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