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  1. That's quite interesting. I've managed to cause rotation with docking ports but never acceleration. I'll play around with the claw to see whether I can cause acceleration when I'm on KSP next.
  2. I'm highly suspecting it may be a form of K-drive by the look of it...
  3. A few still work. Though they are very unreliable. Been playing around with the idea of a docking port powered one but just getting the Gyro bug so far. :/
  4. I said I wasn't returning to the forum! Stop luring me with tasty challenges like these!
  5. Ok thanks I'd like to examine some more examples. The Gaul was just an upsized light tank.
  6. I was putting them up against the Sherbet in test battles and mine were coming off worse. :/ The turret is very fragile and they flip easily. I'll work on a larger and better armed one. That was more of a test ground vehicle as I've never done them before.
  7. I used the last of my ammo on the Flame tank. Only damage done was a few sepertrons destroyed. I also hit it in the side but it had no visible effect. I think this one goes to you. You can finish off if you like: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjnhg3eb60jctr0/persistent.sfs You forgot to put the brakes on so your tank was a difficult target. May use that trick myself... A few seperatrons missing at the front
  8. Ok thanks. Very out of practice at this. Also should I clean up debris, out of ammo vehicles, and destroyed vehicles on my next turn? Too late for this one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjnhg3eb60jctr0/persistent.sfs I see what you mean by recoil! Flak gun destroyed! Small consolation for losing a tank though.
  9. I see the value of those Flak guns! Despite being tiny they pack a good punch. edit: can we fire multiple shots from the same vehicle?
  10. Ok I'm set up. 5 Gaul Tanks, each is 4.7 tons for a total of 23.5. The Gaul tanks is a reverse engineered Sherbet and so is almost identical to Daemons tanks. I know the location and vehicle selection isn't interesting but its my first land battle so I'd rather go easy. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjnhg3eb60jctr0/persistent.sfs Here is the persist.
  11. Ok i'll just use 5 tanks. They're about 5 tons each.. I'm not sure what mode aircraft should be used in.
  12. Say 5 to keep it small. Are you allowed aircraft in land battles? I've had to reverse engineer a Sherbert tank as I've never bothered with land vehicles before. Apart from that I've got all the needed craft. I'll set up asap.
  13. Ok i'll whack together some land vehicles in a few secs. I'll say 25 tons Kerbin? My first land battle so I'd rather start small and simple.
  14. Ok. land, sea or space? Also replies may be erratic as I'm in India for a while.
  15. May hang round here for a bit, see how it goes. Anyone up for a game?
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