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  1. I just wanted to add my 2 cents after looking at that image you gave in that post. If you asked me, it doesn't look inverted rather it looks like someone took a daylight sat image then greyscaled it, and set it for self illumination with a yellow color. I don't see any city lights in images that actually look like they were using an actual night time image of lights, which seems like would really help.
  2. After much time and swearing and frustration I finally got the Airfly AirKing 5k with 192 seats, very long range and a max speed of approximately 1250+ m/s and I say approximately because beyond 1250 the main wings begin the inevitable burn up. Despite the very long shape it does land and fly well due to the simplicity of having only two pitch surfaces and is reinforced enough to keep together under general stresses. Lastly, despite Mechjeb having a troublesome aircraft autopilot, it works well with it. Just have to reduce the rudders to 12% for it to hold altitude and return them to 100% for manual control for landing and take off. And I know there's a better autopilot mod. I have an obsession with mechjeb's autopilot.
  3. I don't want to bug an awesome modder too much so I'll make this short: Is there a way to bring the GUI back after closing it? I can tuck the box in a corner but it's not ideal. Is there also a way to have clipping off by default? Again not ideal to have to toggle it on every flight. Lastly if there is some grunt work we could do like finding coordinates to new hatches etc let us know!
  4. Yep, thanks! BTW - I had no idea how powerful KK really is. You can imagine my joy when I found out making a new location is almost as easy as using the VAB.. it's just so incredible! My dream for many years of creating an airport wherever I fly to is real now!
  5. I wanted to confirm if I want to change the sound effect for the soundcube object, do I need to create a new soundcube object in the freestatics folder?
  6. I also cannot get the mod to load. I also have quite a few mods. The game stops loading at: ...MoistwaterRCS/UWMTB/UWMT
  7. I have a few questions about this mod in regards to some things I feel could use tweaking. First is the white ball that seems to represent the camera position. Is there some way to permanently disable it? And on the topic of permanent things, is away to toggle the GUI on and off instead of having it appear every time you fly? I was unable to permanently keep things like clipping turned off and since I had to keep the GUI up or lose it, the only solution was to tuck the window down in the corner of the screen for when needed. I love this mod and while none of this is GUI window stuff is a big deal for a few flights, over time however it's a lot of extra grunt work that could be resolved with a simple button like mechjeb has or a hotkey and the ability to have changes in settings be permanent.
  8. Leythe exploration boat is ready now to somehow get this thing on a rocket..
  9. Hello, I got a quick question about the first runway I placed. It's treating it like a space center however I only want it to be a launch site exactly as the desert airfield is - so when you hit recover vehicle, it takes you back to KSC and doesn't keep you at the new airfield. Anyone know what option I need to choose/change? Also real quick, what option do I need to do to enable it as an icon on the map?
  10. So you know how there is the background sound for night and day when you are at the KSC screen? And you know how there is a mod that adds water sloshing sounds when you are near water? Could someone maybe make a mod that adds those same KSC background sounds when you are in a vehicle or in EVA and near the ground? It should only require adding some code wouldn't even need new sound effects just reusing the ones from KSC.
  11. Ugh, sorry about that it was like 4 in the morning when I saw it. Now I can't find it lol. It has to be on a page somewhere in here sorry again, maybe someone else remembers where it was. You'll know you found it when you see a huge post.
  12. No it only affects whats in the 3d camera part of it not the UI. It was so easy to do just added a few lines to the KS3P config file. Ok well I didn't do it right I mean I added it to "scene = 4" and while it appeared to work initially---I read White Gaurdian's long explanation of what scene = 4 is/means.. and my tiny brain muscles bunched up real fast suffice to say I'm now certain it's NOT the correct way to add an effect to the tracking station based on what I read. I tried to create a new entry for "trackstation" a valiant effort but to no avail. I will try to read through all that information on page 23 again later and probably a few more times but honestly I'm fine just waiting for the next update since all that code and explanation might just be a bit much for me. I did learn one thing tho: I'm now sure I made lockdown mode turn on more than a few times lol. Btw, I read a lot in this thread about people trying to get motion blur working.. did anyone have any luck?
  13. This mod is so great. Been messing with settings and added a film grain effect to the comm center to give it that degraded signal look! It's been impossible to stop messing around with stuff since I started playing with DoF etc.
  14. I adore this mod. But I noticed when I press Y, I'm stuck looking around in free IVA, I cannot exit out of it. That means I can't click anything on mechjeb or use space bar to stage. I can still do that out of IVA but the IVA is stuck in free cam. The only work around is to go to space center and go back. It would just be nice if you toggle it on and off.
  15. Can someone please help me with this.. I can't get any help with this and it's driving me insane. I want to make all of MJ available at the start of career. Now I know how to do this, done it many times: change the unlock levels to start in the config file. It's all working fine, I get it all at start of career EXCEPT Landing guidance. I have checked that I did it wrong in the part file, I even copied over a fresh MJ and edited it again. Same thing. Everything but landing. I suppose doing landers manually isn't the end of the world, but can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? So I noticed in my career when I have every tech unlocked, I do get the Landing Guidance. So it seems for some reason the landing guidance is still not working at the 'start' tech and still only working at some tech later on.