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  1. This is just some basic things I've tried to get this running better on my old vid card. Navigate to GameData/Parallax_StockTextures/Configs and open IncreaseSubdivisionCount.cfg Go down to @Body[Mun] There is a value under it called "subdivisionLevel" Try testing out some lower numbers. You can also try going to GameData/Parallax/Config and try some different detail settings in ParallaxGlobalConfig.cfg As always when you mess with stuff be prepared to be able to revert to the original settings if something goes wrong.
  2. Just wanted to tell you, the issue had nothing to do with Scatter as I suspected. After a lot of testing, I found the issue was the Parallax Mod. In the "Parallax Stock Textures/configs" folder, there's a config file called IncreaseSubdivisionCount that seems to set a specific complexity level for each planet/moon. Eve's was set the highest at 14. Minmus's 3 is very smooth and Duna's more reasonable 8 is a good balance, for my specs at least. Just wanted to say this as a follow up with your help you were giving me! Thanks again!
  3. For scatterer there shouldn't be a difference on the performance you get anywhere. I'm guessing you have EVE and the default BoulderCo with it's 4 layers of clouds on I actually don't have EVE atm, just Scatterer, Parallax Mod and MJ. I have tinkered a ton with the detail settings in the Parallax mod but haven't touched any in Scatterer. I did look at the Scatterer settings for Eve, and noticed it does have a fair amount of settings in the atmos config file and that's how I ended up wondering about them. It's not a huge deal though really. I tend to avoid Eve anyways.
  4. This is a super minor question only if anyone has a free moment.. I just noticed the desert colors are very green/brown. I got this mod, scatterer, kop, and mj installed. Anyone know if getting the color back to sand color is a easy change/fix or is it just a new texture? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2363452268 Talking about the terrain around the airfield not the runway obviously. Again super minor thing.
  5. I really hope a seasoned modder steps forward and does some visuals. I've tried to do mod stuff but I couldn't even make the donut in blender.
  6. I'm mostly happy with the fps I get on everywhere but Eve. I looked at the atmos config file for Eve but I'm not sure what settings affect performance. Anyone know what settings in the Eve config might be taxing my gpu the most?
  7. I tried changing the Tessellation quality to low and it gave me a massive boost to what must be near 60fps, or whatever I had before this mod. Most of all it completely got rid of the up and down with the fps and made it consistant. My card is a GTX960 with 2gb ram. Not cutting it for most games anymore thus I was planning to get a new one back in August before they all sold out indefinitely. I might play around with a few more settings but right now runs really good and still a huge improvement over stock shaders but I'm a tweaker so I can't leave good enough alone hehe. Wi
  8. Cool mod. When on a surface, my fps seems to go back and forth between pretty smooth and very low. Like driving around on Mun or near KSC. Sometimes if I just sit still a while the fps jumps up. Amount of parts doesn't seem to matter. I'm not sure what's causing that. Is there any game settings that I could test out that might help? Quick question is: do only the stock wheels react to the collisions? I tried the Feline rover wheels and they didn't seem to react like the stock ones do.
  9. Nice! Yeah I was almost gonna say marine snow heheh. And makes sense it's all just ideas right now since you could go so many directions with it.
  10. Just keeps looking more and more amazing can't wait to try out the latest version! Have you ever considered air and water particle effects, i.e. dust particles?
  11. I'm just trying to learn texturing by editing an existing .dds texture in GIMP. However, if all I simply do is open a texture, then import it over itself, it shows up blank in game. Is there a plugin for GIMP or something or am I not importing to a correct format or something??? Also: I'm also really confused about the transparency on textures. I thought it was the alpha channel but when I do "Alpha to Selection", it selects only a few bits and pieces of things while other things aren't selected.
  12. I can't get this to work. It gets stuck loading on "Verifying expansion: Breaking Ground SquadExpansion/Serenity" I heard this is caused using an outdated mod however the only warning I get is that Kopernicus is outdated. I downloaded the latest version from the Kopernicus download section. What am I missing here? What versions of Kopernicus and KSP and the mods should I be using? UPDATE.. Ok got it working. Needed to roll back to 1.8.1
  13. I just wanted to add my 2 cents after looking at that image you gave in that post. If you asked me, it doesn't look inverted rather it looks like someone took a daylight sat image then greyscaled it, and set it for self illumination with a yellow color. I don't see any city lights in images that actually look like they were using an actual night time image of lights, which seems like would really help.
  14. After much time and swearing and frustration I finally got the Airfly AirKing 5k with 192 seats, very long range and a max speed of approximately 1250+ m/s and I say approximately because beyond 1250 the main wings begin the inevitable burn up. Despite the very long shape it does land and fly well due to the simplicity of having only two pitch surfaces and is reinforced enough to keep together under general stresses. Lastly, despite Mechjeb having a troublesome aircraft autopilot, it works well with it. Just have to reduce the rudders to 12% for it to hold altitude and return them to 100%
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