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  1. Yes, I've tried both, but nothing happens. It shows the Ballast tanks (Forward and Aft filling), but no sinking occurs.
  2. Does the Guppy sub actually work. I put one together, put Forward and Aft Trim parts on either end, but the darn thing refused to submerge. It just sits, FLOATING, heh.
  3. I'm moving an installation and I must have forgotten to install a mod. The game is complaining that the following parts are missing: "WBIConvertibleStorage" Anyone know which mod it's a part of?
  4. Downloaded 1.4, excited about the MEM. Yet it doesn't seem like it's much, there's not ascent and descent parts, is that correct? It's just all one piece?
  5. Hey, anyone know the starting position of Kerbin if you want to go Cerillion. Where should they be in relation to each other? Yes, I'm dense.
  6. "Bob (Roverdude) wrapped up the biome cleanup: Eeloo and Duna are now especially interesting!" Oh thank God, now i have a reason to travel out to Eeloo again and maybe it's time to build a base on Duna.
  7. How does the engine work? I built a test craft, loaded with pellets, liquid hydrogen and electricity, but the engine never works. It charges and then just seems to flame out. Suggestions? Here's the ship: DSEV test
  8. What a brilliant idea for a mod, really changes the situation up, you have to totally rethink how do things!
  9. Is it just me, or is it possible to build the Fuji with the parts? I can't seem to find the pieces other than the command and habitat module. Very odd.
  10. Going to space is hard, even in the simplistic universe of kSP. Eve is the easiest planet to get to and easy to land on, but the hardest to escape from. And that's after you've traveled for "months". Duna the second easiest planet to get to, but it's a really boring world. But then there's not much to do on any of the worlds, other than a science grind.
  11. Interesting mod, I wish to subscribe to your newsletter!
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