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  1. If I install this with astronomers visual pack, all the large outer planets have the same texture as Jool, any suggestions?
  2. When I install this with outer planets mod, all the large outer planets have the same texture as Jool. Anyone have a fix for this?
  3. Yeah but that just makes them all white dots without color -- there should be a config that gives them colors somewhere
  4. Ok how in the world do you get distant object colors to appear?
  5. Also in tracking station with OpenGL there is a large black bar right to the right of the crafts list and the little color dots (along with the sun) don't match up with the real bodies until zoomed in.
  6. Man it looks great but something must be wrong, I have an unplayable frame rate on a hefty PC... edit: Yeah def did something wrong, my sun doesn't look like that Edit 2: Still unplayable frame rates
  7. I have KAS, but I can't figure out how to replace parts.... Right clicking does not give an option to grab things.... It's career mode, do I need to upgrade a facility?
  8. Well I'm launching in sandbox mode so the whole ship should be filled.... Hm maybe I'll try draining? edit: Nevermind, I get it now. Still can't get to 100km orbit, though.
  9. Not sure whats wrong, but every time I try to launch 5E it immediately starts to fall towards the ocean.... I can't get it to launch straight like in the screenshots.
  10. Right, but there was some setting in PQS that made the map view look a lot better than the one's I'm getting now. Maybe it was the height offset? The planet Thomas and I are talking about had an offset of 10500, so maybe that's why it looked so good in map view....
  11. Yah, and it's weird cause the first time I exported with Kittopia in 8k, the map view looked awesome but I can't figure out how to get it to look so good again...
  12. Yes it is very odd. Clearly the three sliders have some sort of rgb input, but also the values closer to 0 yield a much brighter color.
  13. There's two atmosphere settings in Kittopia you can play with, one with more noticeable of an effect. The first is at the bottom of CB settings. This is ambient light, which is the same kind of idea as planet shine. It just casts a light on objects landed on the planet. This is the not very noticeable one. The second is under atmosphere fx settings -- It's called wavecolour. This is the one you want to play with.
  14. I had this same problem. Those rgb numbers for atmosphere color aren't a straigh 0 to 1 255 value.... It's like 1/color^4 or something. Best way to get the right numbers is to load the game and go to low orbit/land on the body and open the atmosphere settings editor in Kittopia and play with the sliders till you have what you want. After that, copy the numbers and put them in your config.
  15. Yah if you land at the exact north pole of the mun you can see a good example of it Depending on your settings your bodies might have a noticeable one too, if you land at their north poles
  16. It's not really a glitch, stock bodies even have it... I mostly notice it on asteroid bodies, but I also know certain pqs settings can have a positive effect on it, I'm just not sure which ones
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