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  1. Can somebody tell me why the fuel cells use LF and OX? It doesn't make sense considering real fuel cells use hydrogen, which some rockets use as liquid fuel, so logically fuel cells in KSP would only use LF.
  2. Since it seems that now major parts of the code are being redone, will we ever see an update that fixes the ocean lag problem? It has been there for as long as I can remember playing, and it is so noticeable that I can hardly believe it's been ignored for so long.
  3. XPlane is the benchmark for flight simulation accuracy, and it provides essentially true to life simulation of flight dynamics in realtime. Beyond XPlane, you'd probably have to start simulating fluid physics to be more accurate. That being said, XPlane has been in development for much longer than FAR, and I don't expect FAR to be as accurate as XPlane, but I'm confident it'll get pretty close.
  4. I get "Access denied" when trying to download from the link above.
  5. How do I make the vessel point retrograde relative to the surface? I cannot figure this out at all, probably because of some sparse documentation on Github. You really need the documentation on geometry.vector3, I would really like to know if it is subscriptable, or if it has properties of pitch and yaw, or something like that. Here's some code I was trying, it's supposed to make the craft go up for 6 seconds, and then up at 45 degrees pitch for 4, and it does this, but then I try to point it retrograde for 2 seconds, and no matter what I try, it always points retrograde orbital. After that, i
  6. If this you release this, can you 1) add procedural control surfaces that work the same as the wings, and 2) make it so shift the leading and trailing edges forward and back without changing their shapes, as opposed to changing the root and tip scales then fixing the shape when you want the same shape just longer? Also I have no idea if that last part made sense, i can draw a picture if it didn't. Just not right now, it's late.
  7. For those of you saying you're going to FreeTrack: DON'T FaceTrack has other trackers in it that are for tracking leds, the one it uses is called PointTracker , it is a fork of FreeTrack as FreeTrack has not been updated in years. It also has more configuration options for smoothing and such. The single biggest thing it does is calibrate the tracker offset, i.e. the offset from the reference led to the center of your head. This alone took me forever to do in FreeTrack, and I couldn't even get it to work in-game. It also outputs to games that only use TrackIR, as well as ones that support FreeT
  8. To me, they look just ok compared to how other games today look. They can look good at times, but only really from space, as the planet textures are really not that great, and the terrain especially is very low quality compared to what it could be. The oceans just look like absolute crap though, and they somehow slow the game down more than anything else.
  9. Are there any target values other than heading and bearing? I was really hoping for a way to point a craft at a target.
  10. I did it, but not any faster than either of you. Do I get brownie points for simplicity?
  11. I think it needs smaller age gaps, as in 2-4 years between. I think most people would be interested in the amount of younger players there are, especially less than 18. I think 12-15, 15-18, and so on.
  12. I'm 16, and I know very well that most other kids my age are playing crappy shooters. The thing is that this game attracts a more mature and patient audience, and although most kids don't have the patience for games like this, more than you would think do. Some 13 year olds are more mature than some 18 year olds.
  13. But that defeats the purpose of the mod, because the reason I use it is so I don't have to stick multiple wing segments together!
  14. I'm having the exact same problem. Is there any way to make it so it just gets wider or narrower, and not thicker? This is my only issue with this mod, as there are no really big wings, and if you try to make them with these, it just gets too think and doesn't work.
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