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  1. Sure, I'll take a look at it this weekend. I was updating the mod anyhow.
  2. Jade is like 1000000* smarter than I am and I would lean to that as well. It's who helps me usually hahaha :D
  3. I think I see the problem, the wheel is mounted on the chassis wrong. It's sideways. On the model there is a black ball, that goes towards the ground. Sorry it took me so long to look and see that. But yeah, rotate the wheels till the black ball is towards the ground
  4. Hey Quicksilver! Glad you all are enjoying this mod. That error is odd. I recall that happened in testing but was since resolved. I'll have to look into it. Thanks!
  5. https://gfycat.com/concerneddensegalah Have fun
  6. Yes! Just add ballast to your rover or wheels to your underwater craft and it would keep your rover down enough to drive. Also it will allow ballast for Kerbals to allow those underwater bases
  7. Should remain compatible as long as Module Manager is available. Balance wise, they go from comparable to stock to OP sci-fi engines EC usage can be high in atmo, but eases up in space. There are included converters to support the engines that burn lfo or fuel/air, it is vastly more efficient than stock. You can also try rtgs or solar, but gonna need a whole army of em in the atmo.
  8. Glad you are enjoying it! I can add in the node. I'll see if I can add it in this weekend love that people enjoy this mod. It's the greener solution to aerospace hahah
  9. I have kinda. Needs more testing, but ran into problems once in motion
  10. two versions MOIST! and SEA (Sink Em All). MOIST! adds parts, SEA doesn't, just resources and functions. I love to see more ideas out there for submarines so I still think it's awesome edit: If I can help, just let me know!
  11. ACE was around because RCS thrusters couldn't use EC in the way I wanted, just wanted pure EC to generate the thrust, RCS is like "nah". So I created ACE to work as a stand in till I could figure it out. The game does NOT like me using EC only since no density and it breaks logic I suppose. The EC patch actually makes EC viable as a fuel source with a minor, albeit nonsensical edit. A funny technicality, its actually the same as EVA pack fuel. But RCS still refuses thus far to use it. I was planning an update soon with new engines and toys, so, I maaay look back into it.
  12. Interesting, do you have the ksp log from the load?
  13. Interesting, what file? I scan all the things before any zipping for spacedock.
  14. Yeah still works for me. What parts seem to be missing textures?
  15. Really? I had it installed earlier and it was fine. Let me check. Is it all parts?
  16. Hahahaha that's awesome. Ok, i will set them to endgame. Maybe make a light version for earlier. More hungry and less powerful.
  17. Ark is MUCH better than I am at this. I basically just do some modding on the side when I get bored. There is also a modding discord for KSP, they have been invaluable in helping me sort things out.
  18. We can merge if you want, I was working on the update for PURE last night (finally) and have some sound (finally) and RCS going. I still need to do a few things before next release - remove spinny bits - Add in color animations (once I figure the tool out lol) So its good timing
  19. This is awesome and JUST what we need underwater. Things to see and adventure for
  20. It's totally fictional engines not meant to bring any reality, but to offer an EC game rather than LFO. It should work with any version of the game. I need to check the shades is all. The modules in use are all stock, so shouldn't be affected unless they change engine modules again. Feel free! I am about to update the mod. I haven't looked into BIGGER engines yet, I do have another mk3 engine I haven't released yet though.
  21. Thanks!!! Great work here! This looks fantastic
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