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  1. Why do you care about MP being added to KSP if it doesn't affect you at all? Give 1 reason
  2. Why do you care about MP being added to KSP if it doesn't affect you at all? Give 1 reason
  3. I have posted many things that had been locked; all of them criticizing SQUAD. They have all been locked because everyone was starting to insult each other. I don't know what you are saying
  4. I don't see how anyone is arguing about this. It's a simple number pasted to the engineers report. It would encourage new players to learn about Delta-V (which should be in the KS-Pedia), and by doing so they are learning how to play the game. If they don't want to learn about it, it's just a number pasted at the bottom for no reason to them. It would flatten the learning curve, and would allow more people to understand how rockets work
  5. I would like anyone to name a shiny rocket (not a sounding rocket) that has been made, besides the Mercury Atlas launcher
  6. There used to be a dedicated roleplay forum. People then decided to role play as not so nice people. If messaged by moderators, they went "Oh, but it was only roleplay". Hard to moderate roleplay rules as well
  7. @juanml82 But KSP is designed to be played without mods... Stock KSP is always getting better features, and frankly that is a huge insult to SQUAD that you say that. SQUAD is hiring new devs (which are/were modders) to improve the base game WITH previous mod-only features. 1. Explain to me this: How does a single mod site cause a soar in game sales? Please, I am ready for an explanation I have been asking for 2 (Formerly 3). Please compare these stats to the rise in users the day a popular mod releases/updates. You can't do it? Then don't bring up cherry picked stats 3 (Formerly 5). That isn't relevant. If a modder wants to host a mod, there is a plethora of websites which s/he can use. If the modder doesn't want to use one of those websites, then they have a crappy reason NOT to post their mod
  8. 1. KerbalStuff isn't the only thing that came out in April 2015 2. Correlation != Causation Just because they got more sales around the same time the community site came out, does not mean the mod site caused these sales 3. So? How many people went onto CurseForge just for that same purpose? Github? Box.com? Mega.co.nz? You can't compare these 4. N/A 5. Explain, please
  9. 1. Proof in this claim? I can say that SQUAD WOULD be losing money, and be as good of a source as you 2. Correlation != Causation 3. Proof? 4. Yeah, probably. But then they have to deal with the bad advertisements that come through (see: why the forum doesn't have a banner ad anymore) 5. If a modder doesn't want to mod because they don't want to host on Github, Dropbox, Box.com, Mega.co.nz, own server, they have a very stupid reason not to mod
  10. You didn't respond to my point. Correlation != Causation. I am pretty sure the new users didn't go: "Oh look! KSP Finally has mod support! Gee whiz, I am going to buy it now!". It was probably the cause of other sources, such as big Youtubers playing the game If the guy who made it took it down only because it wasn't getting SQUAD support, he is a child. SQUAD has their (relatively) free alternative that doesn't cost as much as hosting a server Sure, it would be useful for SQUAD to make a community site. But why would they, when there's free alternatives that modders can use at will?
  11. How is SQUAD earning more money from people downloading mods? I am 100% certain that a community website did not cause game sales to rise Correlation =/= Causation
  12. Name all the games which have a dedicated mod page for their needs that ISN'T Community Created or Steam Workshop. Now name all the games which use alternative download sites made by the community, or is one of the few I posted above It's too expensive/takes away too many resources to have a dedicated mod site. I would rather them keep developers on the pay role just to keep updating the game
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