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  1. will you update Science Revisited?

  2. I played the demo for several months before purchasing in November 2012, version 17.1. Docking ports were introduced days later. That was a big deal. Not that I could dock for another month anyway. My favorite mod before the first versions of B9 aerospace were out was the NovaPunch collection, and I once designed an inverted pyramid rocket around the radius constraint posed by the tower. I don't think it made orbit. Karbonite was the bleeding edge of what mods were capable of when it came out. Hooligan labs airships and kerbal attachment system were fun to play with. I manually down-scaled textures to be able to load more mods in the 32 bit client.
  3. I'm alive; so if there's anything broken its worth posting about. Not so active with kerbal anymore, but pleased that my work here is still sought after. If someone wanted to give me a run down of what's changed in the last 9 months that might affect the balance or completeness of my mod I'd be happy to toss a few hours towards an update. I personally used CKAN a ton, so I understand the appeal of the mod being listed compatible there.
  4. Yep, liquid hydrogen is not installed by default. If you're really anti patch manager, which I would understand, you can enable the patches manually by copying the ones you want or of the plugindata folders that are nested in the mod. I'll improve this situation next release so it works with cryotanks out of the box
  5. If you're at all into code, Kos is a must. It allows you to, with relative ease, program a flight computer for your rockets, allowing you to automate some tasks without feeling cheaty (rather, you feel quite accomplished) If you're playing on career mode, Kerbal construction time and oh scrap are must haves. Ckan is the "mod manager" of ksp. It does some things very very well. It also has some really annoying things. Up to you if you use it.
  6. In the upcoming update, 1) I will switch to a new resource harvester module that will make removals like this unnecessary and 2) I will use patch manager to make the changes this mod applies highly configurable. If you want to talk about potentially collaborating shoot me a PM.
  7. 0.2.0 Alpha Lots of polish put on the mod here, along with a scope change... The mod intends now to offer the user a meaningful choice between 3 fuel types: liquid fuel, liquid methane, and liquid hydrogen. (CryoEngines recommended but not required). This is accomplished by adding engines where appropriate, as well as modifying existing engines (in a non craft breaking manner) that would ballance better with a different fuel type, or replicate an existing engine of a given fuel type, to use said different fuel type. For example, the SSME analogue in stock is changed via an optional patch to use liquid hydrogen and oxidizer, with stats reballanced accordingly. The mod will tie in nicely with the (also in alpha but being worked on) Coherent Resource System Mod, where varied ISRU options will create incentive for propellant diversity.
  8. I'll pm you a zip in a few hours
  9. Not a bug per say, but a comment on the default behavior. By default, patch manager stores active patches in the patch manager directory, as opposed to nested within the parent mod. Three problems. 1) There is no warning to a user who is used to uninstalling a mod by deleting its folder that part of its functionality has been copied out of said folder. This would puzzle and frustrate me for a while before I figured it out. 2) Some module manager patches make use of their directories alphabetical position. This is probably bad practice, but one that is totally broken by the default behavior. 3) For whatever reason, some of my patches, which are not dependent on alphabetical position, work when nested in my folder but fail to apply when nested in yours. My best guess is that a file name length limit is getting exceeded when you append data to the front end of the file name. Regardless, it was annoying to figure out. For now, when I push the dev release of methane rockets, I'll have to instruct users to change their patch manager settings to nest my patches in my folder. I'd perfer not to have to do that kind of thing on a real release though.
  10. I would like to make an engine with two variants, one with a large nozzle and one with a small nozzle. I can change the mass, cost, and appearance of the engine using B9 part switch. I can change the isp and thrust of the engine by selecting an appropriate gti multi mode engine mode. However, there is no way, currently, for me to unify these behaviors and enforce a certain B9 part variant for a certain engine module. The B9 part switch code has public strings for the selected variant. Is it possible to make a modified gtimultimodeengine module that can read these strings and set the selected engine module accordingly, according to definitions in the part config file?
  11. Gosh, this was one of my first mods, way, way back when. I would love to see it brought back to life.
  12. I'm working on a certain project for which a feature might be useful. That feature is to allow some parts to be "grouped" into "families" where the reliability of one part affects that of another. The stock example is the LV-T30 and 45. In the proposed feature, these would have, say, 45% commonality, and thus 45% of reliability gains from flying T30's would transfer to the T45's. Stock tanks of a certain diameter would also benefit from some sort of commonality system. I'd envision a simple cfg that says "these parts are a group with x% commonality". Up to you weather that seems like more trouble than its worth. Second question: I use fuel switch configs, specifically for going from liquid fuel/ox to liquid methane/ox as in my WIP methane engines mod. As I understand it, currently, a Jumbo-64 is a Jumbo-64 in either configuration, even though in actuality these would be very different tanks. I honestly don't see an easy way to address this, but if you can see one it would be a nice bit of polish. Perhaps that's a scrapyard issue though.
  13. The good news is that the methane mod is mostly working now that B9 part switch is up to date. The bad news is that It'll be a week until I'm home to really work on things. Posting over there now...
  14. I am extremely disappointed that I won't be getting back to my desktop for another week. Vacation is over rated.
  15. Right now its a little rough around the edges and in no way guaranteed compatible with 1.4.1. Once MKS and Cryogenic Rockets are both updated to 1.4.1, and I get a chance to update Liquid Methane, and I get a chance to essentially re-write this mod to use patch manager and make various other improvements. Then there will be a 1.4.1 pre-release
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