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  1. If they properly realise the balance between rewards for active play, and passive rewards/costs per time, then I'll be happy. There was no downsides or benefits when it came to timewarping, which was a bit of a loss if you ask me. The shallow, quest style gameplay that characterised KSP1's carrier was the biggest problem for me. Life support, passive experiments, funding based on what sort of reputation or standing you've got, crew salaries, that sort of thing. Perhaps a simple budget spreadsheet to help us keep track of that aspect. The absence of this sort of thing was what stopped KSP1 feeling like a space program, rather than just an advanced rocket launching sim. It needs to feel like I'm commanding a space program. Make if feel authentic, not like I'm being handed a list of randomish tasks to do. Let tasks arise naturally from what I encounter in game, not imposed by a list. That was the fundamental problem with contracts and the clicky science. I'm being told what to do, rather than given the info I need to work it out for myself. KSP has 5 levels of things the player gets to do. Program direction, Engineering, mission planning, executing the space travel, close up exploration. I long felt it was lacking in the first, and only in the later updates did much interesting about the last. Do to the third well often relied on external tools, IF they can give us proper management and time based mechanics, and fully flesh out each of those 5 levels, I will be very happy.
  2. I'm hoping it's possible to set up a multiplayer server tbh. If so, I'd end up focusing on setting up cool space bases.
  3. God yes. These and the poodle were iconic. Why did they use that engine for the real size kerbal rocket when they had that booth to announce KSP2? I'll bet it was because it was recognisable. Uniquely kerbal. The blandification of all these parts was a big factor in pushing me away from the game, as it lost something of it's charm.
  4. Fingers crossed Minmus is still smooth and shiny Maybe some craters But I want to see those sparkly slopes and glassy flats in HD.
  5. TBH, I've imagined it working with a system, where time, timewarp, and so on is local to the player. This would lead to weird effects from the view of a non warping player as another player's vessel would appear to take a path through the solar system which isn't physically possible, or be able to warp to catch up to another player's orbiting ship. But it eliminates all sorts of other issues. No need to worry about what happened before what, as all players operate on real life time, not in game time. Plus, no risk of one player's time warp messing up another's plans. When a player is not online, time based things simply don't happen to them. Time has long been an infinite resource in KSP anyway.
  6. Glitch based acceleration and save manipulation have seen people go crazy far out even in KSP1, resulting in glitchiness, so I suspect the same will be the case here.
  7. Been some time since we could last make a working one of these. Who remembers? Infinigliders. Check out that guy at the back. No hemet. Fearless. They look quite cool in modern parts. More people should try this before it is re-patched
  8. Hear me out: Infiniglide should have returned for April Fools day

  9. One of the great things about Kerbal is how free you are to shape your own story. Maybe a few very simple things, like kerbals cheering when you land, or launch something of a certain size for the first time maybe, but that could also end up distracting, and take away from your own feeling of having achieved it. It's more real when you just watch what happens. I wouldn't say no to a procedurally generated news paper pop up listing your recent accomplishments, especially if that also gave you some sort of payout for what you had accomplished in the past munth or year or whatever... One thing the game must not do is add in an ancient aliens plot. I enjoy it in other games, but kerbal should be about pioneering. I want to be the one taking the first steps on these planets, in the name of scientific discovery, not chasing after something else.
  10. I'm hoping for a video version with the sound in it
  11. I was inspired to film a reenactment of the landing with my drone. Thought you guys might enjoy it. I had to simplify a few things to keep it light and not too difficult to achieve. This is my tribute to the new rover
  12. They bring a lot of life to the game. One aspect I think that has been underutilized is the fact that you're playing as an alien race, not humans. Not that I think they should have fully developed history and Lore, just that the game should focus on engineering and science, and have it's aesthetic reflect that, rather than copying humanity's spaceship parts. I like that they are a blank slate to imagine on - and that's a big part of the fun. You're not just exploring planets, you're helping these guys get to the planets, and set up space stuff for them. There's something great about just arriving somewhere, and taking your little green peoples out and hopping around.
  13. On a trip down to the south coast, I brought my telescope. It's a beat up old cheap one i got of the internet, which I fixed up at home, a week before. Most nights were cloudy, but Jeb was still enthusiastic. I didn't tell him it was just a hall light he was looking at. When the clouds finally cleared one night, we headed out to set up. Collimation seemed fine, and didn't take long to get a small scope like this ready to use The sky darkened, and we saw lots of stars I saw Mars, some clusters, and a few other things. It's a bit wobbly this old telescope, but I got some good practice finding things in the sky
  14. No, this would weaken the game, Kerbal should not make itself an unimaginative copy of Earth's history. You have the freedom to approach the journey to space in many different ways, there's no need to arbitrarily tie it to what happened here on Earth. Infact, I think they should deliberately try to distance themselves from it more, and avoid too much references to human space programs beyond what would come naturally due to the way rockets work. Plus, I like the thought of it being a global, united effort to get to space, above petty squabbles. By not including stuff, they leave room for the imagination.
  15. Interesting idea, so, it can't be an obvious deathtrap, can't use same method twice, and can't have multiple kerbals in one vehicle? Sounds like it would take a while, what are your rules around timing?
  16. Huh. This must be why they are suddenly a different blue now.
  17. I've headcannoned that they actually live for thousands of years, so 50 years stuck in space is only a moderate setback for one of them
  18. Minmus looks pretty good, but I would like it to be more smooth and slopey. Those smooth hills are a key part of it's character. I think it having some craters is a good idea though, especially if they are making the planets bigger.
  19. Minmus. So pretty, yet completely alien and otherworldly. It's the first place you're likely to head to that's not based on the familiar earth solar system. You get that great view of the mun and kerbin - Seeing them orbit and spin from the other-side drives home how far you've come. Plus the land sparkles, and the mountains are softly shaped and strange. It's so mysterious. The combination of these builds the sense of it being the first step into the truly unknown.
  20. KSP/Kerbal has a fair amount of brand recognition now, tbh
  21. Useful of them to have access to the assets. I still hope they make use of the classic, at release versions of parts, not the blander remodeled versions though.
  22. Eh. More copies of real life parts. My option that KSP should lean into the fact that the kerbals are not from earth has never changed.
  23. TBh, I think the focus only on getting things to space was a big downside of original KSP. A key but for sure, but they wasted potential by not fleshing out exploration (things to do once up there). As I want to explore in a big review of the game at some point, KSP naturally puts you in several roles - Organisation director, choosing the direction of your space program will head - the engineer, building the rockets and machines - the navigator, planning routes - The pilot (Or even autopilot) flying the vessels) - the astronaut (or probe) hopping about on the ground, -and the scientists reviewing the information you've found, putting together the pieces. The first and last 2 of these always felt quite underdeveloped. No funds/money would seem like a strange choice, but I'm pretty happy that they're scrapping and replacing career mode. I agree with funds not being there being weird. How they were added had issues. I've always thought KSP would lend itself more to an "endless gameplay" model of play, rather than the unlock stuff style we got. Funds would make more sense to be the result of (Recent achievements) X (Historic achievements), so you have to keep doing stuff, but have more freedom to take it the direction you chose. Picking from a list makes it feel more like just another game. If you get to use your own head to work out will make you successful, the fantasy of running a space program is much stronger. Contracts become redundant if They work in natural reasons to do things. For example, no need for a refuel contract if a station actually needs refueling, and you have reasons of your own to have stations full of kerbals out in space. I love games which aren't telling me what to do, but giving me enough clues to work out the way forward. In KSP one is given spaceship parts. Up there is space. What more hints does one need? That said, I did like contracts as a way to add in the sort of mission that would have been difficult to work into a more natural game mechanic- like Cassini's relativity experiment. But a lot of the things they currently do feel like a slap-dash cop out. I want KSP to live up to it's potential, and be a game about a space program, about the quest to explore and set up in space, of which building and paying for rockets is just a part. If they come up with something that does that, I will be very impressed.
  24. Whack the first pod I see on top of a solid booster, and see how far it goes
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