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  1. I thought the case might be such. Thanks for the reply though! It does seem a little weird that the game allows comets to be any size but not so for asteroids. I've up-voted your bugtracker threads, as I'm definitely in agreement both that there should be support to make comets with non-comet models, and that non comets should be able to use the comet models and sizes. I'd really like to have large asteroids to build industrial stations on and such. For now, my kinda weird main belt "comets" will have to do. Thanks again for your mod and for your help!
  2. Hey Starstrider, thanks for this mod, and thanks for updating! I have one question though regarding asteroid size classes. I was experimenting with a config of my own that would add an additional group of asteroids to the Main Belt. The basic configs included with CA only call for class A-E rocks in this region, presumably because the larger ones are all comets. Is there no way to use the comet model, and also have comet size classes, without strictly defining the rocks as comet objects? That is, could I use the PotatoRoid, or CA rock models but have them in sizes akin to the stock comets? I t
  3. Well, I'm happy to report that it's almost perfectly working now. Only a couple of minor bugs that I've mostly been able to work around. Like in the VAB (or SPH) if I try to select a base that's not yet opened the button clicks, but doesn't actually select (if that makes sense). Maybe this is intended behavior though, not sure. Other things I noticed: Some of the markers for Launch sites were off by quite a bit. KSC Runway was a good 50km off into the middle of the ocean, and my new Launchsite is about 1500km away from it's correct location (the map marker, that is) When I selected the
  4. Wow, quick work! You seriously are one of the most helpful modders I've had the pleasure of talking to! Thanks! I'll let you know if I have any more problems when I give this another go in about 15-25 minutes. Just gotta get the Endeavour V crew home from Mun
  5. Sounds good! Thanks again for being both very responsive, and very helpful. I don't think I've ever seen such quick help with a Mod issue ever before!
  6. Okay, so tried the version you gave me. It's better, but still not 100% right. I created a new instance, saved it, checked newInstances folder and there WAS something there this time. However, I was unable to make the runway that I placed into a new Launch Site. Pressing the Make Launchsite button didn't do anything. Good news though is that the runway is still there after a reboot though, so that problem appears to be fixed.
  7. Will do. I'll report back in about 5-10 minutes. I'm not too worried about losing the open/close funds if that's all that will be lost. I'll back up the save though, just in case.
  8. "VERSION": { "MAJOR":0, "MINOR":9, "PATCH":9, "BUILD":6 }, Just tried saving a new instance, and checked the new instances folder immediately after saving. No sign of anything in that folder unfortunately. I haven't retarded the game yet. Thanks for your continued help!
  9. I don't I'm afraid. There is nothing there. Maybe if I look after placing a new instance, but before restarting?
  10. Hey all. Please forgive me if this has been mentioned already, or If i'm just being an idiot, but I have yet to figure this out and it's taken up a good three hours of my day today. I'm trying to figure out how to add new launch sites. I thought I understood what I was doing, and I'm still not sure I don't. I place a static, give it a name, make it a launch site, select VAB and Rocket Pad, and then save the instance. And to be doubly sure I hit save in the top right corner of the instance browser. I can then see the new launch site in the map, and I can launch there just fine, but when
  11. Okay I'm pretty sure my non-inclusion of spaces is what's messaged up at least Kerbin's BIOME_RESOURCE definition. As for the duplicate resource maps, I'm still not so sure. Keep in mind that I've only used the CRP and other mods as a reference so far. All the actual configs are my own. So unless you mean stock configs (Which would certainly be confusing) then I'm not so sure that's it... I suspect maybe it has something to do with Variance and Dispersal settings. The Munar Lowlands for example, cover a huge portion of the Mun, and so if two resources happened to both roll 'yes' on their e
  12. Okay, excellent, thanks! Next question (sorry, I'm full of these): With the BIOME_RESOURCE nodes, I'm not sure what names the biomes go by. I thought that I should be able to make ice caps/poles of some planets contain water and/or nitrogen ice resources, but I'm finding that this hasn't worked as expected. I am about 90% sure that's because I've declared bioimeName incorrectly since I don't actually know what the biomes are called internally by the game (not just their names as shown on the wiki apparently). And Another thing. I've built a scanner probe and been flying it around using qu
  13. Hey, Thanks to the both of you. These answers are both super helpful. I don't know why I didn't seek out Karbonite sooner, and the CRP is more or less the same as what I'm doing, just with a few differences. @JadeOfMaar You mention PresenceChance in your other post, but I'm not sure I understand what you mean by each and every biome. Do you mean that this is the chance that the ore will sapwn at all in the save then? Or do you mean that, when the game generates the ore, it "rolls" this chance for each biome on each planet. That seems like a silly wuestion when I type it out, but I'd appreciate
  14. Hey all. As of late I've been playing around a bit with module manager and just editing .cfg files, mostly as a way of familiarizing myself more with KSP's back-end, and partly because I do have some interest in maybe developing some kind of mods in the future, even if only for practice/personal use. Anyways, I spent the better part of my afternoon and evening today playing around with resource definitions and modules, and as a practice exercise I've been trying to make a simple set of .cfg files for a resource pack (Stuff like water ice, carbon, uranium ore, and processing these material
  15. Wow! Thanks for both a speedy reply, and an exciting one! Glad to hear it! I can wait patiently of course, life always comes first, but I am excited to hear this.
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