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  1. Freefly101

    [Tutorial] Beginners Video Guide

    hey amg just wanted to thank you , i think i got the hang of the game !!!! happy gaming
  2. Freefly101

    Time to 10k altitude

    hahaha great challenge , got to give it a go
  3. try this guide out , helped me alot .
  4. Freefly101

    [Tutorial] Beginners Video Guide

    well i messed around with it a bit and i think you where right , as the fuel got consumed it destabilized the plane so all fixed and now i finally got it to orbit . Also in regards to your rendezvous tutorials what do i do when i want to go from already a planet such as duna to another planet , as kerbin is in the middle the circle around technique that you show works fine but what about if i want to go further out or in ?
  5. Freefly101

    [Tutorial] Beginners Video Guide

    also wanted to ask , how come in your videos i noticed you have so little struts ? i end up putting so many of them just so it wont break apart .
  6. Freefly101

    [1.0.x] KSP Keyboard Map v2.5 - Old School Gaming (Aug 5)

    wow this looks beautiful !!!!
  7. Freefly101

    Fuel burn rate question

    hey ivan wanted to ask , do could you maybe explain to me in more detail how the engines work and what all the stats stand for , by that meaning the vacuum and power , so i can then compare and know which engine to use at what point . You could PM as not to spam this post . THanks
  8. Freefly101

    [Tutorial] Beginners Video Guide

    aaaaa crap ...i never thought that the fuel consumption actually shifts weight around "face palm " ...very cool finally got it to space oooo in regards to your targeting landing what about when iam doing a atmosphere landing , what is the difference as you say i have to put into account the drag , so by how much ? and also any other tips , also when are you planning to make the atmospheric landing .
  9. Freefly101

    Latest features in 0.20?

    hmmmm iam just looking forward to the update as i stopped playing it , i thought that 0.19 would have resources . 0.20 will have it for sure but as the problems they had with forums it got pushed back even more . which sucks .
  10. Freefly101

    Fuel burn rate question

    hmmm just add more srb , or small tanks with mainsail . that always helps .
  11. Freefly101

    Need help with rendezvous

    it took me a while but i finally managed
  12. Freefly101

    [Tutorial] Beginners Video Guide

    OMG!!!! thank you so much , i spent hours trying to figure out scotts docking , this one i got in like 20 minutes . wanted to ask , iam having trouble with my plane , as i get very high the nose just dives down , dont know what to do .