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  1. I meant relative to the Liquid Fuel ISP going from 600 to Liquid Hydrogen 900 as found in hydrogenNTRsSQUAD.cfg. But as an aside, leaving LH2NTRsDynamic.cfg in increases the ISP of the Liquid Hydrogen in the stock Nerv engine (as well as the SXT engines) a further 10% to 990 in space. As an aside, I was struggling to figure out why there was any reason to be using Liquid Hydrogen given the further EC requirement until I saw the weight of the fuel and your comment on the first post, "Liquid Hydrogen is less dense than liquid fuel, so for the same Delta-V, you will need more tank volume." I understand the trade-offs now and waiting to unlock more of your parts in my career. I've been really enjoying your mods and trying to wait patiently for the Station Parts Redux!
  2. Your non-edited post helped! I took a look at the LH2NTRsDynamic.cfg in the patches folder and that was what was converting the SXT nuclear engines to Liquid Hydrogen and giving them a 10% increase in ISP. Went a step further and used the MM patch for hydrogenNTRsSQUAD.cfg as a basis to create my own patch to create a dual fuel option for the SXT engines as it was giving the stock "Nerv" engine a 50% increase in ISP when converting from Liquid Fuel to Liquid Hydrogen.
  3. Sorry if this is better to be posting in SXT Continued, but I had noticed that when both SXT Continued and Kerbal Atomics are installed together, Kerbal Atomics converts the LV-NX3 "Phoebus" and the LV-NX4 "Fat Mun" nuclear engines to LH2 fuels. I wouldn't have a major issue with this itself, except that the dV for these have made them largely irrelevant. I've verified that it's Kerbal Atomics as I had tried an install with just SXT Continued and then added Kerbal Atomics. I've tried having a look at the cfg files to see what may be switching the fuels, but haven't spotted anything that is obvious (to me). Any thoughts on how I could switch it back to "stock"?. This is for the latest versions for both SXT Continued and Kerbal Atomics on 1.3.1.