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  1. I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update and apologize for ignoring the recent posts with some questions. Some new work and life obligations (good) have come up in the last couple of months and have been keeping me busy. The next month and a bit will be particularly busy, so there definitely will not be any new development on this until then. Given the time since I've last worked on this, I'm more than happy if someone wants to use some/all of the ideas in this tech tree and adapt it for their own tech tree. Just shoot me a pm here if you want as that gets forwarded to my e-mail. H
  2. This looks great! This is definitely an under utilised aspect of the game.
  3. I've been a bit unmotivated recently and caught up in a X4 Foundations campaign during my free time. But the general plan is to finish up a few custom parts for the early tree and then rollout out the 2.0 update. It will happen, but I think at my current pace, it will likely be a few more weeks.
  4. @Kwebib, thanks for the feedback. The next update has taken a bit of a back burner as have been working on a part mod and have had some work projects with deadlines, but will be looking through all of the balancing issues more closely and hopefully will be able to start making progress on it again soon :-). @guto8797, I would differentiate and say there are two sets of "recommended mods". The first which on top are some gameplay mods that can make the game more challenging, but don't necessarily interact directly with the tech tree mod. These are listed at the top of my OP. The second are
  5. Always great to see more tech tree mods, not to mention the fact that you are saving yourself a lot of problems by using python to create the MM patches for you.
  6. @Spaceman.Spiff, it would just be functionally variants, don't think I need to add things in that regard that people can't have on their own, but that may end up having those in an extras folder to let people choose. Will see what I end up with in terms of the engines. In other news, I realized that I had gotten the aspect ratio of the SRB texture wrong and the texel density was way too high relative to other mods. After a rethink on saving texture space, the texture size is now less than half from the previous screenshot. I ended up retexturing the SRB and simplifying the model somewh
  7. @JadeOfMaar, that's good, GU looks too nice not to have it work right with KTT :-). Let me know if there are any support issues that my mod causes with your parts, don't want to waste your time trying to workaround them.
  8. I don't remove any tech nodes, just add, but if GU adds any far future tech nodes, they may not be placed correctly as I do shift nodes around from the Community Tech Tree placements.
  9. @Ultimate Steve, I take it from your comment that you only have the issue when using Kerbalism with Kopernicus? What version of Kerbalism/Kopernicus are you using? My current career is on 1.9.1 with Kerbalism 3.10 and am using Kopernicus with several planet packs (OPM, MPE, and GEP) and I haven't experienced any issues with not being able to transmit. Is your log showing any errors?
  10. Those are shrouds for the nozzle. I'll be doing some fuel tanks for 0.3125 and 0.6125. The latter is that want to give an alternate to the Oscar.
  11. Another render in Blender showing the different color variants for the Louse alongside the fins. As mentioned in the previous post, the proportions are based on the fins for the Aerobee 150 SRB. Color variants will help color match these to Stock and Blue Steel plane structural parts for those who may want SRBs for their RATO designs.
  12. @vardicd, based on your screenshot given that your description has the upgrade text and in the PAW you can see the B9 "Switchable Part", the upgrades should be there, but perhaps not unlocked. You will want to look for "Second Generation Solar Upgrade for Tier 2 Panels" in Battery Tech and "Third Generation Solar Upgrade for Tier 2 Panels" in Electrics. Further expanding on @Karin, Part Info is a mod by LGG which displays some behind the scenes info on parts. It helps me when writing configs and debugging KTT, mostly useful for those needing to patch.
  13. @vardicd, You should see something like this in the VAB to let you know where the upgrades are for that particular solar panel: If they are not actually unlocking when you have those, then that is definitely a bug
  14. @vardicd, they do, but the way I did upgrades for solar was overly complicated. Each tier of solar panels has two sets of unlocks. Thus solar panels that you acquire in tier 2 should have two upgrades (Tier 3 and Tier 4) that should also be indicated in their part description (this can change slightly for the OX-STAT's depending on the combination of mods you have installed). It appears that they should be working as I see "Cell Type: Basic Cells" in the PAW for the solar panels which suggests that the patch worked, but you haven't gotten the actual upgrade for them yet. I've simplified
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