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  1. Testing the possible biome issue I mentioned earlier fell off the radar for the weekend, I'll check after work and report back.
  2. That may be failing if there is no zzzKerbalism pass. I was just looking at the Reliability.cfg and engine reliability runs in the KerbalismDefault pass, so you may want to set either it :AFTER[KerbalismDefault] or :FOR[zzzKerbalism]
  3. If you go to GPP/GPP_Resources/Res_CRP, you will be able to see which resources were added to GPP Planets. Think they have added everything used in the MKS production chains.
  4. They are both pretty different experiences, but I think both can be enjoyable depending on the gameplay experience you want. If you are new to KSP, think MKS/USI is more forgiving. If you want to see Kerbalism in action, I've been watching Mike Aben's Expedition Eve series on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MikeAben. However, GPP support in Kerbalism appears to slotted in the next Kerbalism update. If you are familiar with Github, the configs are there to grab to add to your installation.
  5. Yes, I don't actually use the perma prune myself, but because of a bug I introduced in my own config files due to the lack of NEEDS on the part upgrades, knew that Janitor Closet would be susceptible to the issue that I described due to the part renaming. But as you mention in the OP, it is something best to avoid at all possible.
  6. Based on that, sounds slightly more complicated as I was able to get those errors with Kopernicus, but no planet pack installed.
  7. The issue is generated with the Permaprune function in Janitor's Closet. Step 1, have two parts from two different mods with part upgrades. In this case I am using Luciole and Near Future Launch Vehicles. Using the part upgrade system through B9, but this issue isn't specific to B9's upgrade system, but don't have any ready made upgrade code using the stock method: Step 2: Check that the parts are in the correct positions and upgrades are visible: Step 3: Check the upgrades are visible: Step 4: Perma Prune the Mosquito (order is important here, partupgrade has to have run before before the goldfish). Step 5: Restart KSP and load save Step 6: Check the tech tree: As I mentioned in the previous post, this is not really an issue in Janitor's Closet. This is a stock bug that manifests itself if you remove a part from the game that has a part upgrade. Outside of my personal mod, there seems to almost zero real world cases as so few mods use upgrades in any extensive manner. I am guessing BDB is the only mod susceptible to this to any degree. I am not sure that you need to fix this given it such an edge case other than I thought to give you a heads up on the chance that someone complains. However, I would suspect a solution would involve searching through Part Upgrades that use partIcons from the Perma Prune list. I am not aware that I can condition that precisely using Module Manager, but if you do happen to have any solutions using MM, I am definitely open to them.
  8. If no one has solved the problem by tomorrow morning (my time), will take a look, my brain hurts atm from work...
  9. Just posted some comments above. I tried this in a stock panet setup with Kopernicus installed and produced the error. I will check the patch I posted to see if that works as a band-aid. Update: Tested the patch above and that should fix the problem and the solar panels are functional, at least in the stock planets with Kopernicus installed. YMMV with Beyond Home.
  10. @Morphisor & @NateDaBeast, This is an issue with the 1.9.1+ versions of Kopernicus as it replaces the solar panel module with a custom one. @R-T-B, patched in support for NF Solar B9 switches, but it looks like no one had tested newer versions of Kopernicus with BDB which uses a different setup for B9 switches for solar panel switching. The short-term should be to disable Kopernicus from changing the modules using: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]]:FINAL { useKopernicusSolarPanels = False } Was looking through the built-in Kopernicus solar patch and it looks like it should have patched the B9 switches correctly, but can't figure out why it isn't. Attaching my log file that produces the same error as above, so maybe Zorg or R-T-B may see what is the issue. Google Drive
  11. I will generate a sample patch to replicate the behavior on a small scale this weekend and the detailed steps to generate it.
  12. This is just an FYI that blacklisting parts that have part upgrades may lead other part upgrades that are in the same node in the tech tree to be no longer visible in the tech tree. The upgrades that disappear is related to the load ordering of mods. I've only come across this as I am adding part upgrades to parts on mods I am using. This is not a Janitor Closet bug, but appears to be how KSP parses part upgrades. I don't know think there is anything you can do on your end.
  13. It may help to see your log file and a screenshot of your gamedata folder to provide more specific advice then.
  14. Congrats on the release! Downloading the update to Beyond Home now. Keen to see how well it runs on 4k on a lowly Ryzen 5 3600 with a RTX 2060 Super :-)