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  1. Just wanted to pop in here to basically to admit to myself that KTT is functionally dead at this point (or at least my involvement with it). I had a glimmer of hope that I could keep my interest going with it a few months ago, but have been busy with work and other hobbies. Just looking at my schedule for upcoming work and it isn't likely to get any better for awhile. My job involves text editors and spreadsheets, so my mind is usually craving other form of entertainment when I log off from work. So if anyone wants to take on this project or just cannibalize it for your projects, feel free to go ahead and not worry about asking my permission first. I also want to thank everyone again, it was a lot of fun to have a chance to contribute something to KSP and hope you got some entertainment out of it.
  2. Should be able to do another pass to see how they fit in with other pieces.
  3. If it takes too long to get setup, just send me DM with a link from Dropbox or something similar.
  4. I don't have any particularly strong opinions about the placements, so have fun :-) https://github.com/hemeac/kiwiTechTree/raw/master/Source/PartList_30Jul2021.xlsx I have developed a template in Excel that I use to make patches, but not sure how accessible it is for anyone, but as a just in case, you can find it here: https://github.com/hemeac/kiwiTechTree/raw/master/Source/Template_23July2021.xlsx. The engine upgrade system that I use is not going to work well with the BDB engines that have part variants, so probably don't use them unless you are pretty comfortable with MM patches. But you will probably want to change around the tech requirements for the engine upgrades. You can generally find them in folders with engines in files called upgrades.cfg. You can patch them using something like: @PARTUPGRADE[bluedog_RL101]:AFTER[Bluedog_DB] { @techRequired = chooseNewTechNodeHere }
  5. Congrats, we can never have enough new part mods!
  6. Definitely not derailing the thread. Most of my testing on KTT career was at the very beginning of the tree and while others have noted that there are some really good career packs out there that are a lot of fun, @KawaiiLucy really nailed in that I don't think any fully capture RP1's early sounding rocket contracts. In the long-run for KTT, I am hoping that people will see the early tiers in the tech tree something to enjoy and not just something to smash through to get to the good stuff of sending off rockets to the Mun.
  7. Lockdown 5 in winter was definitely the motivator for getting started again on the mod , but things are still pretty good here.
  8. Changed for the next update. Not sure what I had been thinking on having OpenCockpit as part of the requirement, that will be fixed for the next version. Glad you liked it! Thanks for all of these MechJeb patches and comments, I don't use it so try not to touch it, so thanks! I've updated my patch for the next release, but this sounds like something else went wrong with your install. Are you still having those issues? I thought I had tested that at the time for it to work, but if you still have your save file handy and want to send over some log files, I can take a look. I'm a personal huge fan of CRE that may help in that regard I haven't been able to reproduce the SAS upgrades issue in my 1.11.2 career that I am testing right now. I have nerfed some of the Kerbalism HD upgrades for the next update.
  9. BDB will be one of the core mods that I use for balancing the tech nodes for 2.0, but given it's size and given that the process on upgrades is different enough between the 1.x and 2.x branch, that's too much time spending on both. But if you are interested in adding some patches for 1.x, let me know and I can generate a part list for you to start working from. Glad to be back myself :-). Nertea's mods were an exception to not adding more support as KTT was originally designed around them, but while Blueshift is definitely on my radar for 2.x.
  10. I've added a light patch for FFT that adds patches for Kerbalism. Otherwise at this point, I'm focusing on updating the existing patches where there are new parts for the next update.
  11. The 2.0 will be a save game breaking update, but at this point, it isn't more than an empty tree and a framework for upgrades. The ETA for release is a big question mark at the moment. But the goal is to go back to the drawing board for placing parts. I've made a note to go through Restock+ to place parts when Making History isn't installed, but I think that if you have already unlocked it in an existing save, it will still be unlocked even if fixed in my config files. But hopefully for the next save :-).
  12. I think that is possible! I had been on the fence on updating the 1.4 version of the tree, but think it deserves at least one more update as I wait for some mods to catch up to 1.12. My big priorities between placing the 1.11 parts will be updating the Near Future suite that accommodates the new methalox engines and also getting Far Future added. No timetable at the moment as I have also been back in Blender looking at where I ended up with the Mid-Century Rockets mod. I think I am going to cycle between these depending on interest and how long we stay in lockdown again in Melbourne.
  13. @Clamp-o-Tron, glad to see you are still alive and kicking. Hoping to keep my motivation long enough to get out a full update!
  14. Definitely did not think it was more than a month since my last post. Work looks like it will be busy so while my original plan was to first finish up a parts mod will be on hold. While that had meant to bring very small parts to correspond to the mid 20th century, still have hopes to get to that at some point. In the mean time I have installed 1.12.1 and have just poked around a little bit and spent today writing up a script to parse through the ModuleManager Config Cache to pull out some more stats for the engines and other components than what I had been able to get using other people's code. That should make the process on sorting parts easier as I will be able to sort by engines's ISP and thrust.
  15. It's hard to get mad at them even when chewing on the carpet. They are Havanese
  16. Thanks everyone for responding to queries from other users. Time is still a bit tight with work, but my schedule is looking to free up a bit in July. I have at least opened up KSP this week to see where I left off with KTT and will start lurking through the forums to see what everyone has been up to while away. If you are feeling sad/angry that KTT has not been upgraded, these two guys are the primary reason for my lack of spare time recently and really helped me realize how sedentary I was last year:
  17. I just wanted to pop in and give a quick update and apologize for ignoring the recent posts with some questions. Some new work and life obligations (good) have come up in the last couple of months and have been keeping me busy. The next month and a bit will be particularly busy, so there definitely will not be any new development on this until then. Given the time since I've last worked on this, I'm more than happy if someone wants to use some/all of the ideas in this tech tree and adapt it for their own tech tree. Just shoot me a pm here if you want as that gets forwarded to my e-mail. Hoping that I will have some more time over the Australian winter, but can't promise at this point.
  18. This looks great! This is definitely an under utilised aspect of the game.
  19. I've been a bit unmotivated recently and caught up in a X4 Foundations campaign during my free time. But the general plan is to finish up a few custom parts for the early tree and then rollout out the 2.0 update. It will happen, but I think at my current pace, it will likely be a few more weeks.
  20. @Kwebib, thanks for the feedback. The next update has taken a bit of a back burner as have been working on a part mod and have had some work projects with deadlines, but will be looking through all of the balancing issues more closely and hopefully will be able to start making progress on it again soon :-). @guto8797, I would differentiate and say there are two sets of "recommended mods". The first which on top are some gameplay mods that can make the game more challenging, but don't necessarily interact directly with the tech tree mod. These are listed at the top of my OP. The second are the part mods which I configure various engine or other type of upgrades for. Those can be found in the drop down list in the OP under "Current Supported Mods". My Github page which again is linked in the OP has details on how I patch the parts for each mod. In general Near Future and ReStock Plus was the baseline in which I tried balancing the tech tree. Non-supported part mods will show up in the tech tree where they are placed in the Community Tech Tree. It is hard to tell exactly how unbalanced they will be, but I think I have the major engine mods covered other than BDB, so generally should not be too far off. I don't have any mods from Rover Dude supported yet, but that is generally on my to do list.
  21. Always great to see more tech tree mods, not to mention the fact that you are saving yourself a lot of problems by using python to create the MM patches for you.
  22. @Spaceman.Spiff, it would just be functionally variants, don't think I need to add things in that regard that people can't have on their own, but that may end up having those in an extras folder to let people choose. Will see what I end up with in terms of the engines. In other news, I realized that I had gotten the aspect ratio of the SRB texture wrong and the texel density was way too high relative to other mods. After a rethink on saving texture space, the texture size is now less than half from the previous screenshot. I ended up retexturing the SRB and simplifying the model somewhat. Finished modelling and texturing a decoupler and nose cone (in case that wasn't obvious from the screenshot...).
  23. @JadeOfMaar, that's good, GU looks too nice not to have it work right with KTT :-). Let me know if there are any support issues that my mod causes with your parts, don't want to waste your time trying to workaround them.
  24. I don't remove any tech nodes, just add, but if GU adds any far future tech nodes, they may not be placed correctly as I do shift nodes around from the Community Tech Tree placements.
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