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  1. Always great to see more tech tree mods, not to mention the fact that you are saving yourself a lot of problems by using python to create the MM patches for you.
  2. @Spaceman.Spiff, it would just be functionally variants, don't think I need to add things in that regard that people can't have on their own, but that may end up having those in an extras folder to let people choose. Will see what I end up with in terms of the engines. In other news, I realized that I had gotten the aspect ratio of the SRB texture wrong and the texel density was way too high relative to other mods. After a rethink on saving texture space, the texture size is now less than half from the previous screenshot. I ended up retexturing the SRB and simplifying the model somewhat. Finished modelling and texturing a decoupler and nose cone (in case that wasn't obvious from the screenshot...).
  3. @JadeOfMaar, that's good, GU looks too nice not to have it work right with KTT :-). Let me know if there are any support issues that my mod causes with your parts, don't want to waste your time trying to workaround them.
  4. I don't remove any tech nodes, just add, but if GU adds any far future tech nodes, they may not be placed correctly as I do shift nodes around from the Community Tech Tree placements.
  5. @Ultimate Steve, I take it from your comment that you only have the issue when using Kerbalism with Kopernicus? What version of Kerbalism/Kopernicus are you using? My current career is on 1.9.1 with Kerbalism 3.10 and am using Kopernicus with several planet packs (OPM, MPE, and GEP) and I haven't experienced any issues with not being able to transmit. Is your log showing any errors?
  6. Those are shrouds for the nozzle. I'll be doing some fuel tanks for 0.3125 and 0.6125. The latter is that want to give an alternate to the Oscar.
  7. Another render in Blender showing the different color variants for the Louse alongside the fins. As mentioned in the previous post, the proportions are based on the fins for the Aerobee 150 SRB. Color variants will help color match these to Stock and Blue Steel plane structural parts for those who may want SRBs for their RATO designs.
  8. @vardicd, based on your screenshot given that your description has the upgrade text and in the PAW you can see the B9 "Switchable Part", the upgrades should be there, but perhaps not unlocked. You will want to look for "Second Generation Solar Upgrade for Tier 2 Panels" in Battery Tech and "Third Generation Solar Upgrade for Tier 2 Panels" in Electrics. Further expanding on @Karin, Part Info is a mod by LGG which displays some behind the scenes info on parts. It helps me when writing configs and debugging KTT, mostly useful for those needing to patch.
  9. @vardicd, You should see something like this in the VAB to let you know where the upgrades are for that particular solar panel: If they are not actually unlocking when you have those, then that is definitely a bug
  10. @vardicd, they do, but the way I did upgrades for solar was overly complicated. Each tier of solar panels has two sets of unlocks. Thus solar panels that you acquire in tier 2 should have two upgrades (Tier 3 and Tier 4) that should also be indicated in their part description (this can change slightly for the OX-STAT's depending on the combination of mods you have installed). It appears that they should be working as I see "Cell Type: Basic Cells" in the PAW for the solar panels which suggests that the patch worked, but you haven't gotten the actual upgrade for them yet. I've simplified the upgrades for solar in the 2.0 update, so they will work like the battery density upgrades in which you will globally unlock tech and removing Near Future Solar as a requirement for the solar upgrades.
  11. I started my tech tree overhaul mod which is just using MM scripts by going over existing tech tree mods as they are generally simple and then building up from there. I found going through the wiki on MM has been quite helpful: https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki When it comes to Kerbalism, it is definitely one of the more complex scripts that you can find within KSP and it took a while just to work out how to deal with Science experiments etc. But in general, you will find the aspects that you are looking for within KerbalismConfig/Settings.cfg and KerbalismConfig/Profiles/Default.cfg. These will provide a baseline on where you will want to start. The only other major overhaul of Kerbalism outside of Realism Overahul that I am aware of is @theJesuit's Simplex Kerbalism mod, so I think that is a natural route to see how he's approached it:
  12. Definitely, as the proportions of this srb is based off the one used on the aerobee 150, planning on adapting the fins from that to match
  13. Will keep an eye out and can do a test of them in your next release.
  14. Just a quick update, the Louse is pretty close to being done, just a couple of small tweaks. Photo with some ReStock parts for reference. Think I came pretty close to color-matching.
  15. Awesome work on the scatters. Just had a look at the updated SolarPanels.cfg and see that you are now using a new module rather than replacing the existing ones. However the patch doesn't catch Near Future Solar's "ModuleCurvedSolarPanel". The curved solar panels are working in a multi-sun game on Kerbin (ie. charging), but wanted to give a heads up as not sure if they will be working as intended in the scenarios that you were trying to fix.
  16. I haven't tested, but could the issues with the date be due to a bug in Kronometer? It's bundled with JNSQ.
  17. Kiwi Tech Tree 1.4.0 Part Upgrades are now color-coded green for easier identification (Special Thanks to @FreeThinker) Removed patch that adds 1 kerbuck to part upgrades as that is now redundant Eased transition of save games to Kiwi Tech Tree (Thanks to Freethinker) Support for SimpleAdjustableFairings-KWRocketry (Thanks @evileye.x for the patch) Fixed Swivel ASL ISP (Thanks @antilochus for logging issue) Fixed bug causing spontaneous combustion of Kerbals if mods add ElectricCharge to Kerbals (Thanks @WLLP for logging issue) Adds MechJeb Config (Thanks @Clamp-o-Tron for the PR) Disables Fuel Tank Upgrades if Configurable Containers is installed (Thanks @DeadJohn for logging issue) Nerfed Cheetah and Wolfhound engines ISP from Making History (Thanks Darherring (Discord) for logging issue) Added partial support for KerbalAtomicsLH2NTRModSupport (still requires fix in Kerbal Atomics for full compatibility so will still currently result in an error if run together) (Thanks @flart and WLLP for logging issue) Added JNSQ Science Param Config (Thanks @Kwebib for logging issue) Fixed support for Commnet Antennas Extensions (Thanks Flart for PR) Fixed xmitScalar on two science experiments in Interkosmos (Thanks Flart for PR)
  18. @vardicd, I had forgotten that, but checked the MM cache and it isn't pre-defined there so guessing Kerbalism adds it to the Kerbal when they disembark similar to the way they transfer EVA Fuel (just a guess here). Since it doesn't happen when the game loads, my battery density patch wouldn't catch it. In any case, the patch appears to be working, so will chalk it up to one of those "strange" hard to determine bugs.
  19. @InfamousAsHell and @WLLP, thanks for the notes on these. I will make sure to do actual playtesting on these parts when setting them up. @flart, I tagged you in the post about Kerballoons. If LGG responds that he won't be able to get to the fix soon, which looks to be pretty straightfoward, I will add in this hotpatch to the update which should make the upgrades usable: @PARTUPGRADE:HAS[#partIcon[Sonde]] { @partIcon = universalBalloonHP }
  20. @flart made a note on my thread that your upgrades on the balloon are not working. PARTUPGRADE's for universalBalloonHP have partIcon's that point to a missing part named Sonde. I had never tried the previous iteration, so not sure if that refers to a part that no longer exists. Currently none of the balloons past the 0.625 appear to be unlockable in career mode.
  21. @InfamousAsHell, that's awesome, always really nice when MM patches do what you would like to do. Were they running into issues because another mod removes the Atmosphere resource? I'm also finishing up a bug patch for the 1.3 release that should be out in the next day or two, just trying to knock out a couple of things on my to-do list. If anyone has any comments on bugs or balance issues that you would like me to consider let me know as soon as possible as this is likely the last update before the 2.0 update. I won't be addressing 1.11 compatibility in the 1.3 update as there isn't enough mod support yet, particularly ReStock. One of the bug fixes coming is fixing a scenario where a B9 Part Switch is accidentally added to Kerbals if a mod adds ElectricCharge to them (if you happen to know what mod does this, would appreciate you letting me know). I'll show rather than explain what happens in this scenario. Thanks @WLLP for reporting the issue.
  22. @linuxgurugamer, this is perfect, think this will help users who may want to change some of the options I've set without them needing to understand MM. Can you add a note on the CTB and Toolbar Controllers as required dependencies on the OP? I wasn't able to get the window to pop up without them. As an aside, this is working in 1.11.0
  23. @linuxgurugamer, I can see some great potential for this with my tech tree as a way to make some of the configuration options more visible to players. When the patches are activated, are they loaded under the normal MM load order on the next restart (ie. respect BEFORE and AFTER)?
  24. Congrats on starting the modding journey! It's my understanding that any texture file and model (mu file) that is in the Gamedata folder is loaded irrespective of a config file and you won't be able to change that with MM patches alone. I've never tried permaprune for Janitor's Closet, so I don't know how that would work in practice or whether you can share your config. The biggest issue that I envision for this mod is that you have a very specific experience that you want to impart onto other players. That can be a dual-edged sword. Think you will have a few people who will skip your description as TL;DR and then wonder why their favorite part from a mod is not available. So I would just be ready for that conversation a few times with users. But otherwise, I like the idea of a curated experience as it can really create a new aspect to the game. If it's any help, I have been making myself a tool to help to help place and balance parts for my update to the Kiwi Tech Tree. You can find it here: https://github.com/hemeac/kiwiTechTree/blob/dev/Source/TechTree_040121.xlsx?raw=true. There will be things in it that won't be applicable such as the part upgrades, but that should be able to be stripped out. I also highly recommend LGG's DataDump: And PartInfo
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