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  1. After a few minutes playing KSP 1.1.2 (windows 32 bit, non-steam version), the screen goes black and I hear a device disconnected noise. I can only assume that it is causing my GPU to crash, as I can still hear the game running in the background, I just can't see anything. I am then forced to hard reset my computer. This happens every time I run KSP 1.1.2, it has never happened with previous versions or with other games. This is a clean install with no mods. Output.log: dxdiag:
  2. Speaking of heating glitches, I'm having a rather unfortunate one where one of the cubic octagonal struts in the service module's robot arm overheats and explodes every single time I open the cargo bay. I hope KSP 1.1 fixes this bug.
  3. Beale, I think you need to update the module manager config for remote tech compatibility, some of the MIR parts with probe cores (parts E and F I believe) currently do not require remote tech connections to operate.
  4. You say that, but the end results differ. The radially attached mechjeb case still requires a remotetech connection, thanks to a modulemanager config provided by RT. When mechjeb functionality is given to probes by this mod, they stop requiring remotetech connections. Hence why I was asking for anyone who understands modulemanager enough if they could help. Edit: After some testing, it seems to only affect parts that have both a probe core and crew capacity. Even more confused than before now. Edit2: Ok, never mind, it was actually because of a part that wasn't configured for remote tech correctly. Sorry for the confusion, everyone.
  5. Does anyone with module manager skills know how to get this playing nice with remotetech? With mechjeb provided to probes this way, they always have local control, even when they shouldn't.
  6. I find the Near Future Structural trusses to be perfect for that sort of thing
  7. Probably tons of USI stuff, along with Tantares, KAS/KIS, RemoteTech and Infernal Robotics. Then just keep adding stuff until my computer melts
  8. I would definitely spin custom classes off into it's own mod, personally. It's interesting but I think it's better for the end user if they don't have to download and install them if all they want are the parts.
  9. Given how similar in size your PMA is to Beale's smaller Androgynous port, I'm tempted to do a little .cfg tweak to make it compatible with that instead of the clampotrons.
  10. For some reason, the link in your sig isn't working for me, it automatically redirects to my own dropbox instead of your file.
  11. I was going to suggest that myself. Definitely keeping my eye on this one, I've got a good feeling about it.
  12. First thing I thought of when seeing this mod was Bob Fitch/Felbourn and his amazing intermission sets he makes for his KSP videos, and how much more he could do with this.
  13. Love the new rounder model, Beale. Can't wait to see it textured!
  14. Would your system be able to jettison only half of the fairing, letting the other half stay attached for use as a long, horizontally aligned heatshield similar to what was done in this video:
  15. I am the bone of my hype Fuel is my body and oxidizer is my blood I have launched over a thousand rockets Unknown to Orbit, Nor known to Kerbin Have withstood G-forces to create many stations Yet, those fuel tanks will never hold anything So as I pray, Unlimited hype works!