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  1. cant even get a proper circularization. going to have to sadly abandon this mod until is working properly again.
  2. Mishkin_007

    Official 1.0 MEGA Hype Thread!

    is this a midnight release or sometime else during the day on monday?
  3. So is this an abandoned project at this point?
  4. You rush this thing together in a few hours? Visually ugly and lacking all around.
  5. I had started my own alternate spaceport that was pretty promising about 6 months ago, I tested the market and everyone told me that there was no need for an alternate website so I abandoned the project. And personally, I think you guys are drastically over thinking this.
  6. Mishkin_007

    People, people, calm down

    Personally, id prefer built in resources in sandbox mode over this tech tree that I havent touched.
  7. Mishkin_007

    [0.22] UbioZur Welding Ltd. 2.0 Dev STOPPED

    Question - if I weld a series of parts together with a docking port on it...does that docking port still work normally?
  8. Mishkin_007

    Where the new version download?

    folks are probably confused because it was released to a lot of youtube people and nobody else. forgive them.
  9. Mishkin_007

    0.22 - Shocked

    Seeing some reports that the entire tech tree takes only 3 launches to complete. Let's hope that is not the case.
  10. Mishkin_007

    What happened to the forums?

    They password protected the directory root of the server because someone else had access most likely.
  11. Mishkin_007

    MechJeb 2 - Patch test bed release (October 10)

    This. I had figured out the same solution to the looping lifter over the weekend.
  12. Mishkin_007

    Can't Undock Bug, How To Fix

    I appreciate you trying to come up with a fix but this made very little sense to me. Squad needs to fix this bug.
  13. Mishkin_007

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    doesnt seem to be working right in .21